14Beatrix Russell & Enclave Soldier (Elena Samko & Ilya Solopov)

via: dorkly.com

Okay, so let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the least subtle characters in the entirety of the franchise, Beatrix Russell, our favorite ghoul domin- okay, let’s just say she is completely and unabashedly comfortable in her own skin. Elena Samko really captures the essence of the character in

this photo alongside Ilya Solopov as an Enclave soldier. The menacing nature of someone in power armor, especially from the Enclave, really contrasts with the carefree and wild nature of Beatrix. Fans of the series will definitely note that there is a strangely peaceful look to this image. Beatrix and the Enclave metal-man are sharing a relaxing drink of Nuka Cola, showing that the power of a good soda can temporarily keep you from killing each other in the Mojave heat.

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