15Vault Dweller (Amiko Chan)

via: deviantart.com (lAmikol)

With a soul-piercing stare, Amiko Chan’s cosplay has a bit of that uncanny valley feel to it. She is not only on absolute point with her outfit and background, but the general aesthetic makes it look like it belongs in a game with an amazing ENB. Seriously, if I had

a computer that could handle modding a game to look like that, I would in a heartbeat. Amiko Chan’s mixing of vintage hairstyles with science-fiction would make Robert Heinlein proud. She is on fire with everything she does, and as a result she has become a staple of the cosplaying community, inspiring a great many cosplayers. Amiko Chan’s use of subtlety is her strongest suit. She is so good at it that it will constantly have you coming back for more.

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