15 Overwatch Cosplays That Look Better Than The Game

Overwatch is quickly becoming one of the most popular games of all time, from its insane eSports tournaments to its cult -ike following on nearly every platform that plays video games. Anyone Most considers themselves a true gamer has fallen in love with Blizzard's shooter, with its fast paced and rewarding combat, and engaging an unique characters.

Those unique characters have gotten a following of their own. From the standard creepiness that the internet tends to create, to fanfiction, backstories, and tons of fan-art. The pinnacle of the fan-art being the crazy and elaborate cosplays that true fans don to become the characters which they idolize. Cosplay is a huge movement that is empowering people to dress up and represent their favorite characters from gaming, movies, or TV shows in the real world. Many of these cosplayers look just like the originals, and some even make a living recreating the most popular characters from pop culture. Here's 15 ladies and gentleman who took on the challenge of Overwatch cosplay, and knocked it out of the park.

15 D.Va - Miyuki Cosplay

via twitter.com

D.Va has never looked so good without her Mech. This cosplay, done by Miyuki Cosplay, is spot on accurate to D.Va's look in Overwatch. The choice to use the bubblegum is an added nod to the character and her child-like attitude brings an extra depth to this perfect cosplay. This beats out the original Overwatch skin because D.Va with curly hair looks vastly superior to the straight haired choice in game. The cosplay looks great, and the details like the keychain hanging from her pistol really show that the cosplayer looked at the source material closely to get the most accurate cosplay. She looks like she was pulled right out of the game. She's going to need the Defense Matrix, because this D.Va is going to draw a lot of fire!

14 Roadhog - Kinpatsu Cosplay

Via DeviantArt.com

Kinpatsu's cosplay of Roadhog definitely hooks us in. Get it? Cause Roadhog hooks are utterly insane, just like this gender-bent cosplay. The hook looks even more deadly in her hands than the giant's in game and while she's much smaller, that shotgun will make her punch out of her weight-class. The tattoos on her stomach look great, and surprisingly feminine for a giant pig with flames surrounding it. The "roadr8ge" license plate belt buckle looks identical to the one in game. Female Roadhog is something we didn't expect, but now is a must have for our skin collection (please Blizzard!). As adorable and badass as this cosplay is, anytime I see that Roadhog Hook, it triggers my PTSD rage from being pulled around corners.

13 Reaper - Bloodraven

Via BloodRavenCosplay.com

Another genderbent Overwatch hero with no complaints from us! Blood Raven makes for a mean looking Reaper, from the perfect mask to the wasteful shotguns. The attention to detail here is immaculate; the way the ammo belt hangs, to the signature Reaper gangster side ways held shotguns. The armor looks detailed and heavy, but light enough to glide like a ghost through Reinhardt shields and Symmetra turrets. Blood Raven makes one of the most fear-inspiring Blackwatch operatives into a amazing cosplay that's equal parts sexy, as it is deadly. In the game, Reaper can be seen flanking and assassinating enemy heroes off the payload. Reaper's ultimate has a perfect name to describe this beautiful, yet deadly cosplay - Blood Raven is truly a Death Blossom.

12 TinaKinz - Mercy

Via Expose Gaming

TinaKinz's Witch Mercy is a perfect replica of her Halloween Exclusive Skin. Mercy is one of the most benevolent Overwatch characters: healing others and raising them from their untimely deaths. Witch Mercy is just as healing, with just a hint of darkness in her. TinaKinz would gladly exclaim "my servants never die," when bringing back her party from a well timed D.Va Ultimate.  She captures not only the precise costume of Mercy's Halloween time skin, but the photo seems to catch Mercy's angel-like smirk, which does just as much for morale as a damage boosting staff. Witch Mercy is one of the more popular skins in Overwatch, which makes it a great crowd-pleaser as a cosplay.

11 Reinhardt - Jessica Nigri

Via Reddit

Get behind Jessica Nigri, because her gender-bent Reinhardt is moving the payload! Miss Nigri's feminine take on the giant, German war-machine looks better than the old man ever did! Her rocket-powered hammer looks just as deadly and armor looks just as unbreakable as the go-to Tank in Overwatch. The coolest part of this cosplay is the attention to detail and how good that contact-lens looks with the scar makeup. Jessica Nigri is sure to inspire the heroes of Overwatch to follow her into "GLORIOUS COMBAT," and I'm sure her pin is still an overpowered one shot. There's something inherently awesome about seeing female cosplayers taking on the biggest and baddest men in gaming history, and pulling off their look better than they possibly could.

10 McCree - Zephon Cos

Via Compute.info

Finally some men representing Overwatch right alongside the gorgeous women. Zephon's McCree cosplay is one of the most badass recreations of the BAMF that is McCree. The signature fan the hammer technique, that any Tank has learned to fear, looks perfect coming from the replica revolver. The utility belt full of flashbangs is enough to make any Overwatch player throwback to the days of being stunned dead in their tracks, just to have the Clint Eastwood-esque cowboy roll into frame and obliterate what's remaining of their health. That reminds me, check your clocks, as It's High Noon somewhere (I apologize, but I had no choice in the matter, I'm legally obligated to make High Noon jokes whenever I see McCree).

9 Genji - Just Cosplay & Props

Via Twitter.com

Everyone's favorite Ninja cyborg has never looked so cool, as Just Cosplay & Prop's Genji looks even cooler than Genji does in game. The bright, LED lights and clean edges on the armor make for a great cosplay that looks extremely meticulously crafted. The helmet looks perfectly sized, as too many times we see a Genji cosplay with a head that's disproportionate to the rest of the body, but not in this case. Genji's signature blade has become the must-have for any mall-ninja, but the LED lights along the blade of this one make it a great looking representation of the overpowered cyborg. Taking that photo in a cool, blue backlit light adds the extra effect that matches the stealthy ninja's personality, and general chilling effectiveness.

8 Winston - Aerlyn

Via Imgur

This Winston Cosplay is enough to make any fan of the leader of Overwatch go bananas. (Ha...bananas...cause' he's a monkey). The size of the cosplay, along with the accuracy and precision to the character source, is jaw-droppingly amazing. The craziest part of this cosplay is that I can't even figure out how it works. It's so expertly crafted that rather than seeing a guy on stilts, or seeing where the person in the costume is, all the average person sees is Winston walking around. This allows for one of the most creative, and immersive, cosplays of Winston we've ever seen. The attention to detail for the beard and the glasses bring this cosplay to the next level. Now, if only Blizzard would buff him enough to put him back in the meta...

7 Widowmaker - Kawaii-Besu-Cosplay

via impulsegamer.com

Kawaii-Besu Cosplay does an amazing version of Windowmaker. The French femme-fatal looks amazingly deadly in this precise and accurate cosplay. The yellow contact lenses are great with the dark, contrasting purple skin of the Blackwatch agent. The goggles, which can be used to illuminate the enemy positions as her ultimate, look realistic with the LED lights, and the way it shapes her face. The model herself puts the original to shame with her beauty and perfect representation of the fear inducing sniper. While we would have loved to have seen Widowmaker's signature, and iconic sniper rifle, I'm confident the team at Kawaii-Besu Cosplay would have come up with a strikingly accurate replica of the weapon.

6 Mei - Sasha

via kul.vn

This Mei doesn't need to activate her ultimate to freeze us in our tracks. This spot on cosplay by Sasha, is simply a-Mei-sing (sorry for that one). This is a refreshingly accurate cosplay of the frigid hero in Overwatch, seeing as the average cosplayer tends to do a "casual Mei," without putting in the full effort for the costume. As we can all see, Sasha goes the extra mile, making for a classy and amazing cosplay choice. Her Ice-Gun is accurate and the most feared Overwatch devil may be merciless in her freeze to headshot ratio, but this cute cosplay puts the original skin to shame!

5 AllieRoseMcarie - Ana

via overwatchcosplays.tumblr.com

The healing sniper, and mother of Pharah, has never looked so good. AllieRose's perfect cosplay is the pinnacle of how cosplay should be done. She brings beauty and precision to a character whose charm is her beauty and precision. Her sniper-rifle looks pristine and would definitely be able to heal from long range. Taking the young-Ana's look is great, one of my favorite skins, as she pulls it out of the game and into reality. This Ana is more likely to Nano-boost the audience, rather than sleep dart them, like some of the other skins in Overwatch. The coolest part of this cosplay is the attention to detail in the facial make-up, with her signature eye makeup perfectly recreated. Ana is a great support, if she manages to hit the mark like this cosplay does.

4 Tracer - Vera-Chimera

via gameplayinginfo.com

Miss Chimera has one of the best Tracer Cosplays out there. The chest-harness, gauntlets, and bodysuit all are a great representation of Tracer's in game original skin. Her pistols, and the LED lights within them, add that extra depth and glow to the character that isn't always seen in Tracer cosplays. But the attention to detail and accuracy of this whole cosplay is enough to make us want to see Tracer come by one more time. Don't blink, because you just might miss this fantastic cosplay and beautiful cosplayer. Tracer is one of the more popular Overwatch cosplays, but many people do not put in the same dedication and quality that Chimera gets from directly pulling from the source material, which sets her ahead of the others by far.

3 Zarya - Jechts

via pinterest.com

Genderbent Overwatch characters is a common thing, but rarely is it done from female to male, and rarely does it look this great. Jechts' cosplay of the heavy hitting Zarya is enough to put the female-bodybuilder to shame. While we love seeing strong women in gaming, apparently strong men can pull off the strong woman look well. The attention to detail in the tattoos, as well as the choice to go with the bright pink hair, help set this Zarya cosplay ahead of the rest. The shield generating Tank puts on a manly bravado, which is easy to understand why anyone would idolize her for her strength, regardless of gender. Now all you have to do is lookup a guide on how to play as Zarya and you'll be good to go.

2 Pharah - Germia

Via Pintrest

This Pharah cosplay takes to the skies as the Egyptian rocket launcher wielding hero gets pulled from the screen and out to fly our friendly skies. Germia's cosplay of the daughter of Ana is complicated to say the least, but her representation of the Annubis skin is unmatched in the cosplay world. From her wrist rockets to her glorious wings, this is a great character to have reigning death from above in Overwatch. The best part of this cosplay is how much better her hair and eye make-up look as opposed to the original. This has to be one of the more complicated cosplays to do and even more complicated to do with this kind of accuracy. All that time and effort was definitely worth it. This Pharah puts the original to shame and she can give me lift anytime!

1 Hanzo - Rinrin

via pinterest.com

Rinrin's seductive take on one of the most feared (and hated) Overwatch characters combines a mixture of creativity and accuracy to the source material that makes this cosplay breathtaking. The photography used makes Rinrin look great, as well as the background location fitting in perfectly with Hanzo's look and backstory. The tattoo looks meticulously accurate and the makeup is good enough to make you double take to see how committed she was to the cosplay. Hanzo's signature bow looks just as menacing and impressive as it does in game, if not more intimidating in the real world. This one is my personal favorite, due to the accuracy, creativity, and overall how this cosplay takes the leap from fun to art.

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