15 Insane Things You Didn't Know About The New PS4 Spider-Man Game

The upcoming Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 gave fans a lot to talk about at this year's PlayStation E3 Conference. Fans were treated to almost 9 minutes of gameplay that featured tons of easter eggs, action, and promise for what seems to be another fantastic system exclusive for Sony in 2018. Insomniac Games is excited to deliver an impressive and authentic Spider-Man experience. The game was front and center this year at Sony's conference, and was the show ending gameplay demo.

The demo itself showcased never before seen gameplay, and, in typical video game fashion, managed to toss in loads of easter eggs, references, and gameplay mechanics. Though it's set to release in 2018, please don't get your hopes up. PlayStation is notorious for having their system exclusives be delayed numerous times. Their catalog for 2018 already includes God of War and the Shadow of the Colossus, so don't be surprised if one of those games slips. People aren't sure if this common occurrence has to do with the way PlayStation announces their games or if it's just a set of unfortunate coincidences.

Either way, Insomniac's Spider-Man game looks to set a new standard for Marvel video games under the lead of Marvel Games new architect Bill Rosemann. Like we previously mentioned, the nine-minute demo was chalked full of cool Spider-Man/Marvel references and easter eggs you may have missed. Let's take a look at 15 insane things you probably don't know about the new Spider-Man PS4 game.

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15 Spider-Man Will Have Different Costumes

via youtube.com (Marvel Entertainment)

Time to talk about the only major divisive issue when it comes to Spider-Man PS4. The design of the Spidey suit seems to be an issue that is separated into two camps. Some people really enjoy the new and refreshing design that seems to set this universe and story apart. Others feel that the addition of the giant white spider is tacky and takes away from the classic Spider-Man look. Insomniac has heard the criticism and wants fans to know that the look is for a reason. They've also made it clear there will be several suits in the game that Peter Parker can wear. Some people believe they're using this specific design to make it clear that this is a unique story completely separate from Tom Holland's take on the character in the movies. Others think it's just a way for it to stand out as an original take on Spider-Man.

14 Spider-Man Is 23 (Not An Origin Story)

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I've briefly mentioned it before, but Insomniac has made it a point to let everyone know this is an older Spider-Man. Peter Parker is 23 at the beginning of the game, and he's been a superhero for awhile. They also stressed that even though he's grown more comfortable with the responsibility fans will still see the weaknesses and lack of assurance in himself that fans hold true to Peter's character. We live in a world with more than a couple of iterations of the character in movies, and the last thing people want is another origin story. Making him older allows Insomniac to tackle different stories and develop a narrative unique to them. They get to tell their own Spider-Man story, and not be beholden to spending half the game on Peter coming to terms with his powers. It's a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

13 Kingpin

via youtube.com (Marvel Entertainment)

Fisk is a name that popped up several times during the extended gameplay demo. If you've watched Netflix's Daredevil series, then you're pretty familiar with Mr. Wilson Fisk. If not, let me explain who he is exactly. Wilson Fisk is an entrepreneur, a businessman, and a mob boss. He's taken multiple forms over the years, but his bulky body and bald head are his signature mainstays. He's often referred to as Kingpin and is villainous alter ego when he's not manipulating the political elite of New York. When we're introduced to Fisk in the gameplay demo, he's already in jail. It's unclear whether or not you as a player are responsible for Fisk being in prison. What is clear is that Spider-Man will have to walk the line of helping other bad guys in order to help himself.

12  Newspaper, Newspaper!

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So far we've tackled aspects of the game. Let's get into one of the first easter eggs we'll be talking about that was casually hidden inside the 9-minute gameplay demo. During the helicopter chase scene, we're treated to numerous references via billboards, signs, etc. The first of these is a billboard for the Daily Bugle. This is the newspaper that Peter Parker works at and is known for his work directly related to Spider-Man. We've already been told that Peter is 23 in this game so he might not be working at the Daily Bugle anymore. Fans shouldn't worry though. At the very least players will probably be treated to a couple of interactions will J. Jonah Jameson himself. Considering Horizon Zero Dawn featured a popular photo mode it would be great to see Insomniac hold true to Spider-Man all while following a popular trend in gaming.

11 Tried & True

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Marvel has been on the up and up since the successful launch of their cinematic universe. Under the guidance of Kevin Feige, they've had an attention to authenticity and quality. This seems to be a set of pillars that have been absent from Marvel licensed video games. Thankfully, Marvel has learned from their successes in the movie realm and have overhauled their game division. They've brought on Bill Rosemann to oversee Marvel games the same way Kevin Feige has cultivated the movies. Their goal is to work hand-in-hand with the best developers in the world to bring authentic and high-quality games in the world of Marvel. Bill Rosemann has stated it's primarily about giving the right characters to the right studios. Marvel Games is working with Insomniac to bring players the highest quality and most authentic Spider-Man game to date.

10 Radio Wraith

via youtube.com (Marvel Entertainment)

Some of the best Easter eggs are the ones hidden in plain sight. During the duration of the gameplay demo, it is very apparent that Spider-Man is working directly with someone over a communications device. He refers to her at one point as Yuri. This is more than likely telling us that at some point in the game Spider-Man is working directly with Yuriko Watanabe. Now, for those unfamiliar with Yuriko, she's actually an NYPD captain and a huge supporter of Spider-Man. She worked with him on many occasions with the shared goal of stopping crime. She later becomes a vigilante named Wraith and helps Spider-Man expose and defeat Mr. Negative. This is interesting considering he was the main villain of the gameplay demo and we can only hope Insomniac uses Yuriko Watanabe to her full potential.

9 Open-World Manhattan

via youtube.com (Marvel Entertainment)

The gameplay demo was great at translating the studios' committed to Spider-Man as a character. It also showed off how well moving through the city would feel. It wasn't directly communicated if players will be traversing an open-world or if it was a more streamlined narrative experience. Thankfully, Insomniac was quick to let everyone know that Spider-Man PS4 is indeed an open-world game. They even went as far to say that from the beginning of the game players will be able to freely explore Manhattan as much as they'd like. Considering the web swinging and traversal look so well done it wouldn't surprise me if Manhattan is massive. We currently live in an industry where open-world games are reaching a point of oversaturation, but maybe Marvel games will reinvigorate the genre.

8 Spidey Senses

via youtube.com (Marvel Entertainment)

Spider-Man is a very popular superhero with a long list of powers that many people dream of obtaining. One of these is his signature spidey-sense. It's an ability that allows Peter Parker to take in and process information at an extreme speed and heightened his intuition and reaction speeds. It didn't seem to be at the forefront during any part of the gameplay demo, but careful eyes would have managed to catch the not-so-subtle call out of the ability. During the rooftop scene where Peter comes face to face with Mr. Negative, a large crane swings towards Spider-Man at full speed. Right before it makes contact, you can see subtle vibrations flow from Spidey's head. This is a direct confirmation that his spidey sense will be in the game and will provide great context for a lot of the gameplay mechanics during combat and quick-time events.

7 Goon To A Goblin

via youtube.com (Marvel Entertainment)

Whenever you see anything new related to the world of Spider-Man, there's always one last name waiting to reveal itself. The Osborn family is one that's synonymous with Peter Parker and his adventures as Spider-Man. During the gameplay demo, we're treated with a direct reference to Norman Osborn himself by way of a pretty prominent billboard. Obviously, Norman Osborn is the man that takes on the role of the Green Goblin and is arguably Spider-Man's #1 villain. Norman is known for wanting to become the leader of organized crime, and it wouldn't be too surprising if Green Goblin is a main part of the game. We've already seen Wilson Fisk, who is also aiming for mob-type domination. It seems that Spider-Man may have to work with Fisk to stop, not only Mr. Negative but possibly his greatest foe, the Green Goblin.

6 Swinging Free

via youtube.com (Marvel Entertainment)

When it comes to creating a Spider-Man game, swinging throughout the city can be seen as arguably the most important part of the game. Yes, you want to get his personality correct, but you need to make sure swinging through the city feels good to the player. Insomniac Games has stated that traversal via web swinging was very important to them. Apparently, the swinging in Spider-Man PS4 is entirely physics-based, and the webs do indeed attach to buildings. This was showcased multiple times throughout the extended gameplay demo, and we were able to see how momentum and physics played a huge factor in the helicopter chase scene. Insomniac has done a great job of making you feel like Spider-Man as you zip across Manhattan, New York.

5 Perfect Fit

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We've talked about how Insomniac Games seems to have nailed Spider-Man's web swinging traversal between Manhattan skyscrapers. The fact that they've seemed to accomplish this feat isn't by accident. Insomniac is a studio with a lineage directly related to platforming and most recently a fantastic superhero game. Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox exclusive that Insomniac developed that centered around players traversing a huge city area without ever touching the ground. It's no surprise that they would take those skills and apply them to a Marvel hero who does the same exact thing. Insomniac Games working on an AAA Spider-Man game is a partnership we hope to see more of. Bill Rosemann, head of Marvel Games, has stated he wants to put Marvel heroes in the hands of those most capable, and that's marvelous.

4 You Hear That?

via youtube.com (Marvel Entertainment)

Spider-Man, and more importantly Peter Parker have a voice that speaks with a certain cadence. People expect to hear a certain level of snark as well as humility when it comes to the web-slinging hero. Thankfully Insomniac knew it was important to showcase his personality and gave us plenty of speaking to know it sounds right. The voice actor portraying both Peter and Spider-Man is none other than Yuri Lowenthal. Yuri Lowenthal is an accomplished voice actor who's voiced major roles in Fire Emblem and Titanfall 2. It's great to see him land the lead role in what could be Marvel's best-selling game ever. It seems like the popular opinion is that he has nailed the portrayal of Spider-Man and it feels right at home. Hopefully, we'll see his more nuanced acting range shine through when Peter Parker is on-screen.

3  Ultimate Reveal

via gamesradar.com

We live in a world were a Marvel licensed trailer wouldn't be complete without a post-credits scene. After a couple of seconds, we hear an offscreen voice scream out the name Miles. This is when a prominent body in the crowd looks back at his friend, smiles, then walks off-screen. This means that Miles Morales will somehow be involved in this game. Considering Peter is already 23 does this mean he is ushering in the next Spider-Man, or will this tandem work hand-in-hand? Even if it was just a small nod to fans, it was an awesome reveal. We can't wait to see how Miles manifests in the game itself.

2 Peter Parker

One thing Insomniac has been coy on is how exactly Peter Parker fits into this game. Will players experience real-world normal situations with Peter where they need to problem solve without the help of his Spider-Man alter ego? Is Peter Parker going to be as much a part of this game as Spider-Man is? Well, in an E3 interview Insomniac stated that being Peter Parker and experiencing things from that more human perspective is something important to the overall story of the game. It's unclear how often you'll be without your suit, but hopefully, it's a fair amount. It would be great to meet these individuals as Peter before they become villains he must defeat as Spider-Man. Injecting a superhero game with real human emotions and connections can pave the road for an unforgettable experience. Not to mention Miles Morales.

1 The Big Bad

via gamesradar.com

You're probably asking yourself the same question as many other after watching that E3 gameplay demo, who the heck is the Asian bad guy? Well, that's Mr. Negative. He's a relatively newer face in the world of Spider-Man and is actually a man named Martin Li. Mr. Li is a famous philanthropist who's known for his kind and charitable work. Making him the focus of this trailer tells us a lot about Insomniac's direction with this game. First, they're not afraid to move away from the expected villains. They've stated that you will see some fan favorites, but they're willing to dive deep into Spider-Man's storied history for new and interesting villains. Also, this tells us we may see some great interactions between Peter Parker and the everyday persona of the main villains. Toeing that line between Peter and Spider-Man could make this a remarkable experience.

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