15 Killer Fallout Cosplays

The post-apocalyptic aesthetic of the Fallout world lends itself to some of the best cosplays, so here are 15 of our favorites.

The world of cosplay is seemingly boundless with content, and maybe surprisingly there is comparatively little in the way of Fallout. Some of what we see in the community is amazing, not just for the detail paid to the details of their costumes, but also for the level of attention paid to locality and makeup. It isn’t easy to be a cosplayer, especially a professional one. There's a constant expectation of complete perfection, where anything less will result in some rabid fan who will burst a blood vessel yelling about how terrible it is.

Cosplay is an art, and unfortunately it does not often get the respect that it deserves. This is for various reasons: from the participants being “too nerdy,” to it being “simple.” To those, I say: who cares if it’s nerdy? A lot of the costumes you see the more dedicated practitioners wearing are screen quality. The cosplay world is ever-evolving and becoming more accepted, thanks in part to models like Jessica Nigri and Elena Samko.

The post-apocalyptic aesthetic of the Fallout world lends itself to some of the best cosplays, so here are 15 of our favorites.

15 Vault Dweller (Amiko Chan)

via: deviantart.com (lAmikol)

With a soul-piercing stare, Amiko Chan’s cosplay has a bit of that uncanny valley feel to it. She is not only on absolute point with her outfit and background, but the general aesthetic makes it look like it belongs in a game with an amazing ENB. Seriously, if I had a computer that could handle modding a game to look like that, I would in a heartbeat. Amiko Chan’s mixing of vintage hairstyles with science-fiction would make Robert Heinlein proud. She is on fire with everything she does, and as a result she has become a staple of the cosplaying community, inspiring a great many cosplayers. Amiko Chan’s use of subtlety is her strongest suit. She is so good at it that it will constantly have you coming back for more.

14 Beatrix Russell & Enclave Soldier (Elena Samko & Ilya Solopov)

via: dorkly.com

Okay, so let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the least subtle characters in the entirety of the franchise, Beatrix Russell, our favorite ghoul domin- okay, let’s just say she is completely and unabashedly comfortable in her own skin. Elena Samko really captures the essence of the character in this photo alongside Ilya Solopov as an Enclave soldier. The menacing nature of someone in power armor, especially from the Enclave, really contrasts with the carefree and wild nature of Beatrix. Fans of the series will definitely note that there is a strangely peaceful look to this image. Beatrix and the Enclave metal-man are sharing a relaxing drink of Nuka Cola, showing that the power of a good soda can temporarily keep you from killing each other in the Mojave heat.

13 NCR Ranger (Multi-Pass)

via: kotaku.com

Not all great cosplays need to be sexual to any degree, and that is something which is often overlooked. This NCR Ranger cosplay is a perfect example of that. The long and lonesome road of the Ranger is shown with this image, which definitely belongs in Fallout: New Vegas. Multi-Pass is one of the best cosplay photography companies in the world. They take great pride in their work, as seen here. They strive incessantly to ensure that their costumes are not only visually stunning, but that they are also accurate to the game’s presentation. This ranger is out for blood, specifically Legion blood, and he won’t quit until he gets his due. Before we proceed any further, I want to mention that I am thoroughly envious of all these people’s skills.

12 Pin-Up Cosplay (Galina Zhukovskaya)

via: kotaku.com.au

For those unfamiliar with the boudoir culture of yesterday, it served as an open secret that men almost undoubtedly had some sort of centerfold in their locker or a wallet-sized photo in their pocket of one pin-up girl or another. The world of Fallout makes great low-key use of these girls, and Slavic model Galina Zhukovskaya unabashedly brings that staple of the 1950s to modern sci-fi. Zhukovskaya is a great cosplayer and model. As you can see here, she does her best to show the fun and carefree side of Fallout. This woman would fit perfectly in the Atomic Tease. Although a lot of cosplay out there is quite suggestive, and in some cases explicit, Galina Zhukovskaya manages to capture the elements of the pin-ups that are scattered across the series’ universe in this one picture.

11 Just Gonna Call Her Ruby (Niamash)

via: deviantart.com (niamash)

It’s hard to escape the masses of beautiful women whenever you start looking up cosplay, but it is nice when someone’s costume is just as on point as their makeup. Niamash is one of those women whose work stands out quite strongly from the crowd. This redhead exudes everything that you’d want to see in a cosplay girl. She is hyper attractive and makes it look fun, the latter being something that most cosplayers don’t always show. I know when I’ve cosplayed before, I had a hard time showing how much fun I was having. Niamash is a fantastic cosplayer, it shows that she has worked hard to perfect her craft. We are all looking forward to the next round of cosplay that she does.

10 Vault Dweller (Atomic-Cocktail)

via: deviantart.com (atomic-cocktail)

Don’t know about you, but I busted my tail to try to make my vault dweller look good and Atomic-Cocktail is exactly what many of us wish we were skilled enough to do. This particular cosplayer has a signature look, and her channeling the Sasha Grey aesthetic just makes it all the better. With a near-perfect ratio for everything in her facial structure, she is easily one of the most attractive women in the craft right now. Following the dead serious approach to cosplay that so many people try and do, she has somehow found a way to make it her own. This Vault Dweller outfit is one of the best that we’ve ever seen. The bar for what is great cosplay is raised one outfit at a time.

9 Fallout 4 - Viverra Cosplay

via: kotaku.com.au

A lot of fans of the Fallout franchise found Fallout 4 to be severely lacking, especially those whose expectations were shot through the roof by New Vegas. Regardless of praises, criticisms, or concerns about the direction that the series is headed, Viverra has got the looks down pat. If I had just stumbled across this image without any sort of indicator that this was a real person, I would have assumed this was one of the more powerful ENB settings. I was so stunned by this that I actually went about trying to find that it was not from a photoshoot. Viverra is one of the best out there and has an artistic touch that will keep you coming back for more. On a side note, that is one nice doggo.

8 Vault Dweller (Amiko Chan)

via: steam.com

Here we are once again, with another of Amiko Chan. This woman is definitely on fire! You can plainly see that that laser pistol isn’t the only thing that is killer right here. Amiko Chan’s costume, here is one of the more common ones you’ll see at any convention, but she totally rocks it. This denizen of Vault 101 likes to show off her figure in quite subtle ways. This particular cosplay is rather unique in this list as it is obviously at a convention center and it gives us a feeling of approachability. Although it is obviously a professional photograph, Amiko Chan comes off as a regular person, making it seem somewhat more easily attainable for the average cosplayer to pull off a great costume.

7 Piper Wright (Ver1sa)

via: deviantart.com (ver1sa)

Ver1sa is one of the best cosplayers when it comes to setting and costume combinations, no doubt. Her Piper Wright attire is spot on! The soft facial features of this model are nicely highlighted by her hair. Sure, it’s supposed to be completely post-apocalyptic and depressing, but this would be a pretty good look in the New Englander late fall and winter. This cosplay by Ver1sa shows a different side of the Fallout franchise than what we’re normally presented. She shows us a lighter and less depressing view thanks to the bright lighting and the structurally sound pillars. This less-than decrepit aesthetic is totally refreshing, especially with Ver1sa’s nicely rounded face. This woman is a recognized expert in this field and it is completely deserved.

6 Awaiting Bullets

via: na.alienware.com

It’s a shame that I was unable to find the name of this cosplayer because whoever this person is, they are easily a proper favorite! This individual, whom we will refer to as 395 from here on out, has definitely gone all out. Be they massacring hordes of Powder Gangers, Super Mutants, or other degenerates, this is one sick costume. It took me a while to notice the people in the blurred out background because of how killer this cosplay is. The grain, grime, and shine on this example of power armor looks exactly how we wish all of our machines could process what’s in game. If the person who donned this exemplary piece of work somehow sees this, you had one phenomenal getup at that convention. Great job, 395.

5 Nuka Girl (Ver1sa)

via: deviantart.com (ver1sa)

Okay, probably should have put this one lower on the list, but I just couldn’t wait. This simple cosplay of Fallout’s Nuka Girl is one of Ver1sa’s best. It is not overly complex the way that many cosplays are, nor the skimpiness of others, but she still radiates that pin-up vibe. The blonde hair on this model works quite well with her face shape and the colors of her makeup; it is somewhat reminiscent of Babydoll from 2011’s Sucker Punch. This cosplay doesn’t rely on any sort of setting or scenery, something which many professional ones require. This one, instead, utilizes a minimalist background to help bring attention to the face and lips in particular. The regularity of this cosplay is something which is totally pleasing to the eye.

4 Angie Griffin

via: youtube.com (Sreen Team)

We couldn’t just stay with the franchise accurate cosplays for the whole list, now could we? Well, even if you could, this one looked too nice to pass up. Sure, that uniform may not be Vault-Tec Co. regulation, but if we are being honest, we really don’t care one bit. Angie Griffin’s outfit is fun and is definitely something that we could see in the games’ universe. This particular cosplay is definitely mod worthy; in fact, I think there might be a mod that adds something similar to the game on Nexus Mods. This is probably one of the most regular cosplays on this list, but it is done in such a way that it needed to be on there. I do wonder how a weapon like that would work though…

3 Creative Edge Studios

via: slothygeek.com

Why is this one so high on the list? Easy answer! It hits every single checkbox for what makes a cosplay great. It has explosions, guns, sharp pointy objects, cartoonish displays, and a half-naked woman in it wearing gear that is accurate to the established universe. Unlike the majority of cosplays that we see out there with rather revealing outfits, this one is carefully tailored to fit into the games’ scientifically enhanced armor that’s somehow protective, even though it is little more than a bikini. Okay, that was a mouthful. In contrast to the raider is either a Vault Dweller or scavenger who is just wading through the hordes of raider degenerates and ghouls to find some sort of hidden treasure, or something. Both individuals here just look great and really capture the spirit of Fallout.

2 Survivors (Multi-Pass)

via: kotaku.com.uk

It ain’t easy living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and it’s even harder to look good doing it. The husband and wife masterminds behind Multi-Pass definitely make it look great as well as easy. The skill with which they make and display their costumes is well beyond most of our capacities. It is also pretty normal for people to have favorites in group pictures, and I must admit that I suffer from this, too. The Solid Snake lookalike in the front row is my favorite thanks to a particular soft-spot for Metal Gear Solid. Everyone here is top notch. The only thing that seems out of place is the glowing axe, but you know what? Who's to say that they didn’t make a trip up to the Big MT?

1 Just Too Precious To Not Include

via: tumblr.com

Come on, I dare you to tell me that this isn't the absolute cutest cosplay ever! This little vault dweller is more than just adorable. Dweller Cat is the hero of the wastes we both need and deserve. Just look at that little Pip-Boy on those little paws, do you think that even the lowliest of super mutants could stand up to this courageous kitty? No, no it could not and that is good! There are a few other pictures of this cat out there, but they just simply aren’t enough. This brings us to a little PSA: if you or a loved one is afflicted with a cute cat addiction, please send them this picture as it will totally brighten their day!

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