15Kratos—God Of War

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Kratos may not be the most virtuous hero in the gaming world, but—unlike most of the heroes on this list—he’s not completely responsible for his filicide. As the most powerful warrior in Greece, Kratos gained the attention of the gods. Ares selected Kratos as his champion. In order to make

Kratos the “perfect” warrior without ties to any nation, Ares planned the deaths of Kratos’ family. As Kratos raided a town, Ares teleported Kratos’s wife and daughter into the town—causing Kratos to unknowingly murder his own family.

This tragic backstory initiates the plot of God of War. Devastated by his loss, Kratos travels to the Underworld to revive his family. When he fails to save them, he avenges them by murdering Ares.

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