14Fusoya And Golbez On The Red Moon (IV)

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After spending much time finding the Lunar Whale, you are able to travel between Earth and the Red Moon. When you return to the Red Moon at the end of the game, however, you find Fusoya and Golbez battling Zemus. Fusoya and Golbez were last seen on Earth and did

not board your airship. Despite their powers and Lunarian heritage, Fusoya and Golbez should be incapable of traveling between worlds. Final Fantasy IV’s climax includes these characters without explanation, overthrowing the game’s narrative rules and discarding a significant portion of the game. There’s no logical reason Fusoya and Golbez are on the Red Moon; even if the game had included a reason, nothing can explain why you must fly an airship while Golbez and Fusoya use an alternate form of transportation.

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