15 Memes To Send A Friend Addicted To Minecraft

Every gamer has heard of Minecraft. It took the gaming world by storm. The beta for Minecraft was initially released way back in 2009. It was fully released in 2011 for the PC and was quickly ported over to Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation consoles. Heck, there are even mobile versions of the game out, and it will soon be getting a port to the Nintendo Switch. Minecraft is so prevalent that an education edition was created for schools to use.

Minecraft is arguably the quintessential sandbox game. It simply drops its players into a procedurally generated open world and lets them run wild. And run wild they did. One quick Google image search is all anyone needs to discover the amazing (and not so amazing) things Minecraft players have created. Some groups have even gone so far as to devote years of their lives to recreating the world of Harry Potter or the entire continent of Westeros from A Song of Ice and Fire.

Of course, as with everything that comes from the internet, a whole host of hysterical memes have generated around Minecraft. Any true fan of the game will get a great kick out of these memes. After all, who doesn’t love memes? We sure do! So sit back, relax, and enjoy these fifteen diamonds we have to offer.

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15 Absolutely No Memes


Minecraft has a wonderful sense of humor that players are privy to every time they log in. The little, yellow hover text above the logo changes every time a player logs into their account. Of course, this is one fantastic gem. A few lucky players will get to experience Minecraft proudly proclaim that there are to be “Absolutely no memes.” Since we are human, that means we absolutely have to fill all of our servers with memes. Rules were made to be broken. Or in this case, completely ignored.

Memes aren't hard to come across inside of Minecraft. Many dedicated fans will build loving recreations of their favorite memes 100 stories tall. There are entire servers dedicated to the craft. Mods have been created to allow plays to turn their game into one giant meme! The Nicholas Cage meme is particularly hysterical as gives most mobs the face of Nicholas Cage's.

14 Time To Go Outside


Who said gamers don’t play outside?

The blocky world of Minecraft gives it a very clear aesthetic. While it seems a little too retro at times, the bright colors and simplistic designs quickly grab the heart of any player. The cube graphics make everything simple, beautiful, and clean. Of course, you can always tell you’ve been playing the game too long if you walk outside to find a pile of these laying around. Then again, there are plenty of devoted fans would argue that you can never play too much Minecraft.

On the flip side, the simple idea of Minecraft in HD is a ridiculous concept. HD cubes? Give me a break. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop Microsoft from coming up with the idea themselves. Minecraft won’t just be available in HD, a 4K version of the game is in the works. I wonder if it will look anything like the picture.

13 Enderman Swarm


Just seeing this picture wants to make me run for the hills. One Enderman is bad. Over 30? Nope, I’m out.

Endermen are the evil creatures that dwell within the realm of Minecraft. While they don’t attack players outright, they do have a habit of stealing blocks. These kleptomaniacs are a nightmare if they get into your house. It’s one thing to steal my walkway. It’s another to take my decorative cactus! That, or a block from my TNT pyramid. There is no way to keep them out either. These suckers can teleport!

The other issue with Endermen is that, while they don’t instantly start attacking, they are far from harmless. If you accidentally look an Enderman in the eyes they will pursue you to the ends of the earth. I just feel sorry for the poor sad sack who came across that many Endermen in the End or the Nether.

12 Need Help?


I hate this paperclip. I really, really hate this paperclip. Anyone who has interacted with this annoyance knows what I’m talking about. It’s worse than Navi! However, that didn’t stop one player from building a gigantic paperclip to “help” Minecraft players. But unlike Microsoft Word, Minecraft players could use the assistance. Heck, even a manual would be nice.

Minecraft is notorious for its lack of tutorial. Just trying to figure out the basics of the game can be a pain. On the other hand, that's half the fun of Minecraft. Any veteran of the game can recount the struggles of their beginning days. They know of the need to endlessly scour the internet for basic recipes or the endurance and brainpower it took figure them out on your own. “Trying” is absolutely the operative word here. That being said, I’m still not happy to see the paperclip.

11 No! Stay Back!


There is nothing worse than spending hours digging through the dirt and scouring tunnels to try and find a diamond, only to have one of these jerks sneak up on you, and blow you to little bits. Creepers are basically exploding zombies. Very quiet, exploding zombies. They sneak up on you and when they get close enough, they explode; leaving a pit of destruction and sadness in their wake. One creeper can destroy an entire wall of your carefully built house. As if that wasn’t bad enough, getting caught in the blast means that you have to start back at your spawn point with nothing. All of your carefully mined and crafted items will remain in the smoking pit that was once your body. You can try to go back to where you died and collect everything you lost, but good luck. You’re gonna need it.

10 A Good Night's Sleep


Ah, video game logic. We just can’t help but poke fun at the nonsensical nature of video games sometimes. Especially when it comes to beds. Half the games won’t let you sleep in them, and the other half will only let you sleep in them. Minecraft falls into the latter category. No bed? No nap for you!

Beds in Minecraft are insanely useful. Sleeping in a bed will cause time to pass by rapidly so you can skip through a horrible thunderstorm or pass the night with ease. Additionally, they reset your spawn point. Initially, the spawn point is selected at random. These points are rarely convenient and are often in the middle of nowhere with zero protection. Whenever you die, you get sent back to your spawn point. Beds allow players to set their spawn point in a new and safer location. It also means that you don’t have to travel as far to get supplies.

9 Who Needs Physics?


Gravity? What is this gravity you speak of?

Alright, Minecraft does have gravity… kind of. Jumping off a cliff, assuming you aren’t in creative mode, will cause your avatar to plummet into the pixelated ground like a coyote in a cartoon. Additionally, the game won’t just let you place a block midair. However, you can absolutely mine away the ground until you’re left with a floating island in the sky. You can also add blocks onto the side with nothing below them. The game reads these blocks as being supported by the one adjacent to them. Sometimes, the game will glitch and automatically create these floating islands for you to find. It’s one giant middle finger to the game’s gravity engine. Just don’t try this with sand. It will not end well for you.

8 Run Away!


Nighttime in Minecraft is the pits, especially for new players. There is nothing worse than getting surrounded by a hoard of zombies and skeletons with no armor and a sorry sword as your only hope. Especially if you are just inches away from safety and can’t make it in time. For new players, this is a heart-pounding moment as the homicidal monstrosities close in on you from all sides. Even if you can escape the center, it’s not over. These mobs are relentless. They will chase you. The skeletons will pump your poor avatar full of arrows as the undead zombies groan in your ears. One slip up and you’ll be left staring at a game over screen. I just hope your spawn point wasn’t too far away. You'll have to brave the hoard if you want to recover the items you dropped or wait until daybreak.

7 Whistle While We Work


Digging in Minecraft is a bit of a lottery system. Trying to find those precious resources that are hidden beneath the surface is an exercise in patience. Just getting to the depth that they spawn at can be a hassle and even then there is no way to tell exactly where those diamonds are hidden. Sometimes, you can get lucky and find a tunnel that will take you right to them. Although, your chances of finding a spider are much better. However, there are those times where you have been digging for what feels like hours, and you have nothing to show for it. It honestly feels like the gems are just out of reach and you’re digging the wrong way. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this has happened to someone before. But it is oh so satisfying when you finally do stumble upon a vein of diamonds.

6 Nether Will I Ever


Let's be honest, Minecraft is super addicting. It is easy to pour thousands of hours into the game. Heck, some players spend years on the game. But you know you've played too much when you start seeing it everywhere. Although, in my case, I see this and run the other way. The Nether is no place for incompetent players.

Just getting to the Nether is a feat in its own right. It requires a lot of obsidian, which can only be obtained with a diamond pickaxe. Plus, obsidian likes to hang out in places that are filled with lava. Once you have obtained the obsidian, you have to construct an obsidian frame and activate the portal using fire. There are two things in the Nether that make the trip worth it: the ender dragon and the chicken jockey. It is hard not to laugh at a zombie riding a chicken.

5 No Sense Of Direction


Getting lost is unbelievably easy in Minecraft. The game worlds are procedurally generated. No two worlds or hills are alike. Yet, for some reason, it all looks the same. Kind of like No Man’s Sky.

All joking aside, it is very easy to lose your way. Heck, there are enough people getting lost that a quick Google search on "how to find your house in Minecraft" will yield over 7 million results. Of course, Minecraft does let you know what your coordinates are if you know where to look. Then again, you also need to know what the coordinates of your previous location were as well. Otherwise, the coordinates are useless. Another option to help avoid getting lost is to create a map. Again, you need to know how to make a map, and the game doesn’t offer any hints. The easiest way to avoid getting lost is to just build a giant tower made out of dirt. That way, all the dirt in your inventory will actually be useful for once!

4 No Parkour Allowed


The pockets that you are gifted with in Minecraft could make a Time Lord jealous. To top it off, the Minecraft avatars must have muscles made of steel. So long as you have the inventory space, carrying capacity (by weight) isn’t really a thing. You can’t get over encumbered in Minecraft. It is perfectly reasonable to be carrying 1,000 pounds worth of iron in your pockets while sprinting away from a zombie mob. But try and jump over that fence? Good luck.

The maximum height of a jump in Minecraft is rather pathetic. Even something as small as a fence can give you trouble. Yet, jumping is essential for getting around. You can’t just climb a hill. You have to jump up the various block levels in order to get to the top. It can be really infuriating. 

Fence jumping should be possible. A fence is exactly the same height as a single block in Minecraft. Logically, if you can jump onto a block, you should be able to jump over a fence of the same height. Instead, you are forced to go around.

3 Got Dirt?


Minecraft, in survival mode at least, requires players to gather resources and use them wisely. Basic blocks can be used to craft more complex items. Everything from a crafting station to an End Portal Frame requires a specific combination of ingredients. Many of these ingredients are hard to come by. Even wood can be a sparse commodity. Trees take time to grow back, and wood is required to make even the most basic items. But not dirt. Dirt is basically useless.

Dirt is everywhere. Literally. You will never run out of dirt. You don’t even really need dirt! The only thing that can be crafted out of dirt is coarse dirt! Even then, you still need gravel to make the stuff. Dirt is useful for farming. Saplings, sugar cane, mushrooms, and seeds can be planted in dirt. But you will never have to go out and find dirt. Unless you get stuck in a desert.

2 Welcome To Real Life


This might also be a case of playing too much Minecraft. Although, it could easily mean that you need to see an eye doctor. Either way, the world does kind of look like Minecraft if squint hard enough.

The guy holding the sign helps to complete the meme. There are a lot of wonderful cosplays out there, but this one has a great sense of humor that could brighten any con.

As I said before, Minecraft's beauty comes from its simplicity. It is extremely colorful and offers a fun, and vibrant world to explore. The 8-bit graphics mean that people have to get creative with their works. It helps to encourage the kind of experimentation that the game was designed to inspire. Plus it is a wonderful nod to some of the older games from the classic gaming era. But seriously, if you can't tell the difference between Minecraft and the real world, go see a doctor.

1 The Reality Of The Game


This one is a classic. The idea of building massive structures is a huge draw for most Minecraft players. We all want to be that amazing architect who created a life-size model the palace of Versailles in the world of Minecraft. However, what most of us actually end up doing is building a tiny shack to hide in while the zombies camp just outside the door. Of course, your mom won’t get it because all video games are supposed to be violent and bloody right?

In all fairness, the lego stack and the sandbox aren’t too far removed from how Minecraft works. It isn’t called a sandbox game for nothing. Still, we can all dream while enjoying the fruits of other people’s labor. There are plenty of servers and downloadable worlds available for those who aren't as creative or don't have as much time.

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