14Drove A Go-Kart

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One look at Link in a go-kart, and you realize that there's something ridiculous and charming about it.

The biggest announcement when Mario Kart 8 came out was not that DLC was coming to the game, but the fact that characters from other Nintendo franchises would be crossing over to race

in the Mushroom Kingdom. The first of these crossovers was Link complete with a motorcycle based on a horse with a Tri-Force logo. This isn't any particular Link from any game or point in time, but rather a universal design that anybody can recognize.

On top of Link getting into the game, owners of Mario Kart 8 also had the Hyrule Circuit racetrack to get their hands on. Nintendo went all out when designing the course, swapping out coins for Rupees, and even having a Master Sword rise from the ground that you could use for an anti-grav boost.

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