15Breeding Sucks Poké Balls

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Before you can even attend a tournament, you need some Pokémon to fight with. It would likely not have the right moves, the right nature, or the right ability. All these factor into making a  GOOD competitive Pokémon, and the only way to ensure you get the right

stuff is to do it yourself by breeding.

But breeding sucks. First, you need to find the Pokémon, then you need to ensure they have the right moves, and if they don’t then you have to breed Pokémon just to get the moves. Then you can start breeding the Pokémon with the right moves together with Pokémon that have the right nature. And you have to be holding an Everstone or else that nature might not get passed down. And then you have to worry about IVs and having a perfect IV Ditto to make your bred Pokémon as good as possible.

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