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The thing about Ethan, who is our faceless hero, is that he's remarkably calm given that he is trapped in a house with murdering psychopaths and monsters. These are two things that RE7's main character probably hasn't encountered in his everyday life. It's hard to believe that Ethan is able

to to keep his cool during his time at the Baker's house.

Another thing that really jumped out at me was his lack of emotion and compassion. For example: shortly after arriving at the Baker home, Ethan finds his wife Mia, who has been missing for over three years. Upon finding her, he shows absolutely no emotion or excitement. Ethan quietly walks over to her over and wakes her up. Worse yet, he buries an ax in his wife's neck while she's under Eveline's influence, and then proceeds to watch her drop to the floor and bleed out right in front of him. Zero emotion.

Also, if your significant other was missing for three years, and then you received an email from them that said "Baker farm. Dulvey, Louisiana. Come get me," wouldn't you call the police? I know I would. But instead, Ethan decides to take a little road trip by himself. Like, did he think that after three years, he was just going to drive up to this place in the middle of nowhere, pick up his wife, drive back home, and just live happily ever after? This decision probably makes him the stupidest main character in any game ever.

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