15 Modern Shooters That Are MUCH Better Than Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare lacks innovation as a Call of Duty game and particularly as a modern shooter. The game resembles shooters like Titanfall and Halo without building off those games, making Infinite Warfare a disappointing addition to the shooter genre.

Players might enjoy parts of Infinite Warfare, but there are many shooters that surpass Infinite Warfare in all aspects. Whether they have better pacing, smoother controls, greater versatility, or superior multiplayer and single-player options, these games allow players more options and thus make their purchases more worthwhile. Even if players solely pursue one mode of gameplay (or if the game only offers one mode), these shooters possess higher replay values than Infinite Warfare by allowing players to experiment with different playstyles.

Several of the entries in this list were released in 2016 like Infinite Warfare, but even games from a few years ago outrank the most recent Call of Duty game. Infinite Warfare resembles some of these games yet lacks their innovations or fails to properly implement their mechanics. The other games differ from Infinite Warfare but excel as shooters, testing players’ reaction time and strategic capabilities as all shooters should.

Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, the following games offer various difficulties so players of all skills may enjoy them. Anyone who loves shooters will enjoy these games, and players looking for a challenge can test themselves with new strategies, difficult AI, and talented players. Here’s 15 modern shooters that significantly surpass Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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15 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

via battlefield.wikia.com

Battlefield has become one of the most popular shooter franchises. Every game in the series works well, but its best entry is definitely Bad Company 2. With fluid mechanics and a variety of weapons and vehicles, Bad Company 2 excels at all the traditional features of shooters.

The destructible environments are what make this game stand out. While buildings provide excellent cover in other shooters thanks to their limited entrances and elaborate hallways, the buildings in Bad Company 2 are realistically vulnerable. Walls break and houses crumble if they're hit with enough firepower, forcing players to choose hiding places carefully and be ready to run if they hear creaking noises. Battles have never felt as strategic, climactic, or realistic as they do in Bad Company 2 thanks to its interactive world.

14 Titanfall 2

via origin.com

The first Titanfall had an unfortunate combination of excellent and terrible ideas, providing innovative mechanics, but limited online combat which utilized AI more than human players. Titanfall inspired the shooters that followed it, influencing Call of Duty into adopting parkour and futuristic mechanics.

Titanfall 2 makes up for the faults of its predecessor, providing a well-rounded game with excellent single-player and multiplayer options. While Infinite Warfare acts futuristic but offers surprisingly little versatility, Titanfall 2 fully optimizes its setting. Pilots may zoom through maps or quickly ascend buildings while the slower Titans destroy anything in sight. The Titanfall games revolutionize shooters through brilliant use of 3-D space, forcing players to constantly watch both ground and sky in order to survive.

13 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

via steamcommunity.com

There’s a reason the remastered version of Modern Warfare was released in a bundle with Infinite Warfare. Modern Warfare perfected the shooter genre, providing thrilling rewards in online competition and making shooting far smoother than in the prequels. The single-player campaign is the most exciting and believable campaign of the series, combining great missions with six playable characters.

Modern Warfare introduces the franchise’s iconic killstreaks, allowing skilled players to earn satisfying rewards like helicopter support. The game shifted the franchise from World War II to present-day combat, providing players with contemporary weapons and settings. Players learn about modern warfare by mastering modern equipment, making the game an extremely satisfying experience with more versatility than its predecessors.

With fewer abilities yet faster, more fluid pacing than Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare greatly surpasses all other Call of Duty games.

12 Fallout 3

via extremetech.com

Set in a deadly post-apocalyptic world with radiation, limited ammo, and fragile NPCs, Fallout 3 is the best open-world shooter out there. While Bethesda’s other games assist players with invincible companions, few NPCs can survive the monsters and bandits of Fallout 3. Low-level players are similarly vulnerable, forcing players to either find allies or manipulate enemies into fighting each other.

Multiple difficulties and an entertaining array of weapons allow both casual and hardcore gamers to enjoy Fallout 3. If you’re looking for an even more realistic, difficult challenge, Fallout 4 includes a Survival mode in which players must eat, drink, and sleep regularly in order to survive and save their file. However, Fallout 4 lacks the excellent story, bleak yet beautiful landscape, and vulnerable allies which make Fallout 3 such a thrilling world to explore.

11 Splatoon

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Some players will get tired of constantly shooting at the environment, but Splatoon offers enough versatility to keep most players interested. The ability to shoot paint and then swim through that paint is smooth and extremely satisfying. With several classes and online modes available, players have many optional playstyles to choose from and compete against.

Splatoon works for players of all skills thanks to the depth of its gameplay. All players may spread paint from their base forward, while others may strategically infiltrate enemy lines or climb to the highest points on the map. The game relies on quick reflexes, strategy, and even imagination. Whether you’re building your own path or chasing invisible enemies through streets of paint, Splatoon will always challenge you.

10 Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

via gameinformer.com

As a rail shooter with different strategies, countless enemies, thrilling bosses, and various styles of gameplay throughout its short campaign, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is the pinnacle of the rail shooter genre. If you want to test your reaction time without the nauseating movements and frustrating surprise attacks of Call of Duty, you should try this excellent game. You’re often restricted to dodging and attacking within the boundaries of the screen, forcing you to anticipate attacks and strategically move around the screen.

Star Successor abandons realism for wonderfully over the top, epic gameplay. Endless explosions fill the screen as you shoot enemies and kick their missiles back at them. The arcade-style scoring system can be annoying, but the rest of the game makes up for its flaws with excellent combat and level design.

9 Left 4 Dead 2

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The Zombie mode in Infinite Warfare is fun, but restricted thanks to its role as a minor section of the game. Left 4 Dead 2, on the other hand, is entirely focused on zombies. The game offers the same dynamics of Infinite Warfare’s online competition and more, allowing players to battle each other or work together in a variety of modes. With great maps, good characters and story, and an excellent variety of enemies, Left 4 Dead 2 tests your ability to survive the zombie apocalypse far more than the zombies in Call of Duty. The game’s campaign—which may be completed alone or with other players—involves missions rather than pure survival, allowing players to attain victories they’ll never experience in Infinite Warfare’s Zombie mode.

8 Half-Life 2: Episode Two

via g2a.com

The Half-Life games are known for revolutionizing the first-person shooter genre and Half-Life 2: Episode Two is no exception. With multiple weapons in your inventory, the game packs a lot of action into its relatively short campaign. You’ll encounter traditional classes of human enemies as well as bizarre aliens that are as much frightening as they are challenging. If you’re looking for a small but thrilling shooter, Episode Two offers a cheap and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

As the last entry in the Half-Life series, Episode Two is essential to understanding the hype and suspense surrounding the series. After you make your way through excellent levels, tough enemies, beautiful environments, and a shocking ending, you’ll be demanding a sequel alongside all the other Half-Life fans.

7 The Last of Us

via nowgamer.com

With a captivating story and excellent character development, The Last of Us initially hooks players with its characters, but the gameplay is equally noteworthy. Limited ammo forces players to use stealth and melee weapons more often than guns. When players resort to their firearms, guns feel as deadly and unstable as in real life. Upgrades make weapons steadier and more powerful, while players who prefer stealth can make spiked bats—and Molotov cocktails for blind zombies. The game revitalizes the shooter genre with realistic combat where players are vulnerable, guns have the power they deserve, and zombies are terrifying beasts who must be terminated one at a time.

Online multiplayer pleases some players and disappoints others, but any fans of single-player campaigns are guaranteed to enjoy The Last of Us.

6 Halo Series

via halowaypoint.com

As a series centered on futuristic weapons and equipment, Halo pioneered the style found in Infinite Warfare. Jetpacks, dashing, and holograms are some of many abilities wielded by players in the later Halo games. Vehicles provide thrilling attacks throughout the series, giving players tanks, jeeps armed with turrets, and alien spacecraft. Numerous weapons and abilities allow individuals to experiment with different playstyles while vehicles and varied maps build team dynamics.

With beautiful settings, fun campaigns, and excellent multiplayer, Halo continues to be one of the greatest shooter franchises ever made. Call of Duty differs greatly from Halo, but Infinite Warfare draws so heavily from Halo that most fans of Infinite Warfare would have much more fun with the Halo series.

5 Doom (2016)

via youtube.com

Though a bit nauseating, the fast pace of id Software’s 2016 Doom makes for excellent gameplay and thrilling competition. With a style that emphasizes offense over defense, the game replaces regenerative health with health packs spread throughout maps. Players may also regain health through cinematic melee attacks called “glory kills” which simultaneously terminate enemies and reward health, although players are vulnerable while executing glory kills.

The single-player campaign wonderfully combines Doom’s fast pace with cinematics, making players invincible during glory kills and presenting powerful aliens.

If you don’t appreciate graphic violence, Doom is not meant for you; for those who enjoy the gore which the original 1993 Doom made popular, the 2016 sequel provides plenty of gruesome enemies and deaths.

4 Mass Effect 2

via lumethemad.com

Mass Effect 2 possesses amazing characters who perfectly complement gameplay. You always battle alongside two teammates, producing dynamic battles with devastating combos. The plot progresses through missions with excellent enemies, level design, stories about your teammates, and climaxes with difficult decisions. The end of the campaign is one of the most satisfying finales in gaming history, requiring you to strategically command your team while saving the human race.

If you’re looking for online competition, Mass Effect 3 provides online gameplay with the same mechanics as Mass Effect 2. Unfortunately, the campaign in the third game significantly suffers, making Mass Effect 2 the best single-player option. The story, characters, and combat make up for the lack of online gameplay—and if normal gameplay isn’t difficult enough, you can always try the infamous Insanity mode.

3 BioShock Trilogy

via psu.com

The BioShock games have excellent combat and tremendous worlds. With an arsenal of firearms and magical powers at your fingertips, BioShock perfectly blends combat and strategy to produce some of the smoothest shooter games you’ll ever find. Each game additionally includes a thought-provoking dystopia with a disturbing mix of hope, horror, satire, and nostalgia for the American Dream.

If you’re looking for a linear, action-packed shooter, play the first BioShock. The game brutally throws players into a horrifying, deadly dystopia where everyone wants to murder you. Later games—particularly BioShock Infinite—include friendly NPCs and a slow-paced introduction.

Regardless of which BioShock games you choose to play, the trilogy offers amazing combat and stories that will make you question capitalism and contemporary Western ethics.

2 Crysis 2

via bit-tech.net

Thanks to the simple but versatile Nanosuit, Crysis 2 exhibits some of the most thrilling online combat found in shooters. The Nanosuit allows players to use various abilities (such as invisibility and speed) or enhance their weapons and armor, but using the Nanosuit depletes a rechargeable energy bar. Crysis 2 combines Call of Duty’s mechanics with the thrilling Nanosuit, giving players multiple strategies that make free-for-alls and team matches dynamic and refreshing.

Crysis 2 also possesses a brilliant campaign. Set in post-apocalyptic New York, players may move through the beautiful city while battling aliens and strategically moving between streets, subways, and multistory buildings.

Whether you’re enjoying the single-player campaign or online competition, Crysis 2 never gets old thanks to its versatility and high replay value.

1 Overwatch

via gearnuke.com

Overwatch revolutionizes the shooter genre by stepping beyond classes and instead giving each character unique weapons and abilities. The game’s variety enables endless combinations of teams, making online competition so exciting you’ll have trouble putting the game down. The smooth combat and fun abilities maintain a quick pace and excellent dynamics no matter what mode you’re playing.

With beautiful colors and lovable characters, Overwatch abandons the dark setting of most shooters for a fun, upbeat atmosphere. The characters feel alive as they speak to one another, with amusing comments arising when two copies of the same character meet each other.

Appropriately labeled the best game of 2016, Overwatch includes and expands traditional shooter mechanics to produce one of the greatest games ever made. Any fans of first-person shooters must play Overwatch—although they might become so addicted they’ll never return to playing other shooters.

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