15 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Will Make Any Player Say, 'Same'

The community of Overwatch is pretty unique compared to other gaming communities. Besides the fact that it is incredibly huge and has players from virtually every major country in the world, it's also incredibly creative. Memes are something that everyone enjoys. Mother, daughter, father and sons alike can definitely enjoy a good meme every once in a while. Overwatch has a very diverse and unique roster of heroes that the world has either fallen in love with or grown to despise over the last year since its release. Honestly, with a creative fanbase and decisive characters, the game is just asking to be 'memed'. The animations alone give the community so much potential for memes.

Between the animated shorts, short comics and gameplay itself, the Overwatch community has an almost endless supply of material to create delicious memes from. If there was a best meme collection award for video games, I'm fairly certain Overwatch would win that on top of the Game of the Year award that they've already received. I would definitely vote for it. The amount of character and detailed personality that goes into each hero makes it that much easier to meme. I'm not a very talented "memer," if that's even an applicable term, so I can definitely appreciate this list. How fine is the line between a great meme and art, or does that line even exist in the first place? I'll leave it to you to decide.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy my personal collection of Overwatch memes.

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15 The Dynamic Duo

via funnyjunk.com

For some reason, I've never thought of combining Genji's ultimate and McCree's ult, but this meme really puts it into perspective. The iconic "it's high noon" scares everyone into submission and distracts them, while Genji goes to town on them, forcing them out of hiding and back into McCree's gaze. It's simply amazing and the reactions are sure to be hilarious. What better way to capitalize on this amazing combination of abilities than with another Iconic duo. The fact that Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson star in a movie called Shanghai Noon is an absolutely perfect and hilarious coincidence. Too bad Jackie Chan doesn't carry around a katana in the movie or I think we would have to request a statement from Blizzard about the inspiration for these heroes. We're only joking, but on another note, if you haven't watched the movie, I recommend it.

14 Click and Hold

via ifunny.co

Ah, Bastion. Some could say he's the most meme-worthy hero in Overwatch and I would probably fit in that category. Not as much anymore, but during the launch/beta of Overwatch, Bastion mains were way too common. Since players hadn't realized how to counter him properly yet, he was pretty overused and anybody who had the ability to click and hold a mouse was able to tear people to shreds in the blink of an eye. Thankfully Bastion isn't as popular anymore since people learned how to deal with him more efficiently, but with his recent buff, who knows, this meme just might become relevant again. Either way, it's still funny as hell and very relatable.

13 Have "Mercy" (Pun Intended)

via dorkly.com

Without a doubt, every single Overwatch player has lived through multiple of these moments. Reaper's emotions clearly represent our collective heartache, suffering, frustration and sheer disappointment. There always has to be that sneaky Mercy who hides around a corner in a game-changing team fight, only to come in at the last second with that cheeky ultimate. "Heroes never die." Yeah, we get it Mercy, do you really have to shove it in our face any more than you already have? Anyway, hopefully the next time you get screwed over by a Mercy ultimate, you think of this picture, unless of course when the other team gets revived you're halfway through your Reaper ultimate and rip them to shreds a second time. If only we're that lucky all the time.

12  Spin to Win

via pictaram.com

"You're Powered Up!" That terrifying voice line followed up by a glowing monster coming at you with all their might. This meme is all too perfect. We all know how completely devastating a Reaper Death Blossom can be when paired with Ana's Ultimate. The fact that this meme has to do with Beyblade alone landed it a comfy spot on this list. The only thing more terrifying than an Ana ultimate paired with Reaper's Death Blossom is probably a powered up Reinhardt charging at your entire team. Honestly, I'm pretty certain I'm gonna think of Beyblade every time I use Reaper's Death Blossom from now on, and that is in no way a bad thing.

11 Team Foverwatch

via knowyourmeme.com

People have time and time again compared Overwatch to Team Fortress and in no way, shape or form has the joke gotten old. This picture captures the joke so perfectly it would honestly be fine without the title itself. While it is true that Team Fortress 2 is fairly similar to Overwatch, so are all hero-shooters for that matter, since they all follow the same relative pattern. Although they may be similar, Overwatch sets itself apart from the competition in so many ways. I think these memes mostly come from diehard Team Fortress players that are a little too salty the entire world is playing Overwatch and not Team Fortress. Though Team Fortress does do one thing better in my opinion. Hats, lots of hats.

10 Sweet Spot

via imgur.com

Roadhog being one of my favorite heroes in Overwatch made this meme just that much better. Not only is it extremely relatable, but the artwork in this meme is absolutely awesome. Hooking people and one shotting them with a blast to the face is probably one of the most satisfying feelings you can get in Overwatch and this meme captures it in all its glory. Sadly Roadhog's hook has been nerfed recently, but that sensation when you hook a hero from a mile away and witness that momentary stall in movement never goes away and never gets old. While hooking with Roadhog may seem like a simple concept, it's much harder than it looks. The difficulty of hooking small targets consistently makes playing as Roadhog so satisfying when you're able to chain multiple hooks in a row.

9 Caught In the Headlights

via funnyjunk.com

As somebody who has over 32 hours played with Genji (and also the proud owner of the Gold skin), I can definitely relate to this meme. Killing unexperienced Bastions is one of the funniest and most satisfying things you can do with Genji. Getting their attention and acting like you don't know what you're doing, then whipping out your sword and deflecting while their sights are pinned on you is always guaranteed to make you laugh after they instantly turn into a pile of nuts and bolts. Then, there are those moments when you come face to face with an experienced Bastion that knows better than to shoot at you full force before you've used your deflect. This is when you can get caught in the headlights. Pray you have your dash available when this happens.

8 You Good?

via pinterest.com

Honestly, I've never actually watched Rambo, which is weird because I've watched a lot of classic movies and definitely love old films. Don't shout at me, I'm going to get to it. Anyway, even without knowing the context of this image from Rambo, the caption and his face absolutely kill me. The number of times I've been over-aggressive with D.Va and had to fly away with, while getting shot in the back and praying for my very life, makes this meme so relatable. That feeling when you get back to your healer like he/she is your long lost sibling is absolutely hilarious. I can't help but imagine the healer just thinking "WTF" or "You good?" I can remember a handful of times I've charged through the first gate on Hanamura, gotten completely overwhelmed and retreated back through the gate seconds later saying "NVM" and barely making it back to my healer.

7 Healer Struggles

via knowyourmeme.com

I will honestly admit that I very rarely play support in Overwatch and when I do, it's usually as Ana. I just never really felt the urge to play support, mostly because my sister mains Mercy, but nevertheless, I always see this happening in Overwatch and I might be guilty of doing this occasionally, but only if the healer is totally incompetent. Being the healer in Overwatch is tough. Crappy players will always blame you for not healing them if they die, even if they were completely at fault and you did your best. The struggles are real and quick messages can easily pile up and become super annoying. The face on Mercy in this meme is priceless and it perfectly exemplifies the feeling that every healer gets when people spam "I need healing" in quick chat.

6 %100 Chance of Justice

via imgur.com

This meme pretty much speaks for itself. Pharah's facial expression change from the top of the image to the bottom is hilarious. Honestly, I think Pharah would have made a great weather forecaster in an alternative universe. The fact that the weather girl's outfit looks very similar to Pharah's standard skin makes this meme so on point. Weekly Forecast: Monday - Justice, Tuesday - Justice, Wednesday - Justice, Thursday - Justice, Friday - Justice, Saturday - Justice, Sunday - Justice. You thought Justice would take a break? Well, think again. You know Pharah means business by the look on her face in this meme and Justice definitely rains from above.

5 Mega Resurrection

via pinterest.com

Honestly, this meme made me laugh my ass off. It had to make the top five. Not only is the caption totally hilarious, but it's also pretty relatable. Everyone needs a special someone and if they happen to look like Mercy does in this picture when they see you, then I think it's safe to say you got yourself a keeper. Well, maybe they shouldn't look this excited, but you get the idea. The fact that this is actually the face of every Mercy player when they see that x4+ revive icon is so funny. I can definitely remember my sister freaking out when she gets a large resurrection, though she's rarely ever gotten a five person resurrection. Though this face can quickly turn into a frown after your whole team dies instantly, along with you, after your resurrection.


via cheats.co

The number of times I've thought I would get the play of the game for sure and it got stolen by a Bastion literally just holding left click while in sentry mode is astonishing, and it's pretty frustrating, but ultimately funny. This meme captures that feeling of complete disappointment and frustration. Even if the Bastion did horrible for the majority of the game, all it takes is one cheeky placement around a corner or outside of a spawn point to steal the play of the game from everybody. Not only is it the most disappointing feeling, but it's also the most boring play of the game to watch. We get it, he held down the left mouse button for a few seconds. Does he want a medal as well? If so, it can be arranged, considering how much skill it takes. Alright, I got a little too salty there. My apologies. In all seriousness, I think we can sit back and laugh at the number of times this has happened to us.

3 Justice Rai...uggghhh

via pinterest.com

I can't even count the number of times I've burst out laughing after hearing the start of "Justice Rains From Above," before it being abruptly cut off by gunfire and followed up by a scream of agony or a fatal grunt. Pharah's ultimate is pretty hard to use successfully, since you need to catch the enemy team off guard. Time and time again, I have witnessed unexperienced Pharah's floating in, full of excitement, only to waste their ultimate. Justice does rain from above, but it also rains down in a stationary position, making it pretty easy to see coming and stop from happening. Playing as Hanzo and perfectly sniping Pharah in the face right at the beginning of her ultimate is extremely satisfying and incredibly funny. They couldn't have made the voice-over any more perfect.

2 Run Forest Run!

via knowyourmeme.com

This meme is so funny it doesn't even require a caption. I forget where the face of the little girl is from originally, but regardless, it fits the picture so well. "Oh shit, I'm out!" is the thought that goes through my mind every time I see that dragon coming through a wall at a faster speed than I can move. It never gets old; walking out of spawn, getting caught off guard by a spiraling dragon coming my way, and immediately turning around. The little girl's face, paired with Mei's body perfect capitalizes that "Not Today!" feeling you get when faced with this scenario. The only thing that would make this funnier, is if the whole team was running away.

1 What Time Is It?

via pinterest.com

It should come as no surprise that a McCree "High Noon" meme would make the top of the list. Out of all the dank Overwatch memes in the whole world, High Noon is probably the most common and for good reason. There were so many different High Noon memes to choose from, but I think this comic style one was the funniest. The face at the end compared to the initial comic,  just completely killed me. Though it is uncanny that it's always High Noon for McCree. Seriously man, you need to get a better watch or at least get a grasp on how time actually works. It can't be High Noon four times within a twelve-minute match. Sorry to break it to you. Anyway, congratulations to McrCee, you have the most iconic and most meme worth ability of all.

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