15 Hilarious Far Cry Memes Only True Fans Will Get

When we think of gaming's greatest open world franchises, Grand Theft Auto comes to mind, Assassin's Creed is in there too, and, of course, we can't leave out the Elder Scrolls series. We could also name Mass Effect and get into whether shooters or true RPG's make for better open world games. At the end of the day though, the freedom of this format of game design makes for an incredible experience, hence why open-world seems to be a growing format within the new consoles.

One of the franchises that has always flown under the radar for this genre is Far Cry. The original was, of course, a linear shooter with little in the way of open world capability, but since the second game came out in 2008, they have all had RPG elements, and they have all been open-world. As of now, there are four entries in the main series, as well as a few spin-offs too. Recently, Ubisoft Montreal announced that Far Cry 5 is in progress, and will likely be released within the fiscal year. There are plenty of rumors, both ludicrous and probable about this game already, but the story sounds like it may have something to do with a religious cult somewhere in the United States, as things stand right now. It also may be set in the 19th century.

While nothing is set in stone for this game right now —and just about everything we think we know is based on shaky info— it is being made, and we're excited. In the midst of this excitement, is there any better time to look through the last few Far Cry games and some of their entertaining plot features and logical inconsistencies? We think not.

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15 Who Could Forget Skyrim?

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We rag on Primal quite a bit here, but it is from a place of love (and some frustration). It is a great idea and a genuinely fun game to play, but with some major execution issues (which we'll get into). The gameplay, for instances, gets painfully repetitive at times, not that previous Far Cry titles weren't somewhat guilty of being repetitive.

But we digress, back to the meme at hand. While the games in question were made by different studios and took place in vastly different universes, the similarities were numerous. Obviously, Primal gets beaten by Skyrim seven days a week, but we can't even try to deny that certain aspects of the game are similar to Bethesda's 2011 masterpiece.

14 Cool Story, Vaas

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In a way, there are kind of two memes at play here. First off, there is villain Vaas Montenegro, who has become a very beloved video game bad guy and the subject of a couple of hilarious memes. The first of these is "I like this X, this is a nice f***ing X," wherein "X" is whatever the creator wants it to be.

This meme, however, is one of Vaas' most memorable lines in Far Cry 3, and a quote we've all probably heard before, attributed to Albert Einstein, and very witty and clever but not exactly accurate (feel free to check a dictionary). The quote and meme can be used for just about anything, but in this one, Vaas (actually the creator of the meme) is taking aim at Call of Duty, making the claim that every damn game is the same thing. They're right. Each one is a shooter on rails...a good shooter on rails, but every year the CoD fanboys run each other over for a reskinned, linear shooter. Far Cry games all have similarities too, but enough differences and an open world in which each game and even every playthrough is abundantly different from the last.

13 Expectations

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This meme is funny, but as most people who played Primal can tell you, not exactly accurate by any means. What's being implied here is that the game was originally marketed as an epic journey with massive, prehistoric beasts and beautiful views, but will instead just be Spongebob-esque neanderthals clubbing each other.

See? Not completely inaccurate but also not spot-on. The game was not without its flaws, but also did feature plenty in the way of interesting wildlife and a very decent story. Those who were disappointed in the game (including this writer) may well have overhyped the game in their own minds.

12 Damn Wildlife

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One of the things Far Cry is notorious for is the open-world wilderness setting. The Grand Theft Auto series does urban open world, while Fallout is post-apocalyptic, so the trees are mostly destroyed. In Far Cry, depending on which game you're playing the trees are intact, there is long grass, and plenty of places for animals to spawn. While there are plenty of harmless creatures, there are also always predators. Whether they be big cats, bears, sharks or lizards, these animals are stealthy, aggressive, and (of course) can soak up a lot of bullets. Some of the jungle cats can take half a magazine from an AK-47, and of course, it takes several grenades to kill rhinos. Oh well, you get the idea, animals are overpowered in this series, but it can be used to one's advantage.

11 Jason's Toughness

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Pretty much all we know about Grant Brody is that he was a beloved older brother to Jason and Riley and a member of the United States Army. He is shot in the neck by Vaas early on in the game and dies. Jason, as the main player-character in the game, is able to soak up all the bullets he wants, heal up when it is convenient, and of course, do everything else a video game superman main character can do. Of course, this is a trope within video game culture, and has many other examples. Looking to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Ghost and Roach are able to take punishment through most of a campaign, but then a bullet in each of them by General Shepherd ends their time in the game.

10 Those Honey Badgers

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We mentioned the issue with the darn wildlife in these games earlier, but this specific animal is worth mentioning for sure. We get it, the internet loves honey badgers ever since that YouTube video and they as a species, allegedly do not give a sh**. In Far Cry 4, these little guys are among the most difficult to kill in the game. At least with bears and oversized cats, you can hit them, but with something this small, whether or not you're pointing a weapon at it changes by the millisecond.

This is a frustrating one. In real life, a single round from anything larger than a .22 will likely do the job very quickly. At the same time, it makes for a great joke, talking about 20-30 lb animal soaking up massive amounts of damage is funny and awesome.

9 Double Standards

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It seemed as though everywhere you went in Far Cry 4, if there wasn't an animal attacking you, there was a skirmish between the Golden Path and Royal Army. Every time you engage the enemy and help out your comrades, it is usually some XP and easy ammo that you'll get in return, and of course, the Golden Path will start firing off AK rounds like they're free. If you follow suit, however, they stop and as the meme says, give you a weird look. I'm sorry, is this not a team celebration? I took out half of them, and you guys took out the other half, is it so wrong that I join in the fun?

8 Ridiculous

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There are a few different versions of this meme, but they all reflect the fact that there are only so many different animations for healing yourself without a health syringe. Sometimes in a firefight, you'll be taking damage from gunfire and explosions and then when things are a little more mellow, you can go to heal and end up popping your thumb back into place. Similar to this, you can be attacked by wildlife and then proceed to dig a pesky bullet out of your arm. This is a really funny gameplay mechanic, and watching a character dig out a bullet that had no business being there is silly, and part of the charm of this series.

7 Video Game Logic At Its Finest

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One of the essential parts of Far Cry 3 is to rebuild a boat (for those who don't remember). Granted, it's a nice boat, and we enjoyed the adventures, but there were numerous other boats around Rook Island on which Jason and the rest could easily escape. Of course, this is an example of good old video game logic. The game wants you to do things a certain way and even if you can think of another way to get a job done, the game, in its infinite wisdom will slap you across the face and show "No! We do it my way!" So childish.

6 Blood Dragon Video Game Logic

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The 2013 expansion stand-alone Blood Dragon was an unbelievable game, with an interesting story and a wacky concept that only this series could pull off. It was a Far Cry story through and through (filled with everything you could expect from this franchise). It also happened to be set in a futuristic, 1980s version of 2007 (figure that one out). Your playable character, Rex, is a heavily upgraded cyborg; half human and half machine, and despite being part machine, still had some limitations you'd think the engineers would have dealt with. Just one example is that Rex can breathe under water, but has the usual problem holding his breath for more than a few seconds to steady a sniper rifle. Then again, he takes no fall damage, so that's something to enjoy.

5 Free the Beast

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Remember when we mentioned earlier how overpowered many of the wild animals are in these games and how it can be used to one's advantage? Ever wipe out an entire outpost by shooting a cage? We sure have. Whether it is an elephant in the cage, a tiger or anything else, you can usually save yourself the trouble of dealing with at least a couple of would-be enemies.

Of course, while this is going on, there is no reason to assault, or the freed animal might come after you, so it is time to sit back and narrate in your best David Attenborough voice. "Once freed from its cage, the Kyrati elephant stampedes through the camp that had previously held it captive, trampling all those who venture into its path." If you read that in a confident, English accent, we like your style.

4 That's Called Magic

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The crafting mechanics in Far Cry make for a really interesting experience. Having a player create items that improve their skills or restore health is a satisfying process. The problem is, video game logic kicks in and all of a sudden those leaves you've been collecting somehow magically produce their own syringes. Granted, it would take up a great deal of space in your backpack to have to find or buy empty ones and carry them around until one found the right leaves, but we're not letting this one go. Video game logic strikes again. Will it never end?

3 That's An Impressive Torch...

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This is yet another example of video game logic, and it's specific application to the Far Cry franchise. Repairing vehicles is a difficult job and requires a multitude of tools. What's amazing about video games, however, is that characters manage to create a multitool so incredible that just pointing it at a broken engine for a period of time restores the vehicle to a state of being almost brand new. Socket wrench, what's that? Get me an oxyacetylene torch and I'll be good to go! Being a mechanic in the Rook Islands or Kyrat must be the easiest job in the world. "Hey buddy, your transmission is completely seized up. Hold up, I got this."

2 True And Annoying

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Obviously, there are no shotguns, sniper rifles, submachine guns or complex explosives in the Stone Age. The upgrade trees from previous games stemmed from the availability of multiple classes of weapons. Assault rifles, machine-guns, sniper rifles and explosives all allowed for creativity when planning attacks and playing through the game. Things were simpler back in the Stone Age, but that also led to repetitive and ultimately anti-climactic gameplay. At the same time, what were we expecting, right?

1 Well...Was it Laminated?

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Fans who only started playing this series with Far Cry 3 (so the recent fans), will not know the agony and frustration of having to fix a jammed AK-47 while being fired at. Ever hear the old adage that "AKs never jam"? Well in Far Cry 2 they certainly did, along with everything else. It was a very true-to-life mechanic whereby weapons broke down over time. It was frustrating but also added a survival aspect to the game. Can we say we miss it? No, but this meme is gold. The guns were affected by the elements and degraded faster if wet, but why was the map so invincible?

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