15Makarov, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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There really was no need for the inclusion of the "No Russian" mission to one of the most critically acclaimed shooters in Call of Duty's library. Its interactive atrocities have

sparked numerous controversies and conversation, and though its intention was to further the plot, it doesn't contribute to the substantive and coherent part of Modern Warfare 2's bigger universe. After all, "No Russian" is one of the few missions in the Call of Duty franchise in which you can actively skip the mission entirely.

Rather, it serves as emotional masochism, embedding your character in a Russian terrorist cell led by Makarov as you progress through Moscow International Airport mowing down innocent bystanders. Of course there's no recourse if you don't pull the trigger or if you just stand idly by. It's a brazen, nihilistic sequence that only serves to emphasize the needlessness of virtual massacre.

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