15 Hottest Video Game Cosplayers In The World

Cosplay has swept North America as a default activity at any fair, gathering, or convention. Initially very popular overseas, Cosplay made its way over, and like many other niche activities from the East has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Everything from conventions like PAX, to smaller community run events, sees a surplus of cosplayers, as fans enjoy dressing up and acting a little bit like the characters they admire. In this community, there are a number of beautiful women who’ve taken to this pastime as a career. While it still looks fantastic done by amateur fans, pro cosplayers are on a different level.

To those unfamiliar with it, it might just seem no different than dressing up at Halloween. Essentially, that’s exactly what it is. But while most people buy their Halloween costumes readymade and put together, most cosplayers enjoy putting their costumes together themselves. With a lot of them being made from —or partially from— scratch. Really, it is an impressive feat. No one does it better than the pros do, though, and it definitely shows on camera. Luckily for fans, the cosplay scene is filled with attractive women, some of them becoming major pop culture stars in the blink of an eye. Take a look at the 15 hottest video game cosplayers.

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15 Omi Gibson

via back2gaming.com

There’s plenty of NSFW cosplay out there. After all, some of the characters these people dress up as tend to dress up pretty liberally. Not to mention their outfits are pretty easy to modify should one want to show off a little bit more skin than normal. While Japanese cosplayer Omi Gibson’s pictures are –for the most part– SFW, they thread the line. But some cases that works out fine. We’re sure her fans aren’t complaining either. Take this picture of her cosplaying as Catherine from the Atlus puzzle-platformer of the same name. She emits the same seductiveness and mysterious charm the original character, while adding her own spin and allure to the look.

14 Crystal Graziano

via gamesradar.com

When it comes to cosplayers, the majority of them tend to go for some pretty scanty outfits. It definitely goes over well with fellow fans and often stays true to certain character designs. This beauty, on the other hand, is great at pulling off all kinds of cosplay.

In the cosplay community, Crystal Graziano is a pretty well-known face. She’s done a number of different characters from all kinds of mediums and has a firm following online. Crystal Graziano's capabilities make her a fan favourite whether she's in a spacesuit or swimsuit. If you're only interested in the later, check out her fantastic cosplay as Selavaria from the Valkyria Chronicles series. She pulls off a pretty striking pose and looks every bit in character in one of her better photos from this particular cosplay.

13 SuperMaryFace

via pinimg.com

Here we come across a lesser known cosplayer, but a beauty nonetheless. Mary or SuperMaryFace (as she’s known on YouTube) is an internet personality that got her start modeling. That eventually turned into cosplay, and she’s done a number of video game and comic related material throughout her career. Mary is perhaps best known as the wife of fellow YouTuber CinnamonToastKen. The two tend to keep their careers separate but appear on each other’s channels from time to time. Mary can pull off a number of different looks, and as you can see from her Lara Croft cosplay, she puts a good deal of effort in doing so. She’s currently expecting her first child so expect her to be absent from the scene for a while.

Mary is perhaps best known as the wife of fellow YouTuber CinnamonToastKen. The two tend to keep their careers separate but appear on each other’s channels from time to time. Mary can pull off a number of different looks, and as you can see from her Lara Croft cosplay, she puts a good deal of effort in doing so. She’s currently expecting her first child so expect her to be absent from the scene for a while.

12 Heather Cosplay

via arcadesushi.com

There are plenty of great cosplayers out there. Heather here is among one of the better ones you can see work right now. Not much can be found about her online at all, though it seems that she’s been in doing this for quite a while – and like many others has steadily turned this into a viable career option. She’s not one of the more well-known cosplayers around, but Heather does a great job of getting the intricate details of a given outfit and character down pat. Take this Metal Gear Solid cosplay for example. Eva’s outfit is a very era-specific one, but Heather gets all the little details down perfectly while looking absolutely fantastic.

11 HezaChan

via hezachan.com

HezaChan is an American cosplayer who has a lot of cool cosplays under her belt. The Ohio native has cosplayed as a number of different characters, namely from anime and video game series’.

One cool thing about her is that she’s actually been around the scene for a pretty long time. In fact, she’s one of the most experienced cosplayers on this list. Heza started off back in 2001 at a Cincinnati-based anime convention, named Sugoi Con. Heza eventually started to pick up awards for her cosplay and eventually expanded overseas. She’s been to events such as PAX and the Tokyo Game Show in Japan. Year after year she comes up with beautiful cosplay and never seems to disappoint those who follow her work.

10 Grelka Loli

via grellkaloli.deviantart.com/

What’s cool about cosplaying is that you can meet different kinds of people from all over the world. It allows people from multiple backgrounds to come in and celebrate their shared love for games, comics and other forms of media. This next entry is a perfect example of that. Grelka Loli is actually from the Ukraine but has made some headway with cosplay fans in the West. She varies between video game and anime characters most of the time, but here we see her pulling off a pretty solid Cynthia from The Witcher series.

9 Stella Chuu

via imgur.com

Stella Chuu is a bit of a unique case on this list. She’s definitely beautiful and incredibly talented when it comes to cosplaying, but there’s something that differentiates her particular brand of cosplay from all the others you’re going to see on this list. What Stella does is referred to as Burlesque Cosplay. You can put the pieces together in your head, yeah? Take an already skimpy getup and bring that down a peg or two, and you more or less have an understanding of what the name entails.

Apart from that, Stella is a pretty cool person. She’s a regular geek and so she obviously really enjoys what she does. It seems that the feeling is mutual between her and the community as she’s got plenty of fans to support her.

8 Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

via scottcampbell.info

Canadian women are well known for their beauty. While the Canadian representation is low on this list, we’re going to remedy that a little bit with the inclusion of Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. The French Canadian beauty has been around the cosplay scene for a number of years now and has made an impression at numerous conventions. With numerous magazine appearances, her own website and original merchandise under her belt, Marie-Claude has definitely taken advantage of her popularity among cosplay fans.

She’s known for pulling off some racy characters and does everything from video game character to anime and comic book ones as well. Because of her body type, she’s able to cosplay as some of the more visibly exaggerated women cosplaying has to offer, but that’s played well in her favor so far.

7 Electric Lady

via acparadise.com

You have to be versatile as a professional cosplayer, that’s a given. But Kara here can do just about everything you can think of as a cosplayer. She has her fair share of fan-pleasing outfits sure, but ultimately the most impressive part of her cosplays is the amount of work and detail that goes into each costume. From the smallest prop to her hair itself, she gets a handle on her character with ease.

Here we see her cosplaying as Persona 3’s Elizabeth, and she gets the character down 100%. As you can see, everything from the dress to the hat, glove,, and hair looks just like the original. If you’re a fan of beautiful women and good quality cosplay, then check Electric Lady out.

6 Vera Chimera

via alluremedia.com.au

While this list features some pretty experienced veterans, Vera is someone who’s steadily been rising in the cosplay world. The fiery Australian started off back in 2006 and has been a steady presence in the community since her debut. She does a number of characters, from anime to games and comics. But her video game character cosplay is really what makes her stand out among her fellow cosplayers. From Ada Wong, Elizabeth and Yuna, Vera’s pulled off some great looking cosplays. But she came into her own after portraying

From Ada Wong, to Elizabeth, and Yuna, Vera’s pulled off some great looking cosplays. But she came into her own after portraying Borderlands 2’s Lilith in live action. Her most recent work as Overwatch’s lovable Tracer is one of the strongest cosplay efforts you’ll see. If you appreciate good cosplay, then you should definitely check her out

5 Yaya Han

via capsulecomputers.com

Here we come across one of the more experienced cosplayers on the list. Yaya Han has been doing this cosplay thing for a long time. Yaya’s currently pushing 40, which might surprise most of you seeing as she looks like she’s still in her 20’s. In the cosplay community, Yaya’s a pretty well-known name, and she’s cosplayed as a number of well-known, beloved characters. You know you’ve made it big when some bored shmuck takes the time to make you a Wikipedia page. She got into cosplay nearly two decades ago, making her one of the early pioneers to popularize it in the West. With ladies like her leading the charge, how couldn’t it catch on?

4 Megan Marie

via vimeocdn.com

The first thing you’ll notice here – aside from Megan’s fantastic looks – is the high attention to detail and impressive production value of this shot. Cosplaying is a pretty fun hobby for a lot of people, and you can really tell how passionate someone is by examining just how much work they put into their costume. But then you get high-level cosplay like this, and it completely blows anything you’ve seen before out of the water. This is on a level of its own. Megan looks rough and rugged and sells the character perfectly. This is by far the best Anya Stroud cosplay you’ll find, and Megan is among the most attractive cosplayers out there right now

3 Adrianne Curry

via nerdninja.com

Now retired from cosplay, Adrianne Curry was once one of the best around. Video game charters, anime or comics, whatever it was she got her character down perfectly. It wasn’t all about looking good either. She did her best in properly capturing what a character really felt like along with how they looked. Adrianne is of Italian descent and puts those great European looks to good use with her modeling.

She actually won the very first season of America’s Next Top Model and has posed for some of the most popular magazines in the world. She looks about ready to go for the kill in this Mileena cosplay which only goes to show how great she is at selling it.

2 Alodia Gosiengfiao

via wikia.nocookie.net

We’re getting into some of the bigger names as this list winds down. While every cosplayer on this list has done well for themselves in their own right, none have quite had the same amount of success that Alodia Gosiengfiao has had. The Filipina actress and model has made her mark on the cosplay community as well as several other entertainment industries.

Aside from being a successful cosplayer, Alodia has also put together a decent film and television career for herself along with a small singing career to boot. Looking at this picture, it isn’t too hard to see why she’s regarded as one of the best-looking women cosplaying has to offer. She can only get more successful from here on out.

1 Jessica Nigri

via blogspot.com

Obviously, the biggest name in cosplaying right now is the very lovely Jessica Nigri. She’s appeared in movies, television shows, commercials, music videos and even a game. It’s pretty obvious that she’s well received by the community and her fans as well. Jessica is only in her early 20’s, yet she’s managed to become a well-known name in pop culture. Obviously, her incredible looks play a part in that but so do her impressive cosplays. Jessica does everything from video game characters to anime characters, and she’s recently taken to some Pokémon cosplays that might cause you to re-evaluate your childhood. But regardless, Jessica is and probably will be the best-looking cosplayer in the world for a good while.

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