15Survival Of The Fittest

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At its heart, the entire Pokémon saga is based on a super cutesy-ass foundation of love and togetherness. A Pokémon trainer’s mission may be to whup the sorry butts of their foes and leave them bloodied and sobbing in a sad puddle of tears and crushed dreams on the floor,

but that’s not the core message. Our goal is to bond with Pokémon. To develop friendships with them, co-operate with them, work in harmony. To help Pokémon to understand the power that’s inside. To teach them and they’ll teach you (or vice versa).

All of these noble ideas go to hell when we turn competitive though. You’ll catch your first Hypno or whatever, train it and love it, name it Nosey McNoseface, and then you’ll catch another one with marginally more CP. At which point, Nosey is dropped so fast it’ll make its head spin.

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