15 Horribly Embarrassing Live Stream Moments

We often turn to live streams as a way to get further enjoyment out of our favorite video games. If you open a browser tab to Twitch, you’ll notice millions of people watching their favorite games. Most of those are centered around PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Hearthstone, and League of Legends – three of the most popular titles on the streaming service. Each game has its own celebrities. These people, once like you or me, turned to the internet for attention. They determined that, by broadcasting their lives and gameplay to the masses, they would receive a modicum of internet fame. Well, some certainly made themselves famous. Their charisma, tenacity, and gaming abilities cemented their online legacies.

Then you have these fifteen. They’re famous, sure. However, they’re famous for entirely different reasons altogether. Not for being good at a game. Oh, no. These fifteen live streamers are famous for embarrassing themselves in front of a live audience. As you most likely know, there are countless ways to embarrass yourself online. Most do it through social media, where a simple tweet or post could bring shame. Personally, I prefer via video. Then, no matter how hard they may try, the proof is available everywhere. You cannot take down a video from the internet. At least not very easily. Someone, somewhere in the world, has captured the footage and saved it to a hard drive. These fifteen live streamers thought themselves mighty. Today, we prove them wrong. Here are some of the most embarrassing live stream moments in gaming!

Keep in mind that some of the language in these videos can be NSFW.

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15 OnlyUseMeBlade – Sober To Blacked Out

Drunk live streaming has become a trend. For some reason, people love to see someone wasted while playing games. OnlyUseMeBlade thought he wasn’t live. His wife, of course, knew better. She knew the stream was live, but her husband was already drunk. The two ultimately fight on stream. It was an awkward moment for everyone in the chat.

After the fight, OnlyUseMeBlade, still ignorant to the running live stream, falls asleep on the bed. He wakes up some time later, strips off his clothes until he’s in nothing but boxer briefs, and realizes his stream has been running the entire time. Every viewer received a close-up of his hairy stomach and butt. Talk about awkward and embarrassing. The worst thing is, people were donating while he slept.

14 Ben Broman – A Jumpscare to Die For

Ben Broman, also known as Professor Broman, loves scary games. Outlast 2 is, obviously, one of the most intense survival horror games on the market. The jump scares and spooky atmosphere make a game worth playing alone at night. Unfortunately, even the smallest of interruptions can lead to the spooks.

While streaming, Broman was in his own world. He had his noise-cancelling headphones firmly planted over his ears, and the game was in full swing. If you’ve played Outlast 2, then you understand the fear. Then, in walks Broman’s wife (?). Broman is enraptured by what’s on screen. He doesn’t hear her enter and immediately screams when she walks up beside him. The look of fear is unforgettable. Despite his high-pitched screech, he laughs off the intrusion easily.

13 Sara Kate – Cat Scratch Fever

Via: Sara Kate

While perhaps not embarrassing in the same way the others mentioned here are, Sara Kate experienced a less than ideal situation during her stream. Sara was taking a break from Call of Duty: Black Ops II when she leaned back to pet her cat. As most people know, you shouldn’t get directly in the face of an animal, pet or not. The car, who is apparently quite friendly typically, lunged forward. Sara was scratched in her eye ball and the outside lid, causing severe damage.

Instead of immediately rushing to get aid, Sara decided her best course of action was – blood dripping down her face from the wound – to ask her stream chat ‘what do I do?’ She sat in front of her computer, gushing blood.

12 Zilianop – Handicapped? More Like Handi-scammed

Twitch streamer ZilianOP garnered quite a bit of attention. He was a brave soul overcoming his disability. You see, everyone was under the assumption that ZilianOP was crippled, for he was bound to his wheelchair. Supposedly.

One fine April evening, ZilianOP tossed off his headset, stands up, and walks off camera. That’s right, he used his own two legs. Before this incident, ZilianOP and his girlfriend, who was in on the scam, used his supposed disability to attract viewers and solicit donations. Twitch banned his channel almost immediately. His girlfriend, who knew of the entire scam, tried to cover up the event by screaming into the mic and regaling the chat with a horrible story. She then claimed ZilianOP threw himself from his wheelchair to “grab” spilled water.

11 PhantomLord – Win, Lick, Puke, Repeat

Readers, what have we learned thus far? Drinking while hosting a live stream is almost never a clever idea. It’s entertaining for the viewers…for a time. Then everything will go wrong. It’s Murphy’s Law.

During a particularly rowdy live stream, PhantomLord drank a little too much. Shot after shot of what appears to be vodka was going down the hatch. He was toasting his viewers. Everyone was having an enjoyable time. Then PhantomLord, in his drunk wisdom, opted for a close up. He leaned close and licked his webcam. Afterward, he couldn’t last much longer. All that liquor came spewing forth. He puked all over. It was a mixture of excitement from his recent CSGO opening and the liquor. No matter who you are, witnessing someone else puke is always gross.

10 TSM_Bjergsen – Mother May I

You know, in some countries, wandering around the family home nearly naked isn’t seen as taboo. In fact, many families are comfortable with their bodies, sexuality, and family unit. TSM_Bjergsen’s family is one such unit. At least, when they’re alone.

While live streaming League of Legends – the most popular game on the streaming service – his mother, and we’re simply assuming here, leaves the shower and wanders through the house half naked. She’s wearing nothing but a black bra and panties. His door is wide open. Thousands of viewers got more than one glance at his half-naked mother before he realized what was happening. The door was almost immediately slammed shut. Who can blame him? Having the internet, many of whom claim to have slept with your mother already, witness such a sight is embarrassing!

9 PvPSkillz – 'Kill 'Em Up' Games

It has been said that PvPSkillz actually has zero skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Now, PvPSkillz is a younger streamer. At the time of this particular stream, he was a young teenager. His mother, who does not approve of his game choices, enters the room. She immediately attacks his violent video game habits. Little does she know, he’s live streaming to the world.

His viewership, albeit small at the time, witnessed the awkward argument. PvPSkillz even managed to squirt a few tears near the end of the ordeal. His mother, who only wanted to spend quality time with her son, just ruined his online gaming career. That’s what happens when younger audiences play “kill ‘em up games,” as she so lovely put it.

8 Why_WhyNot – Crash Course

You know, seeing someone else get hurt – no severely, of course – is almost always funny. It’s even more hilarious when said individual purchases an incredibly expensive “gaming” chair and has it collapse underneath them.

That’s the exact situation Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer Why_WhyNot found himself in last year. While gambling for in-game skins, the streamer was sitting comfortably while talking to his viewers. He turned just right – almost barely moved, actually – and the entire chair flipped from underneath him. He fell to the floor with a gasp. For those watching, his fall was hysterical. Speaking in a foreign language, Why_WhyNot is audibly upset at his misfortune. We certainly don’t blame him. Those chairs are expensive. They should be designed well enough to withstand a bit of movement during gameplay.

7 SilentSentry – Horsing Around

Do you remember the horse mask craze? It seemed like everyone had purchased a rubber horse mask and wore it out in public for some giggles. Teens wore their masks to the mall, hoping to elicit some form of reaction from passerby. Of course, being the internet, streamers also took to the fad. They wanted to be included.

SilentSentry was one such user. His gimmick, if you’d like to call it that, was to don a horse mask and swing around a stripper pole near his computer. He would do this whenever someone donated during his live streams. Now, a stripper pole is designed with a certain weight limit in mind. SilentSentry clambered up the poll, did a nice twirl, then crashed to the ground. He and the pole smashed his computer equipment during the stream.

6 RexieHD – Liar, Liar

You know what’s not smart? Telling your mother you’re sick so you can stay home to play video games. If you attempted such a feat, then chances are you were caught and subsequently punished. Such a punishing typically included grounding from game consoles.

RexieHD never learned that lesson, it would seem. The younger streamer, eager to please his growing following, decided to lie to his mother. He was, of course, caught in the act. His mother enters the room mid-stream, immediately sensing something is amiss. A fight ensures and the two begin arguing while thousands watch in glee. Arguing with a parent is always an awkward time. The only person who will win is the parent. So, having your loyal fans witness the entire ordeal isn’t smart.

5 CrReam – But Mom!

There are very few parents who condone playing video games all day. You could be making serious money from streaming or winning tournaments, but it wouldn’t matter. Gaming is still considered a pathetic hobby, especially for an adult.

CrReam, a well-known streamer, was hosting his daily gameplay. In walks his mother, like so many other tales of embarrassment we’ve recounted here. Anyway, while streaming, his mother enters the room. She seems amicable at first. Then she rips into CrReam for playing video games all day. She lectures him on getting a real job, finding a woman, and moving out of the house. CrReam attempts to defend himself from her ranting, but she’s constant and unrelenting. The entire time, his live stream continues. The world is watching this mother berate her son for having a job he enjoys.

4 ArchieTV – Have You Been Drinking?

Via: Zee News

Have you ever been so clueless of the world that you fake being drunk for attention? ArchieTV certainly has. It’s unclear whether he simply assumed no one would notice he was faking or if he’s simply clueless.

While hosting a “drunk” live stream, ArchieTV attempts to crack open a beer using his own head. Of course, being inept, he injures himself. The beer can was too hard for his skull to pierce. He injures himself on live stream with everyone watching. After the incident, viewers discovered he had been faking the entire time. It was cringe-worthy, to say the least. While watching a drunk person play games is sometimes amusing, watching someone fake being drunk to take advantage of streamers and donators is embarrassing, pure and simple.

3 Zejx – What Child?

If you have a small child in your home, the proper thing to do is be quiet during the night. As a new parent, sleep is precious. You’re most likely fighting for every hour your eyes are closed. So, when Zejx decides to invite a friend over and live stream, his wife is noticeably annoyed.

Unfortunately, Zejx isn’t overly bright. He and his buddy begin shouting, screaming, and laughing loudly. It’s enough to wake the baby and therefore anger the wife. To make matters worse, he threatens her and argues over waking up the child. It’s a cringe-inducing, embarrassing moment. According to viewers, the relationship ended in divorce when he put his game before his child and wife one too many times. It was could be just a matter of time. You don’t put your live stream above your newborn child and wife.

2 Unknown User – Drunken Keyboarding

Via: Business Insider

We’ve already learned previously that drinking while live streaming a video game is a mixed bag. Your viewer’s may find some pleasure in watching you make mistakes, but those same mistakes will cost you eventually. For one streamer, whose name has since been lost to the annals of the internet, a little too much liquor cost him his fan base and equipment.

While performing a drunk stream, this user passed out at his keyboard. To his community, it was hilarious. They kept chatting, tossing out a few dollars in donation, and laughing at his expense. All the while, he slept soundly, albeit quite drunkenly. After a time, he awoke with a start. The alcohol had not yet left his system, though. He would see to that shortly. While still on stream, he whipped out his member and began urinating on the keyboard.

1 SilentStorm – Awkward Interview

If you play video games for a living, people want to talk about your experiences, skills, and future. Interviews from major publications, channels, and even the general media want a word with people like SilentStorm. Unfortunately for him, he’s socially awkward and a bit shy. Such is the life of a professional gamer.

During the interview, the woman asking questions has just one microphone. The two, who are sitting on opposite couches, are forced to share the mic. It leads to an uncomfortable situation of leaning too close, passing the microphone back and forth, and missed opportunities. Next time, try bringing the proper equipment for an interview with a professional gamer. SilentStorm will always remember the embarrassment he felt on live stream.

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