15 Inappropriate Final Fantasy Moments That Scarred You

Square Enix is no stranger to placing inappropriate jokes or disturbing scenes into their games.

Throughout recent decades, Final Fantasy has consistently been one of the most well-known video game franchises. Many fans of the RPG genre grew up with the series since childhood. Despite this, Square Enix is no stranger to placing inappropriate jokes or disturbing scenes into their games. A hefty number of such moments were even a little traumatizing.

The early games in the series would lightly poke fun with their jokes. In Final Fantasy IV, there's a sexy magazine in the Developer's Office. In Final Fantasy V, the party can get lap dances. Yet, the next few installments would further attempt to utilize the freedom to be racy. In Final Fantasy IX, Zidane openly gropes Garnet's bottom on-screen. In Final Fantasy VII, the developers even had to remove a scene that implied Cloud and Tifa have sex.

Despite this, by the Playstation 2 era, the series began to take itself more seriously (maybe too much so). Racy topics were rarer, and often either visual or implied. In Final Fantasy X, the player may or may not notice Tidus stare at Lulu's chest through binoculars. By Final Fantasy XV, the raunchiest thing you might hear is a fairly tame dialogue between Gladiolus and Aranea during battle. 'You really know how to work a lance,' he says. To which she responds, 'I'm not touchin' that one.' Pretty tame, right? Read on for some of the most disturbing scenes the player can come across in all of the Final Fantasy games.

15 The Moogles All Die (Final Fantasy Tactics)

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Anyone familiar with Final Fantasy knows moogles. These precocious fairies usually serve as guides to heroes. In the Ivalice chronology of the games, they are one of the many races that inhabit the realm. However, fans of the game notice that sometime between the events of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics, there are no races other than human left. There are no more bunny girls or lizardmen to be seen.

Through exploring the natural wonders and recovering artifacts, it is revealed that an event referred to as 'The Cataclysm' wipes out the entire moogle race, among others. The prologues to both Final Fantasy Tactics Advance games also portray this human-only society of the future Ivalice. To the player's chagrin, the exact nature of this disaster is forever left unknown. It isn't until Mobius Final Fantasy that Square Enix became desensitized enough to kill off scores of moogles onscreen.

14 Link Is Dead (Final Fantasy)

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The Warrior of Light and his band of heroes journey the world helping others. When the party reaches Elfheim, the village of the elves, the player can find the elvish burial ground and read the gravestones. The third inscription reads 'Here Lies Link.'

This was really only a nod to Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. All of the residents of Elfheim do look quite like the sprite for Link. The marker reads this way in most ports of the game, but a minority of Final Fantasy ports have the inscription read 'May Erdrick rest in peace.' Few RPG fans might recognize this as the legendary hero referenced throughout the Dragon Quest series.

13 Cyan And The Dancer Who Named Her ... Assets (Final Fantasy VI)

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Early in Final Fantasy VI, the player takes control of Sabin, who has been separated from the rest of the group. He eventually joins up with the dutiful Cyan and the bestial Gau. In the town of Nikeah, the party can check out the local pub. There, the player can meet a flirtatious dancer who asks to share a drink.

Cyan is disciplined (and recently widowed), so he rebuffs her advances. 'Oh, don't be a stick in the mud! Let's just have some fun!' she responds. She attempts to entice the samurai with her assets, Humpty and Dumpty, leaving Cyan flustered. He chastises her for indecency, but Cyan's moral code must have been shaken at some point. After the time-skip, a magazine can be found in his luggage called 'Bushido in the Bedroom.'

12 Vivi Was Adopted to be Eaten (Final Fantasy IX)

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In Final Fantasy IX, the party learns more about the world and each other. As the plot progresses, it is revealed that Vivi was the prototype of living black mage dolls; made for the purpose of producing an army. A naive Vivi falls out of a cargo ship and is fished up by a member of the Qu tribe by the name of Quan. The old man adopts and raises the boy. Vivi is fond of his adopted grandfather, who dies shortly before the beginning of the game.

The optional area 'Quan's Dwelling' is first available during the mid-section of the game. Markings on his wall show Vivi's height measurements; the last entry of which reads 'Six months since I adopted Vivi. Still too small to eat.'

11 Yuna Rubs Leblanc's Back (Final Fantasy X-2)


Though disliked by many, Final Fantasy X-2 was rife with ludicrous scenes, sillier than any main installment in the series. Many might remember the unnecessary hot spring scene when Rikku compares her body with the other members of the party, Yuna and Paine (much to their annoyance). But this does not compare to what soon follows. After a dip, the party dresses up as minions to infiltrate their rival's operation.

The ornery villain, Leblanc, orders a minion to give her a massage. As the disguised Yuna, the player participates in a silly mini-game mounted over Leblanc, massaging her back and listening to her groans and moans. Afterward, a relaxed Leblanc will fall asleep talking about her crush, leaving a bewildered Yuna left to wonder, 'Am I that good?'

10 Squall Is Impaled (Final Fantasy VIII)


Shortly before the major turning point in Final Fantasy VIII, Squall's party takes part in an assassination attempt on the sorceress, Edea. However, after countering all attempts at her life, the witch stabs Squall with a spike made of ice. The hole in Squall's chest is easily larger than his heart, and the icicle pierces straight through. Squall falls from atop the parade float they fought upon. The last thing he sees is Rinoa's hand stretched out to him.

Later, Squall awakens without a scratch. The ensuing arcs in the story become more surreal (the school becomes an airship and the party travel through space and time) and his relationship with Rinoa begins to progress significantly. After defeating the final boss, what follows is a trippy nightmare-sequence, before the happy ending. This has led to the popular fan theory that Squall was killed back then, on the day of the parade. And from that point forward, all of the events that followed were merely his 'final fantasy', the thoughts during his last moments before accepting his death.

9 The Men Creep On Faris (Final Fantasy V)

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Very early on in Final Fantasy V, Bartz (the hero), Galuf (the amnesiac old man), and Lenna (the princess) find themselves captured by Faris (the nefarious pirate). However, the pirate captain finds that Lenna's pendant is identical to the one Faris was adopted with.

Faris decides to join the party, and they sail to a town by the shore to rest. Bartz visits the room to find Faris asleep. He is immediately enamored by the sight of this pirate sleeping, and leaves the room in a stupor. This leads Galuf to see for himself, and he too is immediately hot and bothered at the sight of the sleeping pirate, and exits. The two confused men can't deny that Faris is gorgeous. It fairly soon after this scene that the party is shipwrecked. The men try to force Faris out of soaking clothes only to find out Faris is secretly a woman.

8 Vaan Vexes The City Of Bhujerba (Final Fantasy XII)


When it comes to cringe-worthy Final Fantasy moments, there are few things more scarring than Tidus and Yuna's forced laughing session from Final Fantasy X. That is, until Final Fantasy XII was released. An early mini-game steals the record for ridiculous scenes many times over.

Vaan discovers the disgraced Captain Basch in prison. To spread the word that Basch's death was faked, it's Vaan's brilliant idea to run around the city, attempting to convince any passersby that he is Basch with his repetitive (and well-remembered) phrases. Not only is it ridiculous for anyone to believe that this teenager is the Captain of anything, but the mini-game for this segment is absolutely grating.

7 Monsters Love Firion (Final Fantasy II)


Settle into the story of Final Fantasy II. After their home is attacked, Firion and his friends join the Rebel Army, under the rule of Princess Hilda. About halfway through the game, Hilda is kidnapped. The player rescues the princess and returns her to the rebel base. Gordon, the younger brother of Hilda's deceased fiance, worries for Hilda. He states that whenever he tries to speak to her, all she does is laugh.

Princess Hilda asks to speak only with Firion. When they are alone, she leads him to her bed. There, she beckons him closer, and the conflicted Firion complies. The creature reveals she is an imposter, the Lamia Queen, and the party busts into the room to fight her. In Dissidia Final Fantasy, the joke of Firion getting hit on by other entities is referenced when Shiva repeats the same wording as the fake Hilda, 'Come Firion, I don't enjoy being teased.'

6 Vivi And Zidane Let it All Out (Final Fantasy IX)


Midway through Final Fantasy IX, the party reaches Madain Sari, the home of the last summoner (other than Garnet), a child by the name of Eiko Carol. It's clear that the six-year-old girl is infatuated with the protagonist. Late one night, she listens in on a conversation between Zidane and Vivi.

Vivi is worried, and can't sleep. The monkey-tailed man attempts to encourage the little black mage, and appease his concerns. Afterward, Zidane tells the boy, 'You wanna know a trick to get your mind off things?' He then proceeds to show Vivi "an age-old ritual between male friends." The two proceed to stand together and tinkle outside, and he comments rhetorically, "Doesn't it feel nice to let yourself go, under the stars?"

5 During A School Shooting, Protect the Hot Dogs (Final Fantasy VIII)


As the story of Final Fantasy VIII unfolds, Squall is given the role of Commander of Balamb Garden, the school being one of a few academies for training mercenaries. Balamb Garden faces off with another school. Before the engagement, Squall is given options for what to announce to the rest of his school (the current course, his feelings, his orders, etc.). One of the options is to announce "What to do with the hot dogs."

Troops from Galbadia Garden are sent to attack inside the school. While dangling from a cable, Squall fights a paratrooper. Beneath him, he bears witness to a quad that had erupted into a war zone; students fight with magic and swords. Bombs and gunfire go off. Carcasses litter the floor. It's sobering enough to let the player get hit by a pang of guilt for making Squall order the students to protect the hot dogs.

4 Sex Workers In Sector 6 (Final Fantasy VII)

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No one can forget the Don Corneo arc of Final Fantasy VII, but here are reminders of what was happening: Tifa was captured and apparently sold off to a man named Don Corneo. To rescue Tifa, Cloud dresses up as a woman to infiltrate the sex trafficker's mansion. The player can go to the Wall Market doing favors and minigames to earn the pieces for the perfect disguise (With a perfect score, the Don will think Cloud is hotter than Aerith or Tifa).

The Honeybee Inn becomes available, and Cloud will say "Looks like I need to go inside to complete my disguise." Aerith is skeptical of Cloud having any reason to go into a brothel/soapland. Peeping through the keyholes reveals one satanic ritual and one uncomfortable elderly couple. By busting into the girl's changing room, Cloud can get one of the bothered ladies to do his make-up.

The player has two options for rooms. The '&$#% Room' will show Cloud having a seizure as his female escort arrives. The 'Group Room' will have Cloud get bathed by nine half-naked men. Either way, Cloud is given the underwear of his escort (Lingerie or Bikini Briefs respectively).

3 The Tentacle Monster That Always Comes Back (Final Fantasy VI)

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The heroes of Final Fantasy VI meet Ultros while rushing down the river on a raft, escaping the Empire after their hideout is discovered. The party battles with the monster, a purple mass of fangs and tendrils. From that point on, the party is repeatedly harassed by this tentacle monster.

Ultros likes to get gross, particularly with the women, "I'd love to get my tentacles around her...' Though, the grossest moment was probably when he shows favor to the team's ten-year-old girl, Relm. To distract him and save the team, she uses her magic paintbrush. But not before the creature says, 'Uncle Ulty REALLY wants you to do his portrait.' Not only does he frequently return to obstruct the party, but he also makes guest appearances in quite a few other Final Fantasy series.

2 A Realm Rife With Abuse (Final Fantasy XIV)


A discerning player of Final Fantasy XIV will notice that Eorzea is rife with debauchery. There are innuendos, brothels, and peeping toms. The hero can deliver a courtesan. Two ladies try to seduce the player, and it's revealed they gave another man 'crotch-rot'. Some of the themes get pretty dark. On a quest to solve a string of maiden murders, the player can find the Key Item 'Ravaged Corpse.' It's description reads 'The body of this poor soul has been defiled in more ways than one.'

Many groups are referenced to have committed acts of sexual violence: the bandits in Thanalan, the Pirates of Satasha, the despicable Garleans, and even the Temple Knights of Ishgard. However, what likely stands out to most players is the 'Trouble in Little Ala Mhigo' quest. The player is approached by an injured woman by the name of Bertliana. She reveals that she was held captive, ravaged, and humiliated by the Corpse Brigade, but is unable to clearly say what they did to her.

1 Hojo's Crosses Every Line (Final Fantasy VII)


It's easy miss the many odd details in Final Fantasy plots. However, there is one maniac that stands at the pinnacle of twisted deeds; Hojo from Final Fantasy VII. Hojo isn't the first mad scientist to conduct experiments on himself, but he might be the worst. When he is first introduced, he is very interested in Aerith, the last member of the Cetra race. Many forget that when Hojo gets a hold of her, he locks her into a chamber with a beast (Red XIII), with the intention to breed them together to save them both from extinction.

Aerith runs around the chamber as the animal pounces at her. Cloud rushes to rescue Aerith and gets the chamber open. It is at that point that the other test subject reveals that he is a sentient creature, and he states he was only pretending to play along (Yeah, sure). The lengths to which Hojo will go should not be surprising. It is later revealed Hojo also experimented on a woman, Lucrecia, who he had impregnated. She never gets to hold the enhanced baby, who is later called Sephiroth.

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