15 Most WTF Things In South Park: The Stick Of Truth

When it comes to animated sitcoms, South Park operates in a class of its own. While other cartoons have captured our imaginations and made us laugh ourselves stupid, the brains of creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have produced more side-splitting laughs and (arguably) more accurate and thoughtful political and social commentary than any others.

While the first South Park games came out in the late 90s, the current generation is blowing those prior titles out of the water.  In a few short months, the gaming world will be treated to a new adventure based on this show. The Fractured But Whole will pick up where the 2014 title The Stick of Truth left off, and will hopefully bring a whole new vulgar, hilarious, and ludicrous story. It has been delayed a couple of times, but right now, it looks like the release date will be October 17th.

Because we've grown slightly fed up waiting for The Fractured But Whole, we decided that a look back at The Stick of Truth may be the best way to help our withdrawal from South Park (the ten episode seasons are killing us too). Here are fifteen of the most messed up things, scenes, and events in The Stick of Truth, here's hoping The Fractured But Whole pushes the envelope even further.

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15 INTENSE Probing 

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In an amazing throwback to the first episode of the show. your character gets abducted by aliens early in the game, and you guessed it, has an unpleasant encounter with a probe. The scene would have been funny enough just with the player character having to escape the ship, but Randy Marsh and Mr. Slave are victims of the aliens as well. Actually, Randy is the victim, while Slave, the hilarious caricature, seems to be having the time of his life, asking the aliens administering the procedure: "Oh Jesus, Jesus Christ, Oh! Can we try the big silver one again?"

It wouldn't be a proper South Park game without a couple of appearances by Mr. Slave and some alien rectal exploration technology.

14 Canada

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One of the best running jokes in South Park is their ongoing parody of Canada. In the show, the cars have square wheels, everyone wears their initials on their shirts, talks with a ridiculous accent, and eats nothing but Kroff Dinner (Kraft Dinner mac and cheese).

In the game, the character must venture to Canada, at which point the game turns into a 16-bit RPG while a matching version of "Oh Canada" (the national anthem) plays. We meet a few fictional Canadian figures including the Duke of Vancouver, and have to seek out some monks to aid in a quest for ongoing training.

Most Canadians will agree, South Park's Canada is better than the real one.

13 "Jew" Class

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For people who don't pick up on irony, the show may, at first glance, seem extremely antisemitic. Eric Cartman's constant harassment of Kyle is mostly due to Kyle's religious beliefs. From referring to Kyle simply as "Jew," to implying that Kyle keeps a stash of gold on him at all times (his Jew gold), to implying that Kyle and all Jews are responsible for all of the conflict in the world — the joke comes up a lot. Still, it is all meant to be in good fun, parodying Antisemitism, portraying Cartman as a clueless, hateful, loudmouth.

"Jew" is also one of the classes one can choose at the start of the game. The character's attacks get stronger as their HP lowers, and the list of abilities include Jew-Jitsu, and Circum-Scythe.

12 The Movie Ads

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While the scene doesn't last long, one can venture through the Bijou Cinema. Talking to the lispy ticket taker is hilarious (he yells at the new kid for being too young to see the advertised movie), but once you get inside the theater, things get hilarious. You can't actually see Terrance and Phillip: Asses of Fire, but can hear the previews as you walk through the scene.

There are a few different previews that play, including one describing a Jim Carrey film, but the scene couldn't exist without a Rob Schneider joke. Sure enough, the movie announcer can be heard saying "Rob Schneider derp de derp. Derp de derpity derpy derp. Until one day, the derpa derpa derpaderp. Derp de derp. Da teedily dumb." While it is now a word almost in common usage, "derp" is a term that Matt and Trey first started using back when they filmed Baseketball, and which was then featured in a couple of the early seasons of the show.

11 Zombie Chef

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Fans of the show will remember Chef as one of the best characters of the early seasons. The four main characters would go to him all the time with questions they didn't want to ask their parents, and the result was usually inappropriate advice or just an overtly sexual song. Either way, Chef was a great character, which made it harder to deal with when he was brainwashed by the Super Adventure Club and died at the start of season ten. In real life, Isaac Hayes, who voiced the character, had a disagreement with Matt Stone and Trey Parker about whether they were right to satirize Scientology, and he would end up leaving the show.

It is interesting to note that we do witness Chef being rebuilt as a Darth Vader-type character in the show, perhaps the creators intend to bring him back one day? It's South Park, and anything can happen; even a guy who has been shot multiple times and ripped apart by wild animals coming back as a Nazi zombie.

10 Your Character's Name: D-Bag

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It wouldn't be a real South Park game if they didn't mess with us at least a bit. At the very start of the game, when we first meet Cartman and the rest of the gang, and are basically going through the hilarious phase of character generation, Cartman asks what the new kid's name is. You are then prompted to type in your chosen name, the name you will be referred to as for the rest of the game. No matter what you type, however, Cartman will refer to the character as D-bag. As fans of the show know, Cartman has no time for real names, etiquette or, well, any sort of kindness. So the name D-bag sticks with you throughout the game, but most people just call the player character "the new kid."

9 Jimmy Valmer

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There aren't many characters in South Park quite as entertaining as Jimmy Valmer. His first appearance on the show was back in the fifth season when he became the new favorite disabled kid in town, using comedy to entertain kids and adults alike, outshining Timmy. Since then, Jimmy has been the subject of a few episodes and played a major part in the game. He was known as The Bard, and as is the case in the show, his prominent stutter and comedic abilities were the main contributions of his character. Throughout several scenes, he has such a stuttering issue while speaking or singing, that the player needs to press and hold a button in order to skip, or the scene will take an irritatingly long time.

8 Mr. Hankey's Attack

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These days, as we said earlier in this article, there isn't much out there in the way of social commentary that is as honest, and frankly intelligent, as South Park. Because absurd humor is their normal way of going about this commentary, it goes over the heads of many people, and they just think the show is meaningless toilet humor.

There was a time, however, when the show was largely genuine toilet humor, and there is no better example than Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, who shows up every year and gives presents to everyone who has a lot of fiber in their diet. When you complete this quest, he will give you a piece of...excrement. It's gross, but it's also classic South Park.

7 Searching For The Snuke

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In the South Park universe, there is a weapon comprised of a small nuclear device that goes inside of a woman's lady parts. It is referred to as a Snuke. In the show, Hillary Clinton had a Snuke up her sn*zz, but in the game, Mr. Slave is the victim of this bizarre weapon. Using the gnome powder (received after beating up the Underpants Gnome Warlock), the player and a companion of their choice are required to enter Mr. Slave from behind and search his nether regions for the Snuke. The song about Lemmiwinks plays as the character scrambles through obstacles within Mr. Slave, and we encounter old friends such as the Frog King, Catatafish, and the Sparrow Prince. Needless to say, given what a depraved pervert Slave is, there is a great deal of unpleasant stuff in there.

6 Terrance And Phillip

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Of course, when visiting Canada, there could have been no other monks for whom to search than Sirs Terrance and Phillip. Some of the combat in the game is flatulence-centered, and in order to improve one's skills and move on from such techniques as Dragonshout, Cup-a-Spell, and the Sneaky Squeaker, the player must track down two monks south of Vancouver: television legends Terrance and Phillip.

In a brilliant scene that was taken right out of The Matrix, the two Canadian icons, decked out in black trench coats and dark sunglasses, teach you how to perform the Nagasaki, a massive shock-wave type attack that can be used to break down barriers, and win battles.

5 Wrecked 'Em

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We'll continue with one more entry with a Mr. Slave theme. If you do manage to crawl through him and disarm the Snuke, he will become one of the characters who can help you throughout the rest of the game. His summon is known as the "Rawhide Whip," and when used, he will run into action, taking off his pants and jumping onto an enemy's head and enveloping those enemies like he does in the show. This may well be one of the filthiest of the images we see throughout the game, but as disgusting a thought as it is, we can't help but laugh hysterically at a grown man jumping onto an enemy's head and then "introrectrogesting" the person: if you get that reference, you may be a true South Park fan.

4 The Background Of The Underpants Gnomes Mission

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While the kids in South Park who are regulars on this show must be used to ridiculous nonsense happening all the time, from alien invasions to massive Guinea pigs tearing apart their town, we can only imagine the kind of mental trauma the New Kid could have after the events of this game. In one scene, he shrinks down to the size of the Underpants gnomes and has to make his way through the ducts of his home. While this is going on, New Kid's parents are in the middle of a conversation and end up getting naked and doing the horizontal mambo. While they do this, the player makes their way into the parents' room, finally reaching the Gnome Warlock and defeating him, before the two of them are crushed by certain body parts of the new kid's parents.

3 Token And The Kingdom Of Kupa Keep

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 One of the main factions in the game, The Kingdom of Kupa Keep has their lair in Eric Cartman's back yard. The use of "KKK" in the game is one of the reasons that some people called the game offensive, but it was hard to keep from laughing when Token, the only African-American kid in the entire town, was a member of a group that used the letters KKK to represent their group. Token often shouts "For the KKK" when rushing into battle in the game. It's hilarious, crazy, and shocking; this kind of savage comedy is exactly why people love South Park. 

2 Giant WWII Zombie Fetus

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If you never thought that you'd see those words used together in a sentence, you're probably not alone. Matt and Trey have impressive, creative, and most definitely offensive (in the most awesome way possible) minds, and prove time and time again that there are no boundaries in South Park. One of the missions that pushes the envelope in classic South Park fashion is "Unplanned Parenthood," which as you may have figured, takes place in an abortion clinic. As you progress near the end of the mission, one of the doctors exclaims that Khloe Kardashian was in the clinic and she had "the biggest abortion" he had ever seen. A massive fetus with a gargantuan head and a Nazi armband, then bursts through the wall, tearing two soldiers to pieces before fighting the player.

1 Performing An Abortion (And Being A Patient)

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We'd like to say that this is conclusively the biggest "WTF moment" in South Park: The Stick of Truth, but it could not be more up for debate. Is the act of performing a cartoon abortion more controversial than the sight of a Nazi zombie fetus? These are questions for normal people, because, for South Park fans, these are just another day at the office. In that same "Unplanned Parenthood" mission, the character is required first to infiltrate the abortion clinic, and does so by dressing up like a girl. He is mistaken for a patient, and Dr. Poonlover (great name) gives the character a booster seat for the procedure. Later on, the New Kid is found, and Randy Marsh has to assume the act of playing the patient while you, as the main character, have to perform the procedure. Of course, in an amazing throwback to season eight's "Woodland Critter Christmas" episode, a cheery Christmas song plays while Randy is being operated on.

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