• 15 NBA 2K17 Ratings That Are Disgraceful

    NBA 2K17 is the wonderful culmination of two great activities, gaming and basketball. NBA 2K17 features hundreds of the most elite basketball players of past and present, and from around the world. Players and rosters are updated frequently and gamers are provided with an amazing experience playing as their favorite basketball players.

    It allows for players to feel like they are apart of the action by controlling the whole team and playing to their strengths as well as avoiding their weaknesses. While every team has both its star players and its benchwarmers, you can mostly expect their 2K ratings to reflect that level of efficiency on the court. Unfortunately, not ever player’s rating is truly a reflection of their talents.

    There are those players whose ratings are just disgraceful when you look at what they are capable of and that’s what brings me to these 15 players below. Every one of them is the owner of a 2K rating that doesn’t actually reflect what they are capable of and their skills and achievements.

    While some of the ratings only slightly shy of the where they should be, other players are being robbed of their true talents and it needs to be said that they are better than what 2K says they are. These players are playmakers, leaders, as well as just strong contributors to their team’s efforts. Whether they are a rookie or a veteran, no one is safe from a disgraceful 2K rating.

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  • 15 / 15
    Andrew Wiggins - 82
    via youtube.com

    Minnesota Timberwolves small forward and 2014-15 Rookie of the Year, Andrew Wiggins is undoubtedly a swiftly rising star in the League. As part of one of the most dominant big threes in the league Wiggins, alongside Karl-Anthony Towns and Zach LaVine a are force to be reckoned with.

    This season Wiggins is averaging 23.2 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game. He is shooting 46.3% from the field, 35.5% from 3-point range, and 75.3% from the line. Wiggins is a more than capable scorer from everywhere on the court.

    Wiggins is sure to be making his way towards his first All-Star game soon and is sure to be carving his own way in the Timberwolves administration. It seems that an 82 player rating is a little low for a player of Wiggins' caliber and potential and he deserves to rise up a couple points.

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  • 14 / 15
    Rudy Gay - 80
    via espn.com

    Rudy Gay is without a doubt the second most talented player and contributed on the Sacramento Kings. This has been a very productive season for Rudy who, alongside DeMarcus Cousins (who has since been traded to the New Orleans Pelicans), looked to be helping the Kings secure their first playoff appearance since 2006.

    Gay was averaging 18.7 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game. He was also shooting 45.5% from the field, and 37.2% from 3-point range. Gay has proven himself more than capable from anywhere on the field and he might be a vital part of the long rebuilding Kings franchise.

    Unfortunately for Rudy Gay, his exceptional season was cut short due to a ruptured left Achilles tendon and will spend the rest of the season in rehab. The level of play Rudy elevated his game to prior to this injury should result in a mid 80s range rating.

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  • 13 / 15
    D'Angelo Russell - 79
    via lakerspulse.com

    The man currently at the center of the young, up-and-coming Los Angeles Lakers roster, D’Angelo Russell is the current star of the purple and gold. After the retirement of Kobe Bryant, eyes seem to have shifted to Russell to lead the Lakers to the Promised Land.

    While Russell is not All-Star caliber yet, he is the focal point of his team. Russell is currently averaging 14.2 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game this season. He is currently shooting 39.2% from the field and 34.9% from deep 3-point range.

    While Russell is not by any means the best player in the league and definitely not Kobe level, he stacks up to the other players in the league and should definitely have a rating that is a few points higher and reminiscent of his talents.

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  • 12 / 15
    Giannis Antetokounmpo - 89
    via clutchpoints.com

    There are few players in the NBA today who can truly do it all and even fewer who can do it to the level of The Greek Freak. The Bucks forward is a front-runner for Most Improved Player and is on his way to become a bonafide superstar in the league.

    Giannis is having a great season, as he’s averaging 23.4 points, 8.6 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 2.0 blocks per game. He is currently shooting 52.5% from the field and hitting about 1/3 of his 3-pointers.

    He is on track to far surpass his previous season’s stats by a large margin. It’s very rare for me to argue for a player with an already high rating to deserve an even higher one, but Antetokounmpo is a rare type of player. While his rating has increased since the start of the season (up from 83), it just isn’t enough.

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  • 11 / 15
    J.J. Redick - 78
    via latimes.com

    When it comes to staring line-ups, the L.A. Clippers are certainly not short on talent. With All-Stars like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan; 6’ 4” shooting guard J.J. Redick often sits in the shadows of the great players on his team. However, you would have to be stupid to ignore the great talent that Redick possesses.

    The 11-year veteran is currently averaging 2.2 rebounds, 1.3 assists, and 15.1 points per game. J.J. may not be the most versatile player on the court, but he has some incredible shooting percentages. He is currently sitting at 8th overall in 3PT% with 42% and also 15th in shooting guards in FG% with 43.8%.

    He won’t crash the glass or grab any boards, but J.J. can certainly hit his shots!

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  • 10 / 15
    Evan Fournier - 78
    via thesportspost.com

    With the recent trade of power forward Serge Ibaka to the Toronto Raptors, there is little question of who is the best player on the Orlando Magic, as Evan Fournier has been 'magic' for Orlando since his arrival in 2014.

    The Frenchman is currently averaging 16.8 points, 3.3 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and 1.0 steal per game. The shooting guard is also averaging some pretty good shooting numbers with 43.4% from the field, 34.1% from deep, and 81.2% from the line.

    In an organization that has been rebuilding for what feels like forever, Fournier has been a breath of fresh air for the ailing Orlando team. He is the player that fans can rely on to bring it every game. He improves every season and may someday lead the Magic to the playoffs.

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  • 9 / 15
    Paul George - 89
    via thecommittedgeneration.com

    When people think of PG-13, the first thing that will most likely come to mind is when he pretty much snapped his leg in half back in the off season before the 2014-15 season. He missed the whole season and came back last season with a vengeance and that has persisted into this season.

    The now four-time All-Star is currently averaging 22.3 points, 6.2 rebounds, 3.3 assists, and 1.6 steals per game this season. He is shooting 44.6% from the field, 38.3% from deep, as well as 91.4% from the line.

    This stat line is easily the state line of a 90+ player, especially as he is the primary scorer for the Indiana Pacers. He seems to be leading them to yet another trip to the NBA playoffs this season as he undoubtedly plays a large part in their sixth place seed.

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  • 8 / 15
    Draymond Green - 86
    via clutchpoints.com

    With the new addition of All-Star Kevin Durant to the starting line-up of the Golden State Warriors, Draymond’s point stat has suffered from this, but he is very much still the All-Star he was last season. Green recently posted the first triple-double in league history that didn’t include double-digit points.

    Green is a vital cog in the Warriors machine, which is apparent through his stats. This season, he is averaging 10.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, 7.2 assists, 1.5 blocks, and 2.1 steals per game. He is also shooting 43.4% from the field, 32.2% from deep, and 67.8% from the free throw line.

    Draymond has asserted himself as one of the leagues premier players and his predominant issue is that he has an issue with keeping a lid on his temper. That's a factor that does not play into 2K, so how is it that Green only has an 86 player rating?

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  • 7 / 15
    Bradley Beal - 84
    via thesportsquotient.com

    The 6’5” veteran shooting guard for the Washington Wizards has more than made a name for himself in his 4-½ years in the league. Beal, along with teammate John Wall, are one of the more dominant dynamic duos in the league and his numbers back it up.

    The guard is currently sitting at 22.2 points per game, the 4th among shooting guards behind All-Stars James Harden and DeMar DeRozan, and Portland’s C.J. McCollum. He is also 4th in FG% with 47.3%.

    He is also averaging 2.9 rebounds, 3.7 assists, and 1.0 steal per game. He is definitely an All-Star caliber player and even Stephen A. Smith said that he deserved to replace the injured Kevin Love in this year’s All-Star game over Carmelo Anthony. Beal is only getting better and his star is shining bright this year.

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  • 6 / 15
    Hassan Whiteside - 86
    via youtube.com

    The monstrous 7’0” center for the Miami Heat is starting to hit the prime of his career. Whiteside has become one of the most dominant centers in the paint, earning himself the nickname Mount Whiteside, as he is able to not only grab rebounds and block shots like it’s nothing, but he is also capable of straight up snatching shots out of the air. He is also one of only a handful of players to ever record a triple-double with double-digit blocks.

    Whiteside is currently averaging a double-double with 14.1 rebounds, 16.8 points, and 2.7 blocks per game in the 2016-2017 season. He is also currently shooting 56% from both the field and the line.

    With Chris Bosh sitting out for the season, Whiteside has stepped up and become a defensive force that few other players are even capable of matching.

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  • 5 / 15
    Nicolas Batum - 80
    via eog.com

    One of the best players in Charlotte hands down, Nicolas Batum does a bit of everything for his team and is a true stat stuffer when it comes to the box score.

    Batum is currently averaging 15.0 points, 7.0 rebounds, 6.0 assists, and 1.1 steals per game. He is also shooting 40.6% from the field as well as 35.4% from 3-point range. He is also a very reliable free throw shooter averaging 85%.

    Aside from Kemba Walker, Nic Batum is the Hornets main source of points, while also being able to shut down players on the defensive end. Batum is a very well rounded player and is having a career high season, which should reflect in his player rating.

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  • 4 / 15
    Jonas Valanciunas - 81
    via thestar.com

    Toronto’s resident big man is doing pretty well for himself in the great white north. The center for the Raptors fits in well with All-Stars DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry, as Valanciunas fills his role very well and holds his own in the paint.

    Valanciunas is currently averaging just under a double-double with 12.4 points and 9.9 rebounds per game. He is also shooting pretty well with his averages looking like 53.8% from the field and 85.2% from the line.

    His dominance in the paint is definitely a supporting factor in the efficiency of Lowry and DeRozan. His 6.9 defensive rebounds per game gives his teammates a ton of extra possessions and he definitely deserves a better rating.

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  • 3 / 15
    Ryan Anderson - 77
    via houstonchronicle.com

    A big man who is able to shoot 3-pointers will be one of the most useful players in the league, as a player who can grab boards in the paint as well as shoot well from beyond the arc is someone who can really keep the opposing team on their toes. Anderson is one of these players.

    Anderson is averaging 13.9 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 0.9 assists per game this season. This accompanies his 42.3% from the field, 85.2% from the line and his 40.9% from beyond the arc, which all culminate into a player who can run the court.

    The 2012 Most Improved Player has made a home for himself in Houston this season and is working his way up the ranks among the leagues power forwards.

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  • 2 / 15
    Brandon Knight - 76
    via powcast.net

    The Phoenix Suns are definitely lacking in terms of overall talent, but a few stars shine through. While there are player with incredible talent such as Eric Bledsoe and sophomore Devin Booker, another player who does his fair share of the work in Arizona is backup point guard Brandon Knight.

    Knight is averaging 11.0 points, 2.2 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game this season. His field goal percentage isn’t that good, standing at only 39.8%, but his free throw and 3-point percentages are pretty good standing at 85.7% and 32.4% respectively.

    I don't think he's amazing, I just think he’s a little better than a 76. He does pretty well considering he comes off the bench and only sees about 20 minutes of playing time.

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  • 1 / 15
    Jahlil Okafor - 79
    via sbnation.com

    Now, I can admit this one is the one that stretches the most in terms of disgraceful 2K rating. Drafted by the down-but-not-out Philadelphia 76ers last year, Okafor has played well in the City of Brotherly Love over the last year. His numbers recently haven’t been the best, but there are plenty of factors that come into play with that.

    Okafor was the one to suffer from lack of minutes when Nerlens Noel came back from being injured, allowing Joel Embiid to remain dominant. However, when the minutes are there, Okafor can deliver. With the recent trade of Nerlens Noel to Dallas, all bets are off as to where the team will go with Okafor, but his talent is definitely present when on the court.

    He is currently shooting 51.1% from the field and 61.2% from the line. His averages are accompanied by 11.4 points, 4.8 rebounds, 1.1 assists, and 1.1 blocks per game this season. He is definitely doing his part with his time and deserves a better rating.

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