15Dead Space 2: Don't Try This At Home!

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The Dead Space series was one of the most effective and atmospheric survival-horror games from the last console generation. The first two games, in particular, were an amazing blend of the films Alien and Event Horizon. Just like those two sci-fi films the game was dripping in atmosphere, and it

wasn't short on the gore factor. Many of the Necromorphs you will encounter are disturbing and grotesque on every level, but the most visceral scene came in the form of the Noontech Diagnostic Machine in Dead Space 2.

The machine was designed to access information within a person's brain by inserting a huge needle through their eye. During the scene, the player has to maneuver that huge needle into Isaac's eye, as he starts to panic. If the needle is unsuccessfully lined up, or Isaac's heart rate is too high, the entire machine will thrust through his eye and into his face killing him.

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