15 Hysterical Pokemon Memes That Will Make Anyone LOL

These are some of the all-time best Pokémon memes. Don't miss them.

Pokémon as a whole has been a part of meme culture since its inception. Those two things tend to go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. Because Pokémon is such a huge, beloved, and storied property, there are tons of things to pull from when creating choice memes. Creators can choose to tackle an annoying issue that happens on the television show starring Ash Ketchum. They could make fun of the card game that's a sole source of incredible nostalgia and frustration. The games have 19 years of issues and odd decisions that have led to hundreds upon hundreds of memes. Lastly, people can simply make fun of the Pokémon themselves based on their design, personality, or odd origins. The beauty of

The beauty of Pokémon, in regards to memes, is that there's so much material and it seems that as the years go on the jokes just become funnier and funnier. Pokémon GO wasn't only a huge success commercially but has also led to another whole subsection of memes that have overtaken the internet. When you create a world that encompasses as many different mediums as Pokémon has, there will always be a new joke to be told. We haven't even touched the fact that when a new meme takes over the internet, it immediately gets the Pokémon treatment. That fan base is so quick witted and ready to attach their favorite franchise to the next big meme. Let's now talk about only 15 of the most hysterical Pokémon memes that will make anyone laugh out loud.

15 Familiar Pair

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There are very few things people enjoy more in this world than personalized consumerism. I would say that Pokémon inspired puns would probably be one of those things. Not only are we treated to a pairing of names synonymous with everyone's favorite Team Rocket duo, but it's also accompanied by some amazing puns. The Coca-Cola Company was on to something when they decided to print people's names on the side of their products. For some reason, people are inclined to purchase something with their name on it. It isn't only great from a self-indulgence perspective, it allows fans to create awesome moments like the one captured above. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Meowth is a very common name amongst humans, sorry buddy. Looks like we're buying a custom bottle.

14 You Only Live Once

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Ok, I know that the phrase YOLO might be annoying and overplayed to extinction. However, one of the things people love to do on the internet is to claim that someone else did something before you did. This meme is only funny because it's stating that a character in a Pokémon game is the inspiration for the acronym YOLO, but for the simple fact that whoever created it believes this was the actual creation of the phrase. I'm no history buff, but I imagine that people have stated that a person only lives once for as long as modern society has existed. I really hope that an entirely different meme spawns from this where people take very common phrases or groupings of words and showcase how the Pokémon games said it first.

13 Joke's On You

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Fans of the Call of Duty franchise have been the butt of many a joke over the last few years, but Pokémon loyalists have had to endure the mockery for almost 20 years. The common thought is that these two audiences have little to no crossover, but that seems to be opposite of the truth. Many of the players who grew up playing the Pokémon games eventually made their way into the world of FPS multiplayer games. Players shouldn't take this type of criticism to heart for the simple fact that it's simply trolls being trolls. The worst thing you can do on the internet is letting someone know they got the best of you over a dumb joke.

12 Common Sense Crisis

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Have you ever watched a single episode of the Pokémon television show? If so you're familiar with Ash Ketchum and company's lack of common sense in any given situation. You forget that you're merely watching the adventures of a group of children. A lot of poor writing and circumstance can be covered by this, but some things just don't make any sense. In a television show, rather an entire world, where Pokémon are the primary focus of everyone and everything, how are they not the first idea to solve a problem? One area of contention is the question of how Water-type Pokémon use water attacks. Do they create water themselves? Or do they use water they've either gathered or stored from other sources for attacks? Either way, Ash use your damn Squirtle next time!

11 Do You Remember?

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One of the saddest moments in the history of Pokémon is when Ash lets his Butterfree go to roam freely with other Butterfree. It's a moment that pulled at the heartstrings of children across the world. It was one of Ash's first Pokémon and held a special place in the hearts of fans. It was said to see that Ash never brought up his Butterfree again after this point. For a moment that felt so heartfelt, important, and monumental to a character's journey seemed to be quickly forgotten. Fans had seen Ash as someone who cared deeply about his relationships with his Pokémon but has had many instances where it contradicts these thoughts. I assume it was probably a story thread that the writers forgot about and when they ultimately remembered it was too late to make it seem well intentioned.

10 Kill It With Fire

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A shared feeling between artists is that their work is never good enough or meets their own expectations. It seems like there's a constant internal battle on whether your work's good enough. Hopefully, the person whose sculpture is posted above doesn't share these thoughts. We've all had an art project or hobby that doesn't come out the way we envision. It's one thing to be slightly off of the production value you were hoping to produce, it's a complete other when the thing you've created is so far removed that it's slightly discomforting in appearance. I wonder if it was immediate set ablaze or thrown in the trash once this picture was taken. All jokes aside I think it was a valiant effort at remaking something near and dear to them, and I couldn't have done any better.

9 I Have The High Ground

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It's frustrating when you're trying to get through a tough cave or area, and your ringer Pokémon faints midway through. There are plenty of situations in which you're out of revives or potions, and you have to deal with it dying. This is why one of the best lessons you can learn as a trainer is to equally level up your party. You're going to put yourself in numerous frustrating and time destroying situations simply because you put all of your eggs in one basket. It's amazing to this day to see Pokémon veterans of 15+ years that still don't understand this concept. I guess it comes from a perspective where you have one pokémon you like and want it to be as powerful as can be. That being said, you're wrong, and you should feel bad for playing the game in an incorrect or unintended fashion.

8 Honest Mistake

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I always thought that I couldn't be the only one who felt Mewtwo looked familiar when I first watched Pokémon: The First Movie. It turns out that I wasn't the only one and this same feeling was the source of a hilarious Dragon Ball Z crossover meme. Mewtwo does indeed share a striking resemblance to Goku's antagonist himself, Frieza. Outside of the color scheme, their body shape and tales are eerily familiar. I wouldn't be surprised if the inspiration was drawn from Akira Toriyama's fantastic design. They share more than just looks in terms of familiarity. Frieza is considered by many to be the best villain of the entire Dragonball Z series and the main catalyst considering his actions led to Goku arriving on Earth. Mewtwo is also seen as a catalyst for many of the anti-Pokémon movements in the series.

7 "Adult" Healing

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No cartoon from the late 90s to early 2000s was complete unless it featured a character who was either overly affectionate or secretly deviant. Brock from the Pokémon television show happened to fill in both of these boxes with the most obvious of check-marks. Brock was known for falling in love with literally every new woman introduced throughout the course of the show. He's also been the focus of many 'adult' pick-up line memes that number in the hundreds and thousands. The one I included above could have been interchanged with literally hundreds of other options. Some of them are funny, some are awkward, and a whole lot of them are oddly disturbing. If you're looking to either make a woman you're interested in laugh or cringe, look no further than this Brock-inspired meme.

6 One Too Many

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Samuel L. Jackson is a catchphrase God and one of the most interesting celebrities out there. He's known for his fantastic one-liners and high volume of curse words. Snakes On A Plane was a serious blessing in disguise for both Jackson and the internet as a whole. His famous line 'I've had it with these mother *BLANK* snakes" has been formatted and edited to fit any context, theme, or subject matter that's overtaken the internet at any given moment. Anyone who's ever played a Pokémon game knows how annoying Zubats tend to be, especially when you're in an unfamiliar cave. Samuel L. Jackson's words are simply a phrase that players have been muttering for the last 17 years, in numerous caves, across numerous journeys.

5 Name Game

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Have you ever been hanging out with your friends and you come around the oldest Pokémon conversation starter there is? You know which question I'm referring to. Are Pokémon named after the sound they make, or do they mimic the sound of what people call them? The answer is obviously that they're named after the sound that they make. Every single pokémon doesn't have the ability of a parakeet. It would be interesting to live in a world where we also named animals after the sounds they made. Thankfully, we have a very organized, procedural, and boring way to classify animals in terms of their relation to animals we already know. Could you imagine living in a world where you had a meow named Skittles, or a woof named Buddy?

4 Packing Heat

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Few things are nostalgically chased after more than original Pokémon trading cards and the badges from the television show and Pokémon Red/Blue games. I personally fall into the boat of wanting to own physical versions Pokémon gym badges from my childhood. These memes that take the ownership of said badges to an escalated level of hilarity are some of the best memes on the internet. They usually always involve a job interview or a cute girl. The end game usually revolves around impressing someone and once the badges are shown the interviewer/girl are starstruck beyond belief. These badges are easily one of the most successful Etsy badges, and some creators have even made specialty cases to properly show off your latest accomplishments throughout the Kanto region.

3 Evo-WOOF-tion

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There are two certainties when it comes to dogs and the internet. They're beloved for being incredibly adorable, and they're the topic of conversation every other minute at the very longest. The most interesting part about Pokémon is seeing your young, weak, and naive buddies evolve into strong, powerful, and magnificent forms of themselves. There are plenty of examples of real-world correlations of Pokémon evolution, mostly in insects. The change dogs experience from puppy to full grown dog is dramatically staggering. It's especially staggering when the dog is so large that it encompasses everything you've ever known. Am I the only one who ever wonders if we'll one day have dogs bred to live their entire lives in a puppy state? A man can dream, can't he?

2 Come On!

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This has been a topic of controversy since 1998 in the Pokémon community. Charizard is a giant orange fire-breathing dragon that just so happens to not be Dragon-type Pokémon. It's an interesting call considering he's obviously a dragon and the most iconic Pokémon outside of Pikachu. Not only did they decide to take this odd stance with Charizard, they decided to make a Pokémon that's obviously inspired by an insect/mosquito a Dragon-type. Many people have wondered if this was a blatant troll by developers to those who deliver non-stop complaints regarding Charizard. We live in a world where one of the most iconic dragons in media isn't even considered a dragon unless it mega evolves into a different form, how odd. Do you think this will ever be resolved?

1 Deep Thoughts

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We all remember walking out of the movie theater after viewing Pokémon: The First Movie and having an existential crisis at the age of 8. When Ash is turned to stone I think it was the first time I ever cried at a piece of entertainment. The beautiful thing about that movie and many great cartoons/animated series is that it pulls on real-life lessons and packages them in a box that happens to be digestible and engaging to children and adults alike. We've all felt misunderstood. We've all felt as though we don't belong. Mewtwo made it okay to feel this way, and to also realize that your circumstances don't define you, what you do with your life defines you. It's crazy to be who I am today and know that a great life lesson was taught to me by an animated character in a movie theater.

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