15 Hilarious Fallout Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

While some role-playing game series take us to outer space, and others take us to alternate universes altogether, Fallout has kept us in the United States. So far, anyway. And still, Bethesda has delivered a unique and intriguing future in which a nuclear war has left the country an incredibly hostile environment. Rife with irradiated, modified animals, mutated humans and, of course, normal humans hell-bent on doing terrible things, each game features a menacing set of hazards and a brilliant story through which to fight.

Each of the main games in the series has been outstanding, and the "spin-off" titles have been brilliant as well. The combination of futuristic technology with older music constantly playing in the background and, of course, eclectic groups of characters on all sides of each conflict make each new game a unique experience with a few awesome franchise trademarks.

Of course, as is the case with any game series, dedicated fans have noticed some missteps in logic, some funny game mechanics and, of course, some hilarious aspects of the plot of these games, which make them ripe for a savage meme treatment. Proof that the wasteland is just as wacky and ludicrous as any gaming universe out there. Here are fifteen hilarious memes from the Fallout series that any true fan can relate to.

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15 Deathclaws = All the Nopes

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There are times in any Fallout game in which it is necessary to take on a deathclaw. It sucks, and whether you're in a confined space or out in the open, they are a nightmare. While one is often enough to overwhelm all but the most seasoned of players, there are some areas in these games in which a colony of these dreadful creatures live. They run faster than you can retreat and every swipe often ends with something getting crippled. If you get fair warning, it may be wise to go somewhere else or start pumping yourself full of every drug in sight and get those stimpaks ready.


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This makes no sense whatsoever! Maybe there is some sort of explanation, but it may cause us an aneurysm to figure it out. Is there radiation in the dirt that needs to be swept away? Are the people sweeping outside simply insane, and just being allowed to do their own thing because of a lack of mental health professionals in the wasteland? We could understand if the item the lady was using looked a bit like a rake, but no! That is clearly a broom, and she is sweeping her poorly kept lawn. Well... Good luck?

13 We Love Him, But He's Difficult Sometimes

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While it would be hard to choose a "greatest of all time" among the pets in the world of video gaming, but Dogmeat is right up there with Pikachu and Yoshi. It can be lonely out there wandering the wasteland, and who better than a pooch to tag along and keep you company? Dogmeat is a brilliant embodiment of why dogs are man's best friend: he is loyal, brave, and delightful to speak with. We don't think we're alone when we say that we took it personally when video game bad guys attacked our canine friend. But at the same time, if you've played these games, you've exclaimed "Goddammit" at least once because of this loveable guy.

12 I Wish I Could Jump Higher and Longer

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Terrain was a major headache in a few Fallout games, but was somewhat flatter than and New Vegas. We all know that there is always a way around the rocky and ultra-steep parts, but for some reason, we just keep running and trying to get up regardless of the knowledge that our pathetic attempts are futile. Rather than take a detour of five minutes, players can spend up to and more than twenty trying to climb the unclimbable. Look for a path, you say? Right, sure thing, paths are for the unimaginative. And ya know what? It would be devastating if suddenly Fallout didn't have buggy walls to climb — that's part of the fun.

11 Sleep Is No Substitute For Medical Care

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In the real world, which absolutely sucks, by the way, even very slight injuries such as a hairline fracture or a cut can put a person in the hospital. Bones take months to heal sometimes, ligaments require surgery to fully heal, and lacerations require cleaning and stitches. Obviously, a game couldn't have all of these requirements for healing, but it is actually kind of funny how far this series took it.

For instance, if you just fought some deathclaws (and lived to tell the tale), but have a cracked skull, mangled limbs, and more holes than Swiss cheese. What is your next choice of action? By all means, lie down and sleep it off, you'll be good as new in the morning.

10 It Took Us Some Time

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If you look online, you can see some really magnificent examples of what people have done with settlements in Fallout 4. This side quest did get somewhat annoying, mainly because it never really ends, but being able to build your own little villages throughout the wasteland was kind of cool at first. Of course, it really took some getting used to and some of us definitely had to quit and go do something else after our first try. The tutorial was so useless it was almost funny. If you stuck with it, though, and took the time to learn the mechanics of this aspect of the game, the results were awesome.

9 The Timeline Is Off...

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This is a very minor point about the questionable timeline in the Fallout series, but one that needs to be made. There are robots that can converse with human characters, there are futuristic weapons and powered armor suits, but the technology for personal computers never really got very far in this weird alternate universe. On a similar note, why is all the music from the early half of the 1950's? Did all the guitars and drum kits mysteriously vanish when the apocalypse happened?  These are unimportant questions, but questions nonetheless.

8 That Escalated Quickly

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We've all been there, you stockpile everything you can because you might need it "someday." The guns, suits of armor, and of course the toasters and other small appliances, along with miscellaneous pieces of cutlery and irradiated animal parts. You're perfectly fine until you hit that threshold at which point your character walks slower than a snail in molasses. Why doesn't the player slow down as they approach that weight threshold? Does that make more sense? Yes, it does, but what do we know?

7 Wasteland Goals

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One of these things is not like the other...

The first two games feature a grand quest to save one's community, bringing the water chip back to Vault 13 and then obtaining a G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) for Arroyo in the second game. The third game featured a quest to find your father (which turned into something much bigger), and the fourth game featured a father searching for his son (and again, turning into a much bigger story). New Vegas, an incredible game in its own right, had a different opening mission: you're looking for revenge on the guy who left you for dead.

6 It's Too Easy To Just Reach Through

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This has to be a game mechanic thrown in by developers just to screw with players, right? There is a locked door, but the window is shattered to the point where an arm can easily break through and work the other side of the lock, or the door is hopelessly damaged and could easily be booted off its hinge. This is right up there with tiny shrubs blocking routes and stopping game progress altogether in Pokémon games. Oh well, if games were like real life, what would we need them for, right?

5 Theft = Bad, Murder = Good

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This is probably the best known of all the "Fallout Logic" memes, and it has been making fans chuckle for years. Stealing is bad in the game, and something as trivial as a stolen cup could get an entire town chasing you around as if you'd massacred a herd of Brahmin. Even stealing from bandits and other various bad guys is frowned upon. If you then go and kill those same people, everything is good, and the Fallout Gods will love you again. We don't want to get too philosophical here, but maybe the whole morality thing gets even more hazy after an event like a nuclear apocalypse.

4 Leave Us Alone, Preston!

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The Minutemen may be a highly motivated bunch with some impressive firepower, and a noble goal, but they really are garbage at recruiting people to take initiative. Somehow, the Sole Survivor (General) ends up being the only damn member of this militia who can get anything done. Every time there is a threat to any settlement anywhere in the wasteland it seems that the most important member of the Minutemen is the only one who can handle the case. Does Preston not know there is some serious stuff going on other than his precious settlers and their tiny homes made of garbage?!

3 Why Do They Even Bother?

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While it can provide some extra challenge for those who have already beaten the game a few times and are absolute professionals, the availability of melee weapons (other than the absurdly overpowered ones) is silly. Don't get us wrong, it is very entertaining and at close range. A super-sledge may be your best friend, but for these idiot raiders who attack from a football field away, running at you with a ripper, tire iron or lead pipe, there is no reason to not at least rush with some kind of projectile weapon in order to soften up the target. We're thankful for it, because it gets easier to thin a herd if you pick off the close-range morons first, but this is a funny bit of Fallout logic.

2 Who Stores Stuff In The Toilet Bowl, Anyway?

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We're curious as to how so much stuff ends up in or near toilets in the future. We're also concerned that drinking irradiated toilet water is even an option but it is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and it is quite plausible that in such a hypothetical world, taste buds will not be as discerning. But this has happened to just about anyone who has played enough of these games has approached an item, intending to pick it up, and had the action button all of a sudden switch to something else. If the item you're trying to get happens to be in or near a toiler, you may well end up with a virtual mouthful of water from the porcelain God.

1 Catchy Tunes!

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This doesn't only go for Fallout 4 and the song "Wanderer," but just about any of the numerous incredible tunes to which we've been treated over the years. It doesn't matter what else is going on. Getting chased by radscorpions? No problem, here's some "Heartaches By the Number" for you! Just got mauled by a deathclaw? Well "Ain't that a Kick in the Head"? Even in the middle of an intense firefight, we've all caught ourselves humming along or quietly singing the lyrics.

While there are enough reasons to play these games over and over, the tunes that constantly emanate from our Pip-Boy or radios we pass by are just icing on the cake, taking us back to a different, simpler time, while we explore a nasty, post-apocalyptic fictional world.

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