15 Hilarious Halo Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Halo started out as a little launch title for the Xbox in 2001 and has since evolved into nothing less than a worldwide phenomenon. In a plethora of ways, the Halo series has revolutionized the first-person shooter genre, and nowhere is that more evident than in its groundbreaking online multiplayer mode. Gamers can hop on with friends or join up with other solo players for massively satisfying online carnage, with tons of different modes, including "capture the flag," and the ever popular "king of the hill." Boasting a variety of awesome weapons and abilities, you can get the job done whether you're partial to a battle rifle or a fan of the deceptively dangerous Needler (curse you, Needler).

Halo fans are passionate fans, and it should never be said they're afraid to let their opinion on the game ring throughout the whole internet. And while Halo has definitely raised the bar for every other shooter out there (I'm looking at you, Destiny and Killzone), it isn't without its... imperfections. Fortunately, devoted Halo players are always there to point them out in their own, pretty blunt, and often hilarious way. Here are some of the funniest Halo memes on the web that will make true fans of the series ROTFL (hopefully after they've logged out of XBL and put down their controller).

Know of any other great Halo memes we missed? Or got some good ones you made yourself? Send them our way! And, as always, SPOILERS BELOW!

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15 Work With Me Here

via: deviantart.com (kaboose54)

One way to think of playing Halo online is that it's all about working together. Banding together with your teammates, forming an impenetrable bond, and taking down the enemy at all costs. Or, another way to think of it is, get your opponent into as many situations as you can when there are four of you, and one of them. My favorite thing about this meme is how blatantly obvious it is that the red team player is already dead, and the way that's clearly not stopping anyone on the blue team from laying it on as thick as they possibly can. Also, it looks like one blue guy's head is on fire? And instead of taking care of that, he's still firing away into the ground. How's that for dedication?

14 He's Right Behind Me, Isn't He

via: deviantart.com (generalmechanics)

There are few things, I would say, in this entire life more frustrating than getting killed by someone who has died and inexplicably been spawned directly behind you. It's as if the game took a look at you and said "you know what? This guy's been alive too long. Let's do something that's completely out of his control and place another player DIRECTLY BEHIND HIM. That way, he'll see a little red on his radar and try to turn around just in time to get blasted in the face." If I ever see that little red dot of doom show up on my radar, I just start jumping frantically. Has it ever worked? Just maybe it has.

Nah, who am I fooling, I die every time.

13 Kumbaya, My Lord, Kumbaya...

via: deviantart.com (kaboose54)

Campers. Are. The. Worst. Like the meme says, it's a legitimate strategy! And while I'd prefer campers in Halo be forced to give away their location by setting up a tent and lighting a fire, unfortunately, most of the players I've come across who are able to correctly utilize this strategy are much harder to find. What's worse than walking around a corner and immediately taking a headshot?

And don't get me wrong, I've tried camping myself. Finding a nice quiet space, grabbing a sniper rifle, and just waiting for the right Spartan to come wandering by. Although somehow, every time I camp, I end up getting camp killed by somebody else! If camping doesn't include s'mores, count me out.

12 Bless This Mess

via: narvii.com

How did this...wow. This guy got torn apart! Seriously, something really terrible must have happened! There's no weapon in the game capable of doing this. Someone must hav—wait a second. Are there bears in Halo? Are there wild animals roaming Halo maps and nobody told me about it? Also, how did that old looking sword get there? Honestly, this guy looks like Link, Master Chief, and Sonic the Hedgehog got caught in a trash compactor. There might be a touch of Power Ranger in there too. Look away, children.

Few things are more ridiculous than when the game glitches up like this and your Spartan ends up a shaking heap of body parts in the grass. But hey, seems legit.

11 Other Way, Champ

via: memecenter.com

It's simple, okay? We are the red guys. We don't like the blue guys. If you see the blue guy, shoot the blue guy. This isn't hard. Here, I'm going to make it easy for you. I will go first, and you just follow me. HEY, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE? THERE ARE THREE—

And I'm dead.

You would think it's the easiest thing in the world. Everybody pick up a gun and shoot the guys on the other team. But somehow, your Halo teammates will find innovating and mind blowing ways to do anything but the game's main objective. Sometimes, it truly feels like their guns are facing the other way.

Of course, the flip side of this is you'll occasionally get some guy on your team who's better than everyone else, and he or she singlehandedly carries your team to victory while you sport a K/D of 3 and 10. Better hope that guy or gal lets you party up.

10 Let's Split Up...

via: quickmeme.com

WHY? This always blows my mind! The game does this all the time: it'll have the chance to make two even teams and instead will split you into two uneven groups. I have literally seen a group of eight divided into six and two, just like this meme says. Not that I don't relish the opportunity to test my skills against a larger group! More kills for me, right? Line 'em up! The headshots will rain dow—ah, who am I kidding, I've already died 15 times. Then you have to quit out and get a penalty! But it wasn't my fault! There were tons of them and only two of me!

It begs the question: does this game hate you? I don't think I need to answer that.

9 Weepin' Sponge

via: weheartit.com (xxhalofreakxx)

Halo 4 marked 343 Industries' first entry in the franchise, and it's no understatement to say they hit a home run. While Halo as a series is unquestionably best known for its multiplayer, 343 breathed new life into the campaign's story mode, particularly highlighting the relationship between Master Chief and his very human AI program, Cortana. When Cortana sacrifices herself for Chief at the end of the game, you'll find yourself moved to tears by an AI program giving her "life" for a guy whose face we never even get to see. That's an impressive feat. I'm proud to say I didn't cry at the end of this game. That much. I definitely didn't need to go grab a box of tissues. It was already next to me. So yeah, I was totally fine.

8 Catch Ya On The Flipside

via: deviantart.com (lepricaun)

How do you drive these cars? Seriously, is there a tutorial somewhere I can look at? It seems like every time I get into a Mongoose, I hit a rock the wrong way, or swerve to hard to the right, and before I know it, I have completely flipped the car over and am comfortably stationed underneath it. How did this happen, I ask myself? I had the best laid plans. There it was, a Mongoose, freshly spawned at my base. And yet, here I sit now, beneath the very car I had every intention of driving.

Probably the worst part is when all your teammates pile into the Mongoose and are like, "yeah, let's do this," and you reward them by flipping the car in a nearby ditch. Sorry, turret guy. Please stop shooting me, turret guy. I feel bad enough about this already, turret guy. Sorry, turret guy, I'm gonna have to boot you. Freakin' turret guy.

7 Go Figure...

via: imgflip.com (hess_dabest)

Oooops! I got too close to a cliff, and a slipped. Well, that's okay, I'm covered head to toe in super futuristic and state of the art armor, I'm sure I'll be able to—I'M DEAD?! Wow, that was frustrating. No matter, I'll just relax by hoping into this lake for a dip—I'M DEAD AGAIN?! Sure, Master Chief is a killing machine who is armored to survive multiple shots and stay alive while floating through the endless vacuum of space, but get the guy near too much water or a cliff and WHOOPSIE! You're dead. Counterpoint: is it better than the developers putting invisible walls everywhere? I'm honestly not sure. Maybe I'll think it over while sitting in this pond-OH DAMMIT, NOT AGAIN!

6 At Least My Headache's Gone

via: deviantart.com (lepricaun)

That freakin' Needler. Every time you think you've gotten away, those adorable purple shards explode inside you and you die. The Needler is actually one of the more complex weapons in the game, as you really need to fill your enemy with an entire clip to make sure it's enough to completely wipe out his life gauge. Few things are more satisfying, however, than being killed and watching your opponent die from that last needle you stuck in him on your way out. It's kind of like the five point palm exploding heart technique from the end of Kill Bill: watch them take the last steps, and boom!

I realize now I probably should have made a note at the start of this article that I was also going to spoil Kill Bill. Whatever. You've had enough time to see it. This isn't on me.

5 My Bad, Dude

via: quickmeme.com

Look, man, this is not my fault, okay? These sticky 'nades, they have a mind of their own, alright? I was very clearly aiming for the end of the hallway, not you. And by the way, just a quick tip for you going forward: if you see a little glowing blue light, DON'T RUN TOWARDS IT. You know, because it's A GRENADE.

And by the way, don't you think if I'd wanted to hit you with that thing, I would have thrown it AT YOU? I mean, obviously, my aim isn't the best, but come on. I'm standing right next to you! I could have just melee whacked you with my rifle! But no, fine. Boot me. I don't care. I didn't want to play with you anyway. Great, I can already tell this new game's going to go way better. I'll just toss this 'nade and—

Hey, how many times can you get booted in one day? Asking for a friend.

4 Tag 'Em And Bag 'Em

via: deviantart.com (kaboose54)

Sure, killing your opponent is extremely gratifying. But there are times when it's just not enough. There are times when you take down that guy who's camp sniped you six times in a row and you just need some way to let him know that, hey, that was not okay, and also, you just got pwned hard. Enter the teabag. Just get up on his face, hit that crouch button, release that crouch button, hit it again, release it again, repeat. How do you feel now, opposing player? Probably not so good, right? Here, maybe this will help. I'll teabag you a few more times. Oh, the game froze up and you're stuck on the just got killed screen? Don't worry. I can keep doing this all day. Oh? What's that? Did you say something? Didn't think so. Here's another cup of Earl Gray for ya, punk!

3 On Your Six!

via: photobucket.com (thepunisherhalo2fan)

While I fundamentally disagree with the idea that Peppy can ever be wrong, I love this meme. Finally, someone had the brilliant idea to combine video game giants StarFox and Halo into one perfect meme. One moment you're flying free in the Banshee, the world is yours and the sky's the limit! And the next minute, laser. Goodnight.

On the plus side, that means you don't have to pilot the Banshee anymore, which is a somewhat clunky and difficult airship. I've always thought of myself as more of a grounded player. Unless of course, I see an open Mongoose. Yeah, you can't stop me when I'm behind the wheel of a Mongoose! Here I go aaaaaaaaaand I'm under the Mongoose again. Help, please. 

2 How Does This Thing Work?

via: deviantart.com (kaboose54)

What is the deal with this thing? It feels like you can lay on the blasters all day long and do minimal damage, but accidentally bump a guy, and he'll be one tap on the shoulder away from death. Is this Ghost coated in some kind of anti-Spartan spray? Are there tiny little spikes on it not visible to the human eye? I don't even care, I just love driving around in these things. More often than not, I don't even fire a single shot. I just like to see how fast I can get from one side of the map to the other. I have a little stopwatch that I wear around my neck to record my times, and I write them down in an Excel spreadsheet for easy access and visibility. And if I happen to bump into someone on the way and they happen to be my teammate, and they happen to die instantly, well, occupational hazard, I suppose.

1 Adios, Amigo

via: deviantart.com (lepricaun)

Hey. Listen. I know you've killed me five or six consecutive times. That one time you did it from behind, and I didn't even see you coming even though you ran in front of me first, then back behind me and melee killed me? That was impressive. But here's the thing. You see that glowing blue orb on you there? Well, essentially my friend, what that means, is make some calls, tidy your things, and prepare to meet your maker, because there is no escaping the sticky grenade! Yes, you are dead. And I am laughing. Enjoying this wonderful moment because—oh, hey, you're back. Say, what's that glowing thing on my leg?

You win this round, nemesis.

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