15 Hilarious The Legend of Zelda Memes That Will Make You LOL

The Legend Of Zelda is a game that goes back over 30 years ago. Too bad there isn't thirty years worth of memes, mostly due to the fact that I'm pretty sure memes weren't even invented until very recently. Anyway, The Legend Of Zelda is without a doubt one of the most iconic video game franchises ever and, as such, it's deeply rooted in the hearts of the gaming community and the world for that matter. Children and adults alike are at least familiar, if not in love, with The Legend Of Zelda franchise.

Due to the introduction of Nintendo's The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, I think it's an appropriate time to dive deep into the world of memes. The Legend Of Zelda is more popular than ever right now thanks to the release of the Nintendo Switch and wit that in mind, I've done some web surfing to make a compilation of the funniest Legend Of Zelda memes. Some are new and some are old, but all of them are hilarious. Meme makers definitely have a lot of content to work with, so it was hard to come up with a list of just 15 Legend Of Zelda memes, but I compiled all of the ones that I personally thought were the funniest. Of course, everyone has a different sense of humor, but if you're a Legend Of Zelda fan, I know without a doubt that you will enjoy these memes.

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15 Purple Rupee Troll


Opening chests is kind of like the video game equivalent of getting a birthday or Christmas present. You never know what's going to be inside, but you always visualize the best thing possible. The Legend of Zelda basically leaves tons of little presents all around the game and like all gifts, not all of them are great. Excitement overwhelms you every time you see a chest, just like receiving a present. Receiving a purple Rupee in a chest is basically like opening a Christmas present and finding socks or underwear inside. You know that you can use it and it will be helpful, but it's still disappointing. Maybe we're spoiled or maybe people need to stop giving socks as presents. Oh, and purple Rupees.

14 Link Theory


We all know that friend that doesn't play video games or that family member who thinks your gaming habit is a tad childish. Either way, this meme is a pretty accurate representation of how different parts of society react to The Legend Of Zelda; oh and Ganondorf. Though I don't have experience larping, I definitely wouldn't be opposed to it. Anyway, we all know how accurate this meme is. Cutting grass is a pretty big percentage of The Legend of Zelda experience. Love or hate the game, cutting grass is basically like a gambling simulator. Why does money come out of grass? I have no idea, but I think I'm overthinking it a little bit. Personally, I'd like to think I do a mix of everything in this meme, with the exception of petting pigs. Damn, I wish I had a pig.


No Legend Of Zelda meme list could be complete without mentioning the absurd amount of rolling that happens. Seriously, if anybody makes a game where I can roll faster than I can walk, what do you think I'm going to do? I'm gonna roll everywhere. Down hills, up hills, up stairs, down stairs. Everywhere. The sound that Link makes when he's on a rolling rampage is priceless. Honestly, I think if somebody edited all the sounds together, they could make a pretty awesome beat. If this exists, don't hesitate to contact me. Anyway, I think every Legend Of Zelda fan can appreciate this meme. It's classic in Zelda just as much as it is in other games (Fable).

12 Seems Legitimate

via quickmeme.com

This meme can be broken down into what is commonly known as "video game logic." You should never really overthink most video games and, in the situation that you do, you will probably regret it. Many concepts in video games just weren't ever supposed to actually make sense or be applicable to real life. In this meme's case, I'm pretty sure we can all come to the conclusion that this is pretty messed up. I mean, Link literally kidnaps these fairies, shoves them in a bottle, and somehow they feel the need to resurrect him? Maybe there's something that I'm missing, but I doubt it. Somehow this fairy has amazing powers, but she can't zap the cork off the bottle? Maybe it's a fairy-proof cork? Either way, it sounds like prison and I don't think prisoners usually go out of their way to help the warden. In fact, it's quite commonly the opposite. Like I said, it's better not to question it.

11 Grass Addict


Honestly, this meme hits home in the simplest way possible. Not only is Link's face a pretty realistic comparison to mine when I'm cutting grass in The Legend Of Zelda, but the emphasis on "All" is spot on. All grass must be cut; not one blade shall be left behind. One does not simply avoid cutting all the grass. Okay, I shouldn't have mixed a meme within this meme. Memeception you say? Okay, I'm off topic. Anyway, maybe cutting grass isn't all that exciting compared to this image, but come on, if you could potentially find money by cutting grass, would you not be outside searching for plains of grass with a sword? No, you wouldn't? Okay, maybe it's just me. I think I need help.

10 Sorry Nickelback Fans (Wherever you are)


This theme of this meme might be a little old, but honestly, this meme is so accurate I just had to include it on the list. I didn't just include this meme to piss of Nickelback fans (If they actually exist; I need some proof) but I guess it's kind of a bonus. In all seriousness, Link can make some pretty awesome tunes with just five notes and there are quite a bit of Legend Of Zelda themed songs out there. I can honestly say that I would rather listen to the Ocarina Of Time soundtrack than Nickelback. In fact, a 64-piece orchestra recently re-imagined the entire Ocarina Of Time soundtrack into a twenty-two track CD and Vinyl. Can Nickelback say the same? I highly doubt it.



This meme pretty much sums up everybody's reaction to Navi's nagging when we've just had enough. Yes, Navi can be helpful and yes, we appreciate the help at times. But seriously, I think she nags more than helps. Most of the information she provides is obvious. If somebody held the Captain Obvious awards, I'm pretty certain that Navi would win all the awards. One can only hear "Hey! Listen!" so many times before they lose their mind. I think most Legend Of Zelda fans can remember the number of times they've yelled at Navi or said something demeaning towards her. Either way, why can't Navi listen sometimes, huh? Nobody likes a friend who can't listen. I'm sure if Link actually spoke, this is what he would say to Navi.

8 Don't Double Click


Link - Link. Get it? Yeah, maybe it's a little bit of an obvious meme, but I'll be damned if it's not funny. I mean common, think of how many times you've spam clicked a browser link and then imagine your cursor stabbing Link from The Legend of Zelda repeatedly. As cruel as it may be, come on, it's fantasy and we can joke about this kind of stuff. Link seriously doesn't deserve this type of punishment. Imagine an alternate universe with billions of Links and this is their entire existence. Stuck in a void, being constantly poked by browser cursors. That's like some kind of Legend Of Zelda hell. Somehow I made this meme way darker than it had to be. Oh well.

7 Stupidity


I'm sure we've all run into someone in our lives that has referred to Link as Zelda. There's a lot of ways to react to this. You can take the high road and try to calmly, and respectfully, explain to them that you're sure they meant to say Link and not Zelda. Seriously, if you pick this option, you truly are a saint. Most of us probably have more irrational reactions. You could make them feel like a fool and explain that they are horribly wrong, or you could have a little fun with them. Zelda is a pretty good looking dude, eh? Don't you love when Zelda rolls around yelling HUYAH!HA!HUT! Whatever you decide to do is your own choice alone, just try to avoid the most obvious response: Are you F***ed?

6 Mind Blown


Is your mind blown? Well if it isn't blown, hopefully, you still laughed your ass off like I did. I honestly never gave the name "Navi" a second thought, so when I saw this meme, it completely killed me. I'm not actually sure whether Navi is actually supposed to be a shortened word for navigation and if it isn't, it's a pretty crazy coincidence. Maybe I'm not as seasoned of a Legend Of Zelda fan as most, but nevertheless, this is funny. Link's face in this meme completely takes the cake. The caption sets the situation and Link's face completely drives the joke home. Whatever your level of knowledge is with Navi, I think any Legend Of Zelda fan can appreciate this meme.

5 Stoner Link


Who thought that one of the hero of time's friends would end up being a stoner. Not to say that weed makes you lazy or anything, but if it was me, I probably would have just stayed on that island. The vast dangerous ocean or a cute, tropical island? It's a tough choice I guess. But in all seriousness, this meme capitalizes on The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker's unique art style and combines it with probably the best screenshot in the game. You can't help but notice that he seems a little too chill in this screenshot. I'm pretty sure there's a good chance that picture was taken shortly after 4:20. Say no to drugs kids, even if Link's friend Tetra doesn't.

4 404 Error


This meme might be a little too morbid for some of our younger readers, but damn it's funny. We all know the dreaded 404 error far too well and apparently does Link too. Honestly, this is probably the darkest Legend Of Zelda meme that I was able to find and I wouldn't have it any other way. The Link - Link joke might be a bit overused, so I tried not to overdo it on this list what joke. I honestly think people should start a petition to make this the default 404 error page across the entire world. I think we could get it done, in a perfect world that is. Imagine getting an error and seeing this meme? 404 errors wouldn't be so bad anymore. At least we'd get a laugh out of it.

3 And It's Gone


If you've made it this far, congratulations, you've won a Legend Of Zelda pot meme. When I say pot, I mean like pottery, as in jugs made out of clay, not Harry Potter or illegal substances. That got off topic very quickly. Anyway, you might be surprised that this is the only pottery themed meme on this list. Other than cutting grass, smashing pots is probably Link's most beloved past-time and I know it's definitely one of mine. This meme perfectly summed up the pot meme in a way that I think any other pot-themed memes would have ruined. Honestly, though, I wonder how much money pottery shops in Hyrule have lost. Link must be posted up at every shop in the form of a wanted poster. Have some respect man.

2 Restraining Order


This is probably the creepiest Legend Of Zelda meme I came across while putting together this list. I can't help but feel sorry for Link when I'm looking at this meme. As hilarious as it is, and if you figured out the joke is from Rick and Morty you get bonus points, imagine a fairy following you around your whole life, giving you advice, talking to you, and you're completely un-separable. Sometimes people just need their alone time. Like seriously, I feel like Link might not even be able to sleep. This meme completely changed my opinion on Navi. I think Link might need to think about getting a restraining order on Navi. In all seriousness, as creepy as this is, it's pretty damn hilarious. Both of their faces are without a doubt funny and the caption just really set the mood.

1 Can't Surf


I didn't just pick this meme because Lawrence from Rooster Teeth brought it up in an interview with President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime. As hilarious as that interview was, this meme is probably the funniest Legend Of Zelda theme I've come across. It's such an obvious and simple meme, but maybe that's why it works so well. Ganondorf looks crazy pissed off in this photo and his face so accurately matches the caption. Link is killing the internet game and Ganondorf can't handle it one bit. All I imagine is Ganondorf sitting on a swivel chair, opening his laptop, clicking on Google Chrome and getting insanely frustrated. Sorry Ganondorf, the hero of time owns the internet and you aren't welcome.

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