15Raines Serves Barthandelus (XIII)

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Cid Raines defies his Focus to protect the world, turning into a Cie’th in order to kill you and thus prevent the protagonists from completing their Focus. While l’Cie are supposed to transform into either a Cie’th or crystal, Raines is crystallized after becoming a Cie’th. He dissipates as a

crystal and reappears later in the game, when we learn that Barthandelus crystallized Raines and teleported him away from the battle.

Raines’s crystallization and revival are unique but explained—what isn’t explained is his cooperation with Barthandelus. Instead of rebelling as he did previously, Raines allows himself to become Barthandelus’s puppet. He asks Rygdea to kill him, yet Raines could have easily killed himself or died trying to defeat Barthandelus. Raines breaks character for an odd, unnecessary addition to the main storyline; instead of taking the time to create a new character, Square Enix revives Raines and creates a terrible plot hole in the process.

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