15Resident Evil’s Composer Let Their Cat Walk Across The Keyboard

If you look at my bio for TheGamer.com, you’ll see that I am a fan of the Resident Evil series. I understand that what makes the first Resident Evil so excellent is its blend of campy, sometimes awful, voice acting, live action intro, and a soundtrack mixed with genuine panic

when trying to survive, is a large part of its appeal. But take the soundtrack out of context and listen to it on its own. Most of it is pretty awful; not all of it mind you! But the majority of it is pretty bad.

The mansion basement music sounds like a drunken man is trying his best to play the keyboard with one foot, while using the other to try and knock quarreling ferrets off the keys with the other. I understand that it’s supposed to cause discomfort, which it certainly does, just not the kind I’d associate with being scared.

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