15Wrecking Crew

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As many of you old-school gamers probably know, Mario wasn't just featured in Mario titles alone; he served as a character in a number of other games that didn't feature his name. The titles most of us think of when we think of non-Mario games that featured Mario are Donkey

Kong and his stint as the referee in Punch-Out. There is another title that featured Mario in the lead role. Many of us played it, but few remember its name. That game was Wrecking Crew. In the days where people generally didn't have vast gaming libraries, you probably passed this one up on rental shelves, but there was a good chance you had a random friend that owned it.

A major thing that set Wrecking Crew apart from other games featuring Mario is it also featured Luigi. Wrecking Crew saw Mario and Luigi acting as one of their most infamous adversaries - the Hammer Brothers! The main objective was to smash a certain number of objects on a single screen level without being killed by enemies. In this game, neither Mario or Luigi have their jumping ability which if you remember, would have proven very useful.

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