15 INSANE Gaming World Records You Probably Don’t Care About

Let’s be honest, most of us just want to play video games in our spare time. We don’t want to worry about breaking world records and filing paperwork with Guinness. It’s just too much work. We’re all too busy farming stone in Rust, making sweet headshots in Counter-Strike, or leveling our paladins to new heights in World of Warcraft. Who has time to sit and play games for 48 hours at a time, or to collect every coin in a level. The answer: No one! Heck, most of us have jobs to attend. A 9-to-5 isn’t going to work itself. How else will any of us afford new game releases?

Despite this, there are still many players looking to be remembered. They’re only good at video games. But they want someone to write about them in pseudo-history books. It’s all good. There are a few records out there that won’t take too much effort to break. These gaming world records, on the other hand, are pretty boring, honestly. You may not even care about them that much. Still, they’re interesting to explore. Somewhere, someone out there thought it would be a bright idea to accomplish something “big.” These are those people and their world records, as they are remembered by the internet. If you’ve ever spent time trying to be a gaming world record holder, let us know which one. We’d love to hear your tale of hardship and achievement in the comments below.

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15 Largest Video Game Controller

Via: Popular Science

The world’s largest video game controller, modeled after Nintendo’s iconic NES controller, is 30 times the size of a regular joypad. The oversized controller, which requires at least three people to function, was unveiled in 2012 in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition. Of course, the joypad is fully operational. You can even play Mario on a standard-sized television.

According to its creators, to use the joypad, you would need to be 167-feet tall – the height of Nelson’s Column in London. Who are its creators? You may ask. The brilliant minds behind the world’s largest video game controller were a team of students at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Ben Allen, 23, a British engineering student, was one of the three behind the project. According to Allen, the three were simply passionate about gaming.

14 Most Participants In A Football Video Game

Via: EA

On June 11th, 2010, a grand total of 82 people took part in a single game of FIFA World Cup 2010. The event – dubbed the most participants in a single football video game – was held in London’s Trafalgar Square. You can only imagine both the smell and the amount of shouting that took place in the tourist destination that very day.

The event coincided with the 2010 World Cup in South Africa – another fan-favorite game that brought in immense crowds of frenzied fans. Of course, these fans were sitting in a stadium and probably drinking copious amounts of booze. On the other hand, the video game players simply dressed up or painted their faces, and cheered pixels on the screen for a few hours.

13 Youngest Pro Gamer

Via: Techland

Victor De Leon III, otherwise known as Lil Poison, was born on May 6th, 1998. The young man is a former professional video game player, known for his time in the Halo franchise. Still, he is recognized as the youngest professional player by the Guinness Book of World Records. How did he accomplish such a task, though?

Well, at the tender age of six-years-old, Lil Poison placed in a gaming league while enjoying Halo. The tournament committee, for some reason, registered him as a professional player. Whether this was a mistake or not is lost to history, though. In any case, Lil Poison was great at the game. At the age of seven, he made it to second place in a Halo 2 FFA Tournament, which consisted of over 550 contestants.

12 Longest Winning Streak In Street Fighter

Via: Red Bull

Ryan Hart, a professional video game player from the United Kingdom, set the Guinness World Record for most consecutive opponents on Street Fighter V. He went up against 260 people during an 11-hour world record attempt. The rules of the attempt: win 90% of the matches.

Being the professional that he is, Hart managed to beat every single opponent he faced. He was allowed no rest breaks and yet still managed to overcome every obstacle in his path. The record was overseen by official adjudicator Pravin Patel, making the whole event official. Hart chose to take on the record as a celebration for the launch of the latest game in the series. Who knows what he’s planning for the future. Maybe he’ll beat his original record. Do you care?

11 Most People Dressed As Video Game Characters

Via: Racked

This particular world record has some competition, I guess. Over the years, various companies and organizations have gathered employees, fans, and community members to dress as video game characters in one location. Previously, the world record was held by 376 people, then by 425 employees of a costume company in 2011. Now, however, according to Guinness World Records, the official record is held by 491 people in Tampere, Finland. The latest record was set on September 7, 2013.

In total, the city saw an immense gathering of 491 geeks and nerds dressed as their favorite video game characters. Such showings include Angry Birds, Minecraft, Pokemon, Mario, Luigi, and more. Of course, this was yet another company that brought together its employees for some fun in the sun.

10 First Game To Be Clinically Utilized

Via: Top Full Games

You would think the free-to-play shooter, American’s Army, would have been the first game clinically used by the United States Army. In reality, the series was simply a response to their growing reliance on video game technology as training material. The first ever game used for training purposes was Full Spectrum Warrior – a unit-based strategy game released by the now-defunct THQ.

To be fair, Full Spectrum Warrior was an incredible game. Difficult, but incredible. The military apparently saw its potential. They decided to use the software as a pseudo-training tool for its new recruits. I’m sure anti-war nuts would have something to say about a video game being used in such a manner. Politicians surely were in an uproar over video game violence, too. Oh, well, the game set the record in any case.

9 Most Screenshots On A Single Website

Via: TheVerge

Created by Katie Fleming, Katie’s Tomb Raider was an unofficial, fan-made website dedicated to the action-adventure franchise. Her website was a dedication to the long-running series, which starred Lara Croft – the female hero – in all her glory. Her website made headlines by breaking a world record, though. It’s almost impossible to tell the exact number of screenshots released on her website, unfortunately. In total, there were over 10,000 on the site.

Thanks to Ms. Fleming, the screenshot process was revealed. According to the author, she would take anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 screenshots per video game level. Then, each shot was sifted through, with the very best being uploaded to the fan-site. We do not doubt the amount of work or attention to detail put forth by Katie.

8 Most Cars Stolen In One Minute

Via: Wikia

The Saints Row franchise has always been the sillier answer to Grand Theft Auto. The two still share a few features and concepts, though. For example, both games require the player to steal cars from the AI of the game world. This world record, however, ramps things up to level 11. Seriously, it’s so difficult; no one could even manage to best the record setter.

Within the span of one minute, one user managed to steal 11 vehicles in just 60 seconds Saints Row: The Third. That’s right; he took 11 cars! Unbelievable. The mad lad. The only reason no one has bested this particular record is that no one cares. In the game, you can literally jump through the windshield of a car and steal it in seconds. Simple.

7 Most User-Created Levels Played In One Day

Via: PlayStation

Little Big Planet is a stupendous achievement in the world of video games. The majority of its content is user-created, meaning there is always something fresh and new to play on the weekends. There is so much content, in fact, that people have managed to set gaming world records using said set pieces.

Somehow, a player decided to sit down and play through as many user-generated levels in Little Big Planet as possible. He managed to play for 24 hours straight, playing 272 levels designed by the community for others to enjoy. Of course, the record is only set for “playing” the levels, not actually “completing” the levels. You could very easily enter a level, spend a minute, then exit to the next. It’s the internet; everyone is cheating somehow.

6 Largest Collection Of Super Mario Merchandise

Via: Gaming Cypher

You thought you loved Super Mario? Well, think again. This is the internet. There is always someone who loves something more than you. Whether it’s Mario or walnuts. This guy – Mitsugu Kikai – absolutely loves Super Mario more than any single person in the entire world. Probably more than its original creators at Nintendo, too. We’ll have to see about that, though.

Kikai, of Japan, has a collection of memorabilia numbering over 5,441 individual items. The complete collection was officially counted, photographed, and revealed by Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2011. He set the actual record on July 15, 2010, though. Take a moment and imagine the immense amount of space, time, and money requires to acquire such an incredibly enormous collection. This man has a room filled with over 5,000 Super Mario figures, plates, and whatnot.

5 Longest Distance Riding A Pig

Via: StickTwiddlers

In real life, if you managed to climb aboard a pig, you probably wouldn’t last long on its back. In Minecraft, however, riding a pig is both a pastime and a means of travels. Some players take it a step further, though. They attempt to ride the pig for as long as humanly possible without falling off or dying from an unexpected enemy.

This world record is both obscene and terrifying. Someone actually managed to be to ride a pig in-game for 667.03 kilometers. This equates to 48 hours of real-time spent riding a pig in Minecraft. However, that being said, this particular achievement can be completed in sections. You don’t necessarily have to ride the pig all at once. It’s kind of cheating if you think about it.

4 Longest Final Fantasy Marathon

Via: GamesRadar

We all have that one game we return to almost daily. Whatever the title is for you, chances are you take a break. You know, take a shower to get clean, eat some food, or visit with a few friends at the local pub. Whatever the reason, playing a video game is typically done in chunks. That’s not the case for Hecaterina Kinumi Iglesias AKA Kinumi Cati. The young woman, whose name would imply she’s from Japan but is actually from Spain, beat the record on July 26-28th, 2013.

In total, Kinumi Cati spent 38 hours and 6 minutes playing Final Fantasy X, which is arguably the best game in the entire franchise. At the very same time, Kinumi managed to beat the record for longest video game marathon of a Japanese role-playing game.

3 Longest Game Of Football Manager

Via: Red Bull

Personally, I’ve never seen the point in a game like Football Manager, but then again, I’m not the target audience. If you love football enough to play a spreadsheet management game for hours on end, then more power to you. This, however, is taking it to a whole other level.

Beginning in early 2013, Darren “Wulfhammer” Bland started up a season of Football Manager 2010. He managed the Fiorentina (Italy) team for a total of 154 seasons. During this time, he managed to win 151 league championships and acquired legendary status in the game. By the time he completed his journey, the in-game year was 2163. His real-time hours spent playing surpassed 173 days and 16 hours, too. He was awarded the record by Guinness World Records on December 1st, 2014, in the United Kingdom.

2 Most Functional Gadgets In Cosplay

Via: Rolling Stone

Okay, Batman is one of the cooler superheroes currently on the market. We all know this to be true. The fandom surrounding The Dark Knight is pretty intense, too. They enjoy playing the games, watching the movies, reading the comics, and dressing as the iconic hero in their spare time. Cosplay has become massive over the years. People actually enjoy spending hours upon hours building a costume. One person, however, went a step further.

Created by Julian Checkley, a special creature effects expert, this particular Batman cosplay broke records for its number of useful gadgets and attention to detail. All-in-all, the suit featured 23 fully-functional devices, including an EMP stun gun, bat ears, UV lamp, and a bat respirator, amongst other toys. Oh, and it has a grapple gun, too!

1 Most Views For A Minecraft Channel

Via: Minecraft

For a while there, Minecraft was the biggest video game in the world – especially on YouTube. There were thousands upon thousands of gaming channels dedicated to the voxel-based game and its creative expanse. There were so many, in fact, that the entire website was basically flooded with new build projects and Let’s Play series. It became overwhelming for users not interested in Mojang’s game. Even today, the title is popular on YouTube.

On channel stood out, though. DanTDM by Daniel Middleton, launched on July 14, 2012, accrued over 9,810,971,245 views – solely dedicated to Minecraft. Furthermore, this young man had caught the attention of 14,845,475 subscribers. As of April 24, 2017, DanTDM remained the sole owner of this particular world record. Surely, with another year or two, someone can beat this record. Maybe? Probably not.

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