15 Indie Games That Are ONLY For Grown Ups

15 Indie Games That Are ONLY For Grown Ups

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I’m not sure what society’s problem with nudity is. Your body, no matter what shape or size, is completely natural (well, for most of us – some of us can’t afford booty implants). There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the naked human form. Honestly, I think we should all throw off the shackles of clothing and finally experience the freedom to be our true selves!

Except I live in Canada, and for half the year I’d freeze to death if I were to disrobe.

That’s not a problem in video games, where it’s rare to find a title that actually takes into account the frozen Canadian tundra when deciding whether or not it’s OK to run around buck naked. But while it rarely accounts for much in terms of game play, it gets a surprising amount of attention from retailers.

Every mainstream online retailer has some form of rule against nudity in games. Even Steam, famous for selling more games than the next two retailers combined, still has official rules that prevent the sale of any game deemed to be too “adult.”

The good news is that doesn’t seem to stop indie developers from making games that still go for full frontal while managing to sneak them into online stores.

So let your freak flag fly as we take a look at some of the gaming world’s most explicit indie games.

15. Ark: Survival Evolved – Ride A Dinosaur Naked

via funhaus.com

Ark has had, shall we say, a complicated relationship with nudity. When the game was first being developed by Studio Wildcard, some images were released that featured in-game models surprisingly bereft of garments. Then they sold out, decided they wanted to be more mainstream and removed all nudity so they could start selling their game on Steam.

On the 2 year anniversary of Ark’s release, they decided to poke a little fun at their own past and introduced some armor called The Birthday Suit. Players put it on, and suddenly they’re completely naked except with censor bubbles around the good parts.

Nowadays Ark has gotten popular enough that enterprising coders have taken it upon themselves to reintroduce nudity to the game in the form of mods. So if you want to ride a raptor naked, it’s your funeral.

14. Second Life – My God, Is That For Real?

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When Second Life was first being birthed by developers Linden Lab they were a much smaller company than they are today. Since then it has gone completely open source, allowing anyone to modify the game to their heart’s desires. In that sense, I think Second Life admirably achieves the status of indie game.

What it might not be is actually a game. Second Life has no objective, no conflict, and there’s no story – the entire “game” is just a bunch of people online in avatars of their own creation.

And those avatars can get pretty explicit. Like, very explicit. Like, third leg explicit.

They try and label those servers to avoid confusion, but because it’s open source you never know what you might come across when you log in.

13. Catch Canvas – Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls

via steamnext.com

The first of our visual novel games, Catch Canvas sees the player take the role of an aspiring painter. Your uncle, already a famous painter himself, has decided to take you under his wing by inviting you to his cabin and learn from his mysterious methods.

His methods, as it turns out, are to completely disappear and leave you on your own to tutor 3 female aspiring artists yourself. You have to help these girls all finish their own paintings in two weeks or it’s back to the artist’s ghetto for you!

Along the way, you can decide to maybe romance one (or more) of these girls, and maybe convince them to do some modeling for you. Maybe convince one of them to take off their tops. Then their pants.

You see where this is going.

12. Conan Exiles – Barbarians Don’t Need Pants

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Designed and published by Funcom games, Conan Exiles is still technically an indie game as the developer remains independent, although on the larger side with 100 employees. While their indie creds may be debatable, what is not up for debate is their game, which takes nudity to its logical extreme.

In Conan Exiles you play as basically whatever you want to be, wearing whatever you want to wear, up to and including nothing at all. If you want to flap freely in the breeze, more power to ya.

You’ll obviously be missing some very necessary armor points if and when bandit raiders show up to shear your willy off, but that’s the price we pay for freedom.

11. Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) – Complicated Name, More Complicated “Adult” Scene

via gamesvillage.com

Oh, Indigo Prophecy. It didn’t quite start the cinematic action adventure drama game (we have Metal Gear Solid to thank for that), but it certainly advanced it to places we never thought it would go.

I won’t spoil any of the plot, which at times features ghosts, secret societies, and aliens, but the final scene in the North American release (called Indigo Prophecy) does feature a full frontal “adult” scene. The European release (called Fahrenheit), however, goes even further, featuring multiple variatiosn of said scenes – one of which was even interactive.

The remastered version was also made by Aspyr, a smaller developer, so technically gets a pass on the indie developer scale.

10. Papers Please – Now The Government Can See Your Doodle

Papers Please

via gamerant.com

You normally wouldn’t think the job of immigration officer could ever be exciting enough to be turned into a game. Well, think again!

Papers Please is a dystopian document puzzle game where you play as an inspector reviewing people’s documentation as they try to enter into your country. Your score (or in the game, your salary) is based on how many people you correctly let in for having the correct documentation and how many you reject for having the wrong docs. Get it rightm and you get paid – get it wrongm and you get fined, and your family starves to death.

As part of their documentation, potential immigrants will also have a full body photograph of themselves, which can become completely nude in the game’s options. It’s basically like those full body scanners they have at the airport, only a little more pixelated.

9. Skyrim – With Mods You Can See Everything!

Skyrim With Mods

via loverslab

Alright, alright, I know I’m pushing the definition of indie a little bit too far here. Bethesda is one of the biggest names in the biz – how can they be considered indie? You’re right, they’re not. But Skyrim is bigger than Bethesda. People have gotten so into Skyrim that there’s a whole other industry built around modifying the game to people’s wishes.

And what people wish is to be free. Or, more accurately, free of clothing.

LoversLab is a community of Skyrim modders (and other games too) who seek to add a little extra to their game. Or in some cases a lot extra. We’re talking G-cup extra. Frankly, I don’t know how these women even stand up.

8. Crazy Pixel Streaker – This Is How Soccer Should Be Played

Crazy Pixel Streaker

via Lubiterum on YouTube

I think this might be my favorite game on this list. In Crazy Pixel Streaker you play as a streaker at the World Cup and try and fend off security forces as they attempt to take you from the stadium.

That’s where the game starts. Where it ends is with the army being called, you riding around on giant pigs while spewing death beams at escalating numbers of security, all while bosses periodically show up to ruin your party.

The nudity is a little light, but the insanity is heavy enough that I think that kinda makes up for it. Although I swear to god, If I read another game describing itself as “roguelike” I’m going to hang myself on my own thong.

What, you don’t have a thong? Pfft. Wuss.

7. Shower With Your Dad Simulator – I Can’t Make That Title Funnier

via indieruckus.com

Sure, the character’s genitalia amounts to about 4 pixels, but it’s technically full frontal nudity. It’s also certainly an indie game, so I’m going to let this one slide just like you do in the shower. With your dad.

Anyway, in Shower With Your Dad, you pick an ethnicity and then try and find your dad in what appear to be public showers. Your dad’s location will change after each round, and as you progress your dad will start pulling shower curtains faster and faster so it becomes harder to remember which shower contains your dad.

If you show up in the wrong dad’s shower the game is over and you receive an education in other cultures that I think we should all have.

6. Back Door Man – You Already Know Exactly What This Man Is Doing

Back Door Man

via adventuregamestudio.co.uk

With a title like that, you might as well call this game “Gay Male Prostitute – The Game”. Which, by the way, is totally what this game is about.

Back Door Man is a point-and-click adventure game where you play as a homosexual male prostitute in Miami. You control his exploits for one crazy night and get to learn a lot about the seedy underworld of male escorts. Along the way, you’ll be presented with some ethical dilemmas – of which selling your body is not one of them. You’ve already decided that’s OK.

And unlike most games on this list, it’s completely free if you’d like to give it a try. I’m sure you’re dying to know what it’s like to be a male escort.

5. Rust – It’s Like Ark, But No Dinosaurs. Or Pants.

via kotaku.com

Rust is a weird game. Like other survival games, you appear in a random environment with virtually nothing and are expected to use whatever you find to survive, creating rudimentary weapons from grass and stones and eventually building up to craftable AK-47s.

I guess machine guns are made of wood and rocks. Who knew?

So it’s a lot like Ark, but unlike Ark, Rust has never had any shame. As with Conan, you can take your clothes off at any point, although this not only makes you more vulnerable to opposing players, it also makes you more difficult to spot in the deciduous environment. While it can be funny to see a rampaging horde of nude dudes, I still don’t recommend it.

4. Sakura Nova – I Don’t Know How They Swing Their Swords

Sakura Nova

via sekaiproject

In researching this article I typed in “nudity” to Steam’s search list, and I was completely blown away by the number of games featuring very specifically styled cartoon women. They’re all visual novel games, they all feature big-busted women, and they’re all made by one company: Winged Cloud.

Their latest game, Sakura Nova, is about a male protagonist named Akira (possibly a reference to another famous anime) as he saves the world from extra-dimensional creatures known simply as “incursions.” He’ll be assisted by a well endowed female companion who he can romance to the point of bearing all for the camera.

I feel like these games may be teaching a wrong message to young men. I can’t figure out what it is though.

3. Loren The Amazon Princess – Don’t You Get Cold Wearing That Little Armor?

Loren The Amazon Princess

via lgdb.org

We’re getting into some very high fantasy with this title. Loren The Amazon Princess is a game that harkens back to the heady days of Might and Magic, filled with knights and elves and dryads. And you know what they say about dryads.

They like trees. Wink wink.

The game combines elements of a visual novel game with a turn-based combat engine. There’s also a twist in that you don’t actually play as the titular (heh) Loren but as her apprentice. You still get to make all the important decisions though, so it’s sort of a pointless distinction.

Much like House Party, the game has censored most of the nudity on Steam, but players have found a way to get at the uncensored version.

2. House Party – The Fun Never Stops At This Party

via kotaku.com

Despite being released on Steam only a few short weeks ago, House Party has managed to stir up quite the controversy. The game as originally released featured some risque scenes, including one instance where the (male) player receives oral attention from a completely naked female party-goer.

This got the more conservative type’s panties in a bunch, so they emailed Valve to get the game removed, citing the aforementioned rule against excessively “adult” content. The takedown notice came as a surprise to Eek! Games, House Party’s developers, as well as players who already purchased the game. Valve eventually said they could have House Party back in stores so long as they removed the nudity, to which Eek! quickly put out a patch that put censor bars on the graphic portions.

Days later, Eek! released an “unofficial” patch that removed those bars for those who preferred their parties as raunchy as possible.

1. HuniePop – The Game Where You Make Ladies Pop

via reaxxion.com

The game that made many a YouTube personality famous, HuniePop is a dating simulator where you match tiles to impress your date. Match the right tiles to titillate your woman’s fancy, and she might take you back to her room where you can match more than just tiles, if you get my meaning.

Of course, to get sold on Steam they had to take out on the full frontal bits, but where there’s a will there’s a way! An uncensored version is available via HumbleBundle or MangGamer, so if you desperately need to see cartoon hooters in the buff (along with even more than that), you can go there to get your rocks off.

Get it? Rocks? ‘Cause the tiles are sort of like rocks? You know what – nevermind, I’ll see myself out.

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