15Johnny Cage

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We’re starting off the list with an unlikely entry by including Johnny Cage, but from the current timeline. In the original MK timeline, Johnny Cage becomes one of the Earthrealm defenders, but he never does anything spectacular. Liu Kang becomes Champion of Mortal Kombat and saves the realms from Shao

Kahn and Shinnok. Cage helps out, sure, but he isn't the main star and is relegated to a supporting role. However, in the new current timeline, Johnny Cage has taken a much bigger role in the story, especially in Mortal Kombat X. It’s explained that Cage was a descendant of a Mediterranean cult and has “shadow powers.” With his "shadow powers," Johnny Cage becomes strong enough to defeat the evil god Shinnok in hand to hand combat. Cage was also part of the team that saved Sub Zero and others from Quan Chi's control. So if he saved Sub-Zero, surely he's stronger than him, right?

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