15 Jaw-dropping Speed Runs You NEED To See

Speedrunners boggle our minds and reduce games to rubble beneath the feet of developers. Most of all, they make the rest of us casual gamers feel like absolute crap. If you ever thought you were above average at a particular game, just go look up the world record for that game and try not to dip your head in shame. In all seriousness, speedrunning has quickly become a mainstream part of the video game community, and they continue to amaze us with insane talent.

While a large percentage of the speedrunning community focuses on older/retro games, there is a huge community behind modern generation games as well. There aren't many games that can escape from the clutches of speedrunners, and this list is definitely bound to surprise you. Whether you're a veteran fan of speedrunning or a noobie to this phenomenon, you'll definitely get a kick out of some of these runs. From Super Mario World to Skyrim, this list even surprised me.

Some of the speedrunners in this list have earned themselves a spot in the speedrunning hall of fame, while some of them are well on their way. This list has some old speedruns and some new ones, but regardless of their origin, they are all worth the watch, and every speedrunner has earned themselves a spot on this list. If your mind is left unscrambled by these speedruns, then you are insanely hard to impress.

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15 Grand POOBear: Super Dram World

If you're not familiar with hacks of Super Mario World, then this video will absolutely blow your mind.

To a casual gamer, Super Dram World looks like an absolute nightmare and an impossible accomplishment to the normal gamer. Grand POOBear makes this nightmare of a game look like a piece of cake, setting two world records in one playthrough. Firstly, he secured the world record for the any% fastest completion at 24 minutes and 9 seconds, and he also grabbed the fastest 100% completion record at 35 minutes and 51 seconds. Just merely finishing this game would be an accomplishment worth celebrating for any normal gamer, but Grand POOBear has done the seemingly impossible. It wasn't technically a perfect run since he did die twice, but his skills are mind blowing nonetheless.

14 Darbian: Super Mario Bros.

When most people think of speedrunning, they think of retro games, and they wouldn't necessarily be wrong in thinking that. Some of the most entertaining speedruns to watch are of older games.

Whatever the reason, a world record being set in 2017 for a game that was released back in 1983, is pretty damn amazing. I definitely tried to fit in the least amount of Mario related speedruns possible in this list, but I had to include Darbian's most recent any% speedrun of Super Mario Bros. Not only is this a very recent speedrun, but it's absolutely mind blowing. Darbian literally makes, what looks like a literally perfect run, missing death by hairs length on every leap. The fact he completed the game in under five minutes is simply insane.

13 NaxHPL: Dark Souls

While all of the entries in the Souls series are definitely very difficult games, Souls veterans tend to all agree that the original Dark Souls remains the hardest of them all. With the Souls series being completely over after the last DLC for Dark Souls 3 (The Ringed City), I'm fairly certain there's no debating that Dark Souls is the hardest Souls game ever made.

NaxHPL set the world record for fastest completion of Dark Souls at 25 minutes of in-game time. The best part about this speedrun is that NaxHPL aka Alex had no idea that this run was the world record. At the end of his run, he goes on to say "this should be a PB (personal best)" "I doubt it's world record, I really doubt that it is". It was history after that.

12 Cosmo: Ocarina Of Time

'via gamesradar.com'

Ocarina of Time is obviously one of, if not the fan-favorited Legend of Zelda game ever made, and it's been continuously shredded to pieces by speedrunners since it was released many years ago. The biggest turning point in the Ocarina Of Time speedrunning community was when players figured out a glitch that allowed Link to warp through the first boss fight straight through to the last. This glitch allowed players to beat the game in insanely short amounts of time, and Cosmo has probably the most renowned speedrun of Ocarina Of Time in history. Cosmo cemented a spot in speedrunning history with his run of Ocarina Of Time in under 20 minutes.

Watch it here.

11 FunilaSM64: Super Mario 64

While most people struggle to obtain all 120 stars in Super Mario 64, FunilaSM64 was tired of all the effort required to finish the game. I mean, collecting stars all day can get pretty tiring, and Funila was tired of the same old 120-star speedruns that everyone was doing. Funila managed to complete Super Mario 64 in 6 minutes and 41 seconds without collecting a single star. It's kind of hard to explain, but it basically results in a glitchy trip through walls, straight to the last boss door. If you have a few minutes of free time, it's definitely worth the watch.

FunilaSM64 is a living example of how far you can get in life by taking shortcuts. Just kidding kids. Do your homework, eat your vegetables, live life by the rules. Or don't, see if I care (Hint: I don't).

Watch it here.

10  Azorae: Portal 2 Co-op

'via gamesradar.com'

This list is definitely comprised of mostly retro/older games, so I tried to fit a decent amount of newer-generation games as I saw fit. Portal is a game that would be a no-brainer to speedrun, but Azorae took Portal speedrunning to a whole other level with his solo speedrun of Portal 2 Co-op. While most speedrunners took the obvious route of speedrunning the Portal 2 campaign as fast as possible, Azorae wanted a new challenge. Azorae managed to speedrun the Co-op version of

Azorae managed to speedrun the Co-op version of Portal 2, taking control of both characters, and speedrunning through Portal's puzzles like a champion. If you're familiar with Portal's mind-boggling puzzles, then definitely check out Azorae's Portal 2 co-op runs.

Watch it here.

9 Ryan Lockwood: GoldenEye

GoldenEye is definitely a childhood favorite of many gamers including myself, so this speedrun of Streets by Ryan Lockwood had to make the list.

Ryan Lockwood beat his personal record by 2 seconds, for the world record of 1 minute, 12 seconds. This speedrun is definitely one of the most famous in history not only because it's virtually unbeatable but also because it's filled with insanity. The gameplay itself would be relatively boring given the nature of the speedrun, but Ryan Lockwood's commentary makes this one of the most entertaining speedruns in living memory. Speedrunners tend to fill up with adrenaline during and after their accomplishments, and this may be the best example of this. Is he a little too excited? Maybe, just maybe.

8  PangaeaPanga: Super Mario World (Blindfolded)

'via SNESLive.com'

PangaeaPanga is somewhat of a legend when it comes to the speedrunning community. He was a world record holder for speedrunning Super Mario World back in 2015, and though it has been beaten, he's even more well-known for speedrunning it blindfolded.  When he's not playing games blindfolded, he's also making hack versions of Super Mario World that tend to be the most brutal and punishing ones in existence.

Super Dram World (see 15th Entry) is one of his pieces of work, and so is "P-Break." His levels tend to be near impossible for casual gamers to complete and an utter pain in the ass for speedrunners to complete. It wouldn't be a speedrunning list without PangaeaPanga on the list, and his blindfolding runs are definitely worth the watch.

Watch it here.

7 Sinister1: Mike Tyson's Punch Out (Blindfolded)

Mike Tyson's Punch Out is without a doubt one of the most well renowned retro game ever, and it definitely had to do with the last fight against Mike Tyson himself. While the rest of the game was hard in itself, Mike Tyson would instantly knock you out with one punch, and if he hit you three times, the fight was over. Sinister1 plays through the entire game blindfolded, and very well at that. The only fight he was unable to complete blindfolded was Mike Tyson himself. He explained that the odds of him beating Mike Tyson blindfolded were similar to winning the Powerball. Mike Tyson or not, Sinister1's speedrun of Punch Out is absolutely crazy to watch.

Watch it here.

6 Distortion2: DarkSouls 3

The Dark Souls series is famous for being probably the most difficult, brutal and punishing games of the modern generation. Dark Souls 3 is no less challenging than it's predecessor (though many Souls fans argue that the original Dark Souls remains the hardest) and Distortion2 is somewhat of a Souls veteran. He's very well known for claiming dozens of world records in the Souls series, and most recently, with the ending of the Souls franchise via Dark Souls 3's last expansion (The Ringed City), he's completed the full game in 1 hour and 25 minutes. While Dark Souls 3 manages to reduce most of its victims into crying puddles of mush, Distortion2 defeated all the bosses with ease, making the rest of us look like amateurs. Oh wait, we are amateurs.

5 Distortion2: Nioh

'via playstation.com'

Yes, you read right. Not only does Distortion2 hold many world records in the Souls series, but he also holds the current world record for Nioh. Nioh is very similar to the Dark Souls formula, but it's still a unique game that sets itself apart from the Souls series. One thing it does have in common with Dark Souls is its brutal difficulty. It didn't take long for Distortion2 to get the hang of Nioh given his experience with Dark Souls, and he quickly obtained the world record for completing all the main missions in the game in under 1 hour and 25 minutes, surprisingly close to his final Dark Souls 3 world record speedrun. Distortion2 reduced this Japanese-themed action RPG to rubble in style.

Watch it here.

4 Waz: Skyrim

'via pcgamer.com'

Skyrim was definitely not a game that I thought I'd be putting on this list, mostly because I had no idea it even has a speedrunning community. While many players have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours into Skyrim, Waz was able to complete it in under a half an hour. Seriously, I don't think this is a game that should be speedrun, but I guess no video game is at the mercy of speedrunners. Waz's Skyrim world record run makes the game look like a glitchy mess in all honesty, and I didn't quite understand what was going on at certain parts, but nonetheless, it's still a truly impressive accomplishment.

Leave it to speedrunners to complete an open-world RPG exploration game in under half an hour while skipping 95% of the game's content. Whatever your opinion is on the topic of speedrunning Skyrim, it's still definitely worth a look if you enjoyed the game at your leisure.

Watch it here.

3 Tri-Hex: Yoshi's Island

'via gamesradar.com'

While Yoshi may not be the most beloved Nintendo character, Yoshi's Island is without a doubt a classic game that has a spot in many gamer's hearts and childhoods. While I can try to describe the sheer insanity of Tri-Hex's skills, I can't attempt to do him justice like this speedrun does.

The speed and precision of his speedrun is beyond my understanding, and his playthrough is almost elegant as it is completely mind-boggling. Even if you just watched 5 minutes of Tri-Hex's speedrun, you could still see how completely inhuman he is at Yoshi's Island.

Watch it here.

2 Siglemic: Super Mario 64

'via dorkly.com'

Siglemic is a name that will go down in speedrunning history until the end of time. He became well known back in 2011 after his first 120-star speedrun at a time of 1 hour, 47 minutes and 10 seconds. After this run, his stream became widely popular, and he quickly became the top Super Mario 64 speedrunner in the world, beating his time over and over to the point that it seemed virtually impossible to overcome him.

In 2014, Siglemic achieved the world's first 1 hour and 43 minutes 120 star Super Mario 64 run, and the world went nuts. This was one of the most memorable moments in speedrunning history, and though Siglemic's 1:43 has been beaten, this moment has gone down in the hall of fame of speedrunning.

Watch it here.

1 Xalikah: Breath Of The Wild

'via twinfinite.com'

Since The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released along with the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch, speedrunners have been breaking the game from the very first day. Though many world records have been made (and then beaten), since it's release, a french speedrunner by the name of Xalikah has achieved the very first 100% completion speedrun of the game. While it may not sound difficult, 100% completion is no mere feat in Breath Of The Wild when you consider the number of achievements that go into a 100% playthrough. Anybody who's played Breath Of The Wild knows just how insane this is. To achieve a 100% playthrough, Xalikah had to achieve the following:

Beating all 120 shinres, Collecting all heart and stamina upgrades, Finishing every main quest, shrine quest, and sidequest, Completing the entire map and compendium, Collecting every key item, Upgrading all runes and armor.

Watch it here.

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