15 Major Plot Holes In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

It is baffling how obvious and glaring some of the plot holes in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard are.

While Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was, for the most part, a good game, it had a ton of plot holes. In fact, at times, it was baffling how obvious and glaring some of the plot holes were. However, the abundance of nonsense didn't have a negative impact on how I viewed the game.

It's worth noting that I've never played any of the other games in the series. Luckily, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard's story isn't related to any of the previous games. That being said, as a newcomer, I might be viewing the game differently than if I had played all o the previous games.

Due to the title of this article, this should go without saying, but I'm gonna say it anyway: SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven't played the game and you don't want to know anything about the story, please stop reading here, and come back once you've finished the game.

15 Ethan's Reactions

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The thing about Ethan, who is our faceless hero, is that he's remarkably calm given that he is trapped in a house with murdering psychopaths and monsters. These are two things that RE7's main character probably hasn't encountered in his everyday life. It's hard to believe that Ethan is able to to keep his cool during his time at the Baker's house.

Another thing that really jumped out at me was his lack of emotion and compassion. For example: shortly after arriving at the Baker home, Ethan finds his wife Mia, who has been missing for over three years. Upon finding her, he shows absolutely no emotion or excitement. Ethan quietly walks over to her over and wakes her up. Worse yet, he buries an ax in his wife's neck while she's under Eveline's influence, and then proceeds to watch her drop to the floor and bleed out right in front of him. Zero emotion.

Also, if your significant other was missing for three years, and then you received an email from them that said "Baker farm. Dulvey, Louisiana. Come get me," wouldn't you call the police? I know I would. But instead, Ethan decides to take a little road trip by himself. Like, did he think that after three years, he was just going to drive up to this place in the middle of nowhere, pick up his wife, drive back home, and just live happily ever after? This decision probably makes him the stupidest main character in any game ever.

14 Arriving At The Baker Farm

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So let's imagine that you are Ethan, and you decide to go find your significant other who has been missing for three years by yourself. Wouldn't you turn back after seeing the house in the photo above? Or better yet, why not try to find an image of the property online before you go? I mean, the game is based in 2017, so that wouldn't be hard to do.

Upon arriving at the farm, Ethan sees creepy signs that say "accept her gift," along with several burning bodies. He even sees Jack walk right by him, but he doesn't even call out to the person who he just saw walk by, nor does he call the police. It's like the developers were trying to pretend that cell phones don't work in Louisiana.

Ethan then finds his wife's purse along with her driver's license inside a large burn pile. The purse and the license are still intact (not even singed) which should've been another obvious clue that something's amiss at the Baker farm. Again, he might be the dumbest protagonist in the history of video games.

13 Mia's Recordings

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During the events of Resident Evil 7, Mia records several messages for Ethan, but she records them without actually being able to send them to her husband. For example, there is a part where Ethan pops in a videotape, and the recording shows Mia sending a "help" message to her husband, and while she's recording the message, she gets caught by Marguerite, who then drags her away while the camera is left behind. Here's the question, how was Mia even expecting to get the message to Ethan? It's not like she can just mail it out.

Mia also records a message for Ethan while she's on a ship that's been destroyed. In it, she tells her husband to stay away and have a nice life. The message was fine, but what I had a problem with was the fact that she recorded on a laptop, which was on a ship that was in the middle of nowhere with no power. Also, the game only shows her recording it, and not sending it. So, again, how was she expecting to get that message delivered to her husband?

12 The Baker House Has Power

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Who is paying the power bill at the Baker house? And how are they paying it? Because it's not like anyone in the family has a source of income.

The Baker house isn't exactly lit up, but there are spots in the house where lamps will be on, TV's will be on, and there are even working phones scattered throughout the house. (Don't worry, we'll get to the phones later).

It's a little hard to believe that an "abandoned" home would still have power. I get that the developers wanted certain rooms, like the save rooms, for example, to be well-lit, but they could've used candles instead of actual electricity.

11 Why Doesn't Zoe Call The Police?

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So we know that the Baker family has been infected with Eveline's gift for at least three years upon Ethan's arrival, and I guess we're supposed to assume that the police were never called once during that time.

Within the first hour of the game, you'll receive the first of many phone calls from Zoe (Jack and Marguerite's daughter) who somehow knows exactly where you are in the house. But, that's not the only ridiculous thing about her calls. In fact, it's far from it.

If the phones in the Baker house work, why doesn't Zoe just call for help instead of calling Ethan? If she called the police, her chances of making if off of the Baker farm alive would significantly increase. But no, she relies on some random dude to get her off the property.

10 Lucas' Party Scene

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Before entering Lucas' party room, you'll find a VHS tape made by someone trying to escape. At the very end, you see them burned alive (so no, they didn't make it out alive). There are a few problems here: was this guy lugging around a camera during the entire challenge? How did the camera and film make it out perfectly in tact if everything in the room was on fire? Both of these are valid questions, in my opinion.

However, the biggest question comes when you enter the party room. When you are examining the room, there is no evidence of a fire. So yeah, I guess we should all just believe that Lucas spent his free time repairing and rebuilding the burnt down party room.

9 VHS Recordings

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Resident Evil 7 tells its backstory via VHS tapes, which is ridiculous. Like I said before, the game takes place in 2017, and the Baker's were infected three years before that. There's no reason why anybody would still be recording video via a VHS tape.

Also, it's ridiculous to think that someone who is trying to avoid being murdered would be willing to pick up a giant camera and record their attempts to flee a family of murdering psychopaths. I may be wrong here, but your first —really only priority— would probably be to escape, not record what you're seeing.

Also, are we supposed to believe that the Baker house just has VHS recorders laying around in random places? I guess we are. It's 2017 — there are much easier ways to record videos. Had the game been set during the 80s, then the VHS thing would've made a little bit of sense. Although, I'd still have a problem with people recording their own "help me" videos.

8 Lucas Isn't Infected

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Leading up to the game's conclusion, we find out that Lucas Baker isn't actually infected with Eveline's gift. Simply put: he is just a psychopath. However, at some point, he was infected and cured by the company that created the virus. We also find out that he has been communicating with the company via email.

Lucas being crazy would be acceptable if he didn't get his arm cut off during the dinner scene. Did Lucas maintain the ability to regenerate after getting the antidote? His arm has definitely grown back by the next time you bump into the Baker's son. You could say that he stapled it back on, which is how Ethan got his arm back. Come to think of it: we never found out how Lucas got his arm back either.

7 Ethan's Stapled-on Arm

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In the beginning stages of the game, Mia, who is under the influence of Eveline at the time, chops Ethan's arm off with a chainsaw. Not only does he manage not to bleed to death, but his arm gets reattached with staples. I guess if you ever lose your arm, just find a stapler, and you'll be fine. You won't even lose any functionality. Everything will just go right back to normal.

You would also think that a stapled-on arm would be a weak point that Ethan's enemies would want to exploit, but no, they never do. He keeps his stapled-on arm for the rest of the game, and it never becomes an issue at all. So, I guess there are no consequences for losing limbs in the Baker house. Must be nice!

6 Reattaching Limbs Via First Aid

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While I think the arm reattachment is dumb, I can at least understand how it got reattached. Then there is the nonsense with Ethan's leg. Some of you may have actually avoided this — I know I was able to. However, I did see this happen while I was watching someone else play, and it's completely ridiculous.

If you encounter Jack in the early stages of the game, your best option is to run. However, if you don't get away fast enough, Jack might end up cutting Ethan's leg off. With your leg gone, you can crawl around on the ground and try to pick up the stray limb. Does this Kill Ethan? Of course not! He just picks up his leg, puts it where it used to be, uses his first aid on it, and, just like that, it gets reattached. Makes sense, right? Oh, it doesn't? Well, I guess the developers thought it did.

5 Mia's Sudden Appearance At The Ship

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This part makes a little bit of sense if you choose to save Mia, but it still happens if you decide to cure Zoe, which is what we're about to talk about.

Shortly before heading off of the Baker property, Ethan is forced to choose between curing Mia or Zoe. If you choose Zoe, you'll leave Mia behind, and depart with Zoe on a small, motorized raft. The two then get stopped by Eveline, and the next thing you see is Mia waking up near the giant ship that started everything. Again, this makes sense if you choose to save Mia, because she'll come with you on the raft in that case. But, with this... What are we supposed to believe? That Mia swam from the Baker property to get to the abandoned ship? Even if she did, there's no reason for her to do so at the time.

The point of the ship is to tell Mia's backstory, which is why she ends up there towards the end of the game, so I get why she ended up there. But it's almost like the developer assumed that most people were going to cure Mia instead of Zoe because they didn't bother to explain how Mia got to the ship if you didn't choose to heal her.

4 Jack's Explanation

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While Mia is searching for Ethan, who is unconscious at the time, Jack, who is dead, is somehow able to communicate with RE7's protagonist. He goes on to explain that he's not a killer, and neither is his family. Of course, he's unaware or unwilling to admit that his son, Lucas, is a complete psycho.

Ethan is then informed that Eveline, the little girl who we're introduced to during Mia's search for Ethan, is responsible for everything. He also says that no one can fight Eveline's influence, even though Mia, Ethan, and Zoe were able to.

Jack concludes his explanation by asking Ethan to free his family, even though he, along with his wife and daughter (depending on who you choose to save) are already dead. So, there's really no one left to free. Also, he doesn't bother to inform Ethan that Eveline is really the old lady in the wheelchair. We have to figure that out on our own.

3 Escape The House

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Apparently, escaping an old house with boarded windows is the hardest thing in the world, as that's your objective for most of the game. Also, the fact that you're unable to escape the house without a unique key is even more ridiculous after you acquire a pistol and a shotgun. I guess we're supposed to believe that it's not possible to blast through thin boards with a shotgun.

If it weren't for my next two entries, this would be at the top of the list. It literally makes no sense. Sure, you can blow the head off of all the molded monsters in the game, but you can't shoot through doors and walls. They really just wanted you to wonder around the house looking for keys. Seriously, all it would take to open the main door is one shotgun blast.

2 The Deputy's Backup

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So, let me get this straight: a cop shows up at the Baker house after it's been linked to several kidnappings. Here he sees a guy with knife wounds and a hand that is stapled on, and instead of calling for backup, he accuses the wounded person at the scene. Makes sense, right?

Let's go even farther: the deputy shows up, meets Ethan in the garage, and gets killed by Jack. Then, several hours go by, and backup never arrives. That would never happen, especially if he were being sent to a questionable location like the Baker's farm. Not only does backup not come immediately, but we don't see another cop for the rest of the game. Not once. I mean, it's not like Ethan spent several more hours at the Baker farm after the deputy was murdered. Oh, wait...

1 Mia Vs. Zoe

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This is, by far, the most preposterous thing about this game. Either choose to save your wife (who you went out of your way to rescue) or save a girl who you just met. Like, would anyone even need to think about that decision? Everyone would pick their wife 100% of the time, without hesitation.

If you choose Mia, you'll go on to stop Eveline, and you'll leave the Baker farm as a couple. If you opt for Zoe, Eveline will kill both women. In this ending, you still end up going back to the Baker's farm to stop Eveline, but you'll leave alone after you do (since Mia won't be brought back to life). Essentially, choosing Mia means you're picking the happy ending, whereas choosing Zoe means you're getting the sad ending.

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