15 Inappropriate Things Accidentally Left In Games

We all know by now that developers like to inject a little bit of their personal humor into games. Sometimes this is very obvious. Other times it is more discreet. Occasionally though, the humor is so random and so inappropriate that you are convinced that it must be in the game by accident.

It is amazing —when you think about it— that anything could be left in a video game by mistake today. There is so much money in the industry. Also, video games are so ingrained in popular culture that accidental programming seems like it would be impossible.

These games prove that such a thing exists.

Sometimes the "accidental" nature of the items on this list is questionable. In, many cases a developer has put something in the game for his or her own enjoyment and it has slipped by the higher ups in the company unnoticed. In those situations, the secrets can go for years without being noticed.

Gamers are more curious than the average human. Players will complete a game, and then spend hours poking around in every nook and cranny to find something weird or random. Those that program for fun will take this a step further. They will get inside the code of the game and dig around. This is how inappropriate secrets in games come out decades after a release.  These are just the inappropriate secrets we know about today. There are bound to be dozens more out there ready to be found:

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15 Growing Chest In Rachet & Clank


This piece of inappropriateness feels like it was placed in the game as a joke, then someone forgot to remove it in the final version of the code.

In Rachet and Clank, there is an alien girl who coordinates hoverboard races in Blackwater City. When you are close enough that she looks at you, you can make her chest grow bigger and bigger by performing back flips and front flips. This continues way past the point where 'they' could reasonably be expected to exist. Moreover, when you crouch under them, they return to normal size.

This one feels like an accident because the effect and process have zero bearing on the game at all. It is giggle worthy for a couple of minutes, but then it is back to the meat of the game.

14 Monkey People In Halo

via planetdolan.com

The cavemen, or monkey people, in Halo 3 were either left in the game by accident or they will have a huge impact on the story that has yet to be revealed. Given the way video game companies tend to think, the odds are good that the former is true.

The cavemen appear in Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. The are background characters, but they are not part of the actual background. We know this because if you shoot any of the cavemen, they will even bleed. You cannot, however, kill them.

The cavemen are really creepy. They don't fit the game theme at all, and that somehow makes them even more creepy than normal. They feel accidental, and that is why they make this list.

13 Front Mission: Gun Hazard's Hate Speech


Front Mission: Gun Hazard is a side-scrolling shooter from Square, the same company responsible for Final Fantasy.

Back in 1996, however, Square was busy releasing Front Mission: Gun Hazard to the world. Somehow this Japanese game contains a hidden voice from a Combat 18 member. Combat 18 is a British neo-Nazi group that does everything you would expect a neo-Nazi group to do. When the voice sample was deciphered, it said, “We’re gonna burn your building down, you <BEEP>. C18’s watching you, you communist, <BEEP> loving…” How something like that made it on to a video game is anyone's guess.

12 Removing The Blur Bar In The Sims


People have a strange relationship with video game nudity. To some, revealing the pixelated nakedness of their favorite video game character is a defining life goal. How else would we explain the people clamoring to remove the blur bar in The Sims?

That blur is the only thing keeping your beloved Sim's modesty intact. Yet, in every version of the game, someone has found a way to remove those mosaic pixels and get their Sim naked. When this happens repeatedly, it is hard to consider it an accident, but if the developers really wanted to stop the nudity then they could find a way to do so.

Not content with just nudity, mods have also been discovered to give the sim a more realistic look. This includes more realistic skin that is anatomically correct. We live in a very strange world.

11 Bano-Tooie's Rock Formation


Just look at that picture above and tell me it doesn't look like a joke that the developer made and then forgot to remove.

The developers, Rare, are known for their edgy humor and their willingness to push the envelope, but this rock formation from their game Banjo-Tooie is over the edge even for them. It doesn't take much in the way of lateral thinking to turn this rock formation into a certain part of the male anatomy. It is even complete with a trail of...something.

It is hard to believe that this was supposed to make it into the completed game. Either that or one of the team snuck it in and waited for a higher up to notice, which never happened. Either way, it is pretty funny.

10 Headless CJ Glitch In GTA San Andreas

via gta-myths.wikia.com

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas it is possible to play as a headless CJ with blood squirting out of his neck. Why you would want to do this, other than for the initial shock value, I have no idea. It is, however, a thing, with screenshots posted all over the internet to prove it.

Making CJ headless involves using a second player to chop off CJ's head with a katana. The key is not to kill him before this happens, which I imagine would be difficult when facing repeated blows with a samurai sword. Then CJ will reappear with no head and, for some unexplained reason, no one in San Andreas will care.

9 Super Mario Kart Drinking Celebration (Japan)


Super Mario Kart is one of those classic games got a lot of us into gaming. There was nothing more fun back in the days of the SNES than racing (and beating) your friends as one of the original Nintendo legends.

All versions of Super Mario Kart involve the winning player standing on top of the podium and celebrating with a bottle of champagne, just like in real-life motor racing. Most of those celebrations involve just flipping the bottle or tossing it away. In Japan, however, Peach and Bowser are seen drinking the bottle in their respective animations after a victory.

This is a clear violation of the Nintendo policy against drugs, tobacco, and alcohol — it is stunning that these inappropriate animations made it into the game.

8 Dead Or Alive Xtreme Volleyball's Hack

via venturebeat.com

The Dead of Alive franchise is a series of fighting games that are pretty high quality. Oh, and they have 'assets'.

Feeling like the beat 'em up genre was perhaps not the right arena to expand on the level of boob shown, publisher Tecmo turned to another sport. That is how Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball became a thing. This may also be the only volleyball title in history to have an M-rating stamped on it. A rating it very much deserved.

In fairness, this one isn't really on the developers. When the game was released, there was a story in EGM mentioning a cheat to play the game with topless girls. While this was an April Fools joke, it inspired some inspired hackers to create a patch for the game where the players are naked.

7 Gotcha Arcade Cabinet Design


Gotcha was an arcade cabinet released in 1972 by Atari. It was the company's fourth foray into the world of video games following their successful debut with Pong a year earlier in 1972.

Gotcha was a pretty unremarkable game even by those early standards. It features two players running through an ever-changing maze with one trying to catch the other. It was not a commercial success, especially when compared to Pong.

The most notable feature about Gotcha was the arcade cabinet that it was initially released in. The advertising for the game featured a woman in a nightdress, and the joysticks were encased in pink globes resembling breasts. This design did nothing for the game, and the breasts were quietly replaced by regular joysticks soon after release.

6 Rings Of Power's Topless Woman


It is almost as if Naughty Dog knew that Rings of Power for the Sega Genesis was going to be a flop. The game is basically a weak rip-off of Lord of the Rings without any of the character development or plot twists that made the Tolkien trilogy a success.

Instead, you get a bland, generally inoffensive isometric RPG where you have to college the rings to remake the Rod of Creation. Insert dirty joke here.

The game would be instantly forgettable was it not for a cheat code to be entered on the loading screen that alters the fly-by image of a woman just before the developer logo appears. Originally this young blonde is wearing a white t-shirt, but the correct code removes the shirt for some 16-bit boob goodness.

5 Donkey Kong Country Albino Donkey Dilemma


There is a bizarre moment of accidental inappropriateness in the classic Donkey Kong Country game on the SNES.

The first step here is to ride a metal barrel with Donkey Kong by bouncing it off of a wall and jumping on the top. If you ride the barrel into Rambi the rhinoceros, then the rhino morphs into an albino/metallic version of Donkey Kong himself. What is even weirder is that the regular version of Donkey Kong appears to be humping the metallic version. This isn't just a gentle action either, Donkey is really getting after it as the other version of himself doesn't move.

This might be a glitch, it might be one of those "hilarious" programmers throwing something into the game for his own amusement. Either way, it is definitely one of the stranger entries on this list and one you will never forget after viewing.

4 The Hot Coffee Mod


The Hot Coffee mod is probably the most well-known entry on this list. This is an inaccessible mini-game in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that sees the main character Carl "CJ" Johnson having relations with his chosen girlfriend. The Hot Coffee name comes from the girlfriend's offer for CJ to come into her house for "coffee."

This mini-game was completely disabled in all versions of the game as the company realized it would never make it past the censors. Initially, Rockstar denied the existence of the mini-game, which has players hitting buttons like a rhythm dancing game to control CJ. Eventually, though, the code was found on console versions, and any plausible deniability disappeared.

3 Dead Island's Feminist BLANK Skill


Anyone who has played Dead Island will likely have fond memories of the weird zombie vacation theme. The game plays like your standard zombie hack and slash, but the location is very different from the average dark and damp zombie apocalypse theme. This makes it seem less like a clone of other games and more like its own beast.

One of the leading characters in the game is a woman named Purna. Purna is tough, and she is able to take down zombies with the best of them. As with seemingly all modern games, there is a skill tree involved. One of Purna's unlockable skills is called Gender Wars. So far so good.

Unfortunately, one enterprising gamer buried his head in the code for Dead Island to discover that the original name for this perk was "Feminist Whore." Yikes.

2 LittleBigPlanet Quotes The Qur'an


LittleBigPlanet is a puzzle game unlike any other. Sackboy is one of the cutest - and in a weird way coolest - new lead characters of the last decade or so. That makes it all the more surprising that that particular piece of inappropriateness got past the censors.

In 2008, the European release of the original LittleBigPlanet game was delayed. This quickly turned into a worldwide recall of the game. During the review process before the launch, it was discovered that passages from the Qur'an were included in the background music on one of the levels.

The phrases are as follows:

"kollo nafsin tha'iqatol mawt", literally: 'Every soul shall have the taste of death' and "kollo man alaiha fan", literally: 'All that is on earth will perish.'

1 Secret Writer's Society Swears At You


One of the greatest moments of accidental inappropriateness in gaming comes from a PC and Mac game designed to help children learn to write. Secret Writers Society focuses on writing structure and drafting, helping kids learn the correct way to write.

One of the main selling points of the software was a text-to-speech tool. This tool would read back to you what you wrote, giving a level of instant feedback that was not common in 1998. Writing three or more sentences and double clicking the mouse, however, would cause the game to unleash a string of curse words at the user.

This was initially blamed on a bug before it was discovered to be an intentional act by a programmer. This programmer wanted to make a point about relying on electronics and educational software for parenting.

Point taken.

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