15 PC Games That Were WAY Too Raunchy For PlayStation

While consoles offer a large range of restrictions and regulations to follow, you can pretty much play anything on PC. You wouldn’t expect to see some of the more sultry games out there with a PlayStation label slapped on there and for good reason. Sony has its fair share of racy games, but they have their limits. What mainstream game developers can’t afford to do is release a game and have it receive an AO rating. That pretty much takes it off the shelves in stores and kills profits. Sure you can sell it virtually, but that’s not what they’re going for.

Adult oriented video games are nothing new. It’s something we’ve all either heard of or stumbled upon. These games are usually good for a laugh or two, but don’t usually perform as well as you’d expect your average mainstream title to. While that’s true for most of these, some of these raunchy games actually hold their own. They’re not perfect, but they do what they do well enough to be competent. Games like HuniePop and certain entries in the Leisure Suit Larry series might not be for everyone, but they’re not all that bad if you look at them for what they are. Here are 15 PC games too raunchy for PlayStation.

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15 Seduce Me

via themis-media.com

The words erotic strategy game aren’t exactly common in the gaming world. While they’re frequently used individually, seeing them in tandem is kind of weird. But that’s just what kind of game Seduce Me is. It’s not too hard to guess what the point of the game is with this one, just going off the title alone. Aside from the boring and repetitive gameplay, Seduce Me fails to really do anything interesting with its characters. That isn’t too surprising seeing as they weren’t designed to be the most developed characters out there – but it would’ve been nice to see some kind of character arc form, instead of a bunch of stale dialogue and frustratingly oversimplified gameplay.

14 Playboy: The Mansion: Private Party

via playground.ru

Can you believe it, Playboy was once so big it actually had its own game. It wasn’t even that long ago that the game was release. Just a little bit over a decade ago, a developer called Cyberlore Studios released what would be their last game, Playboy: The Mansion. The game was given an M rating and while the base game was available for PC and console, the expansion pack offered was given an AO rating and subsequently remained a PC exclusive. The Private Party expansion added a bunch of costumes, party themes and animations that made it a little too much for the console market. You could’ve always just played the base game and gotten more or less of the same experience, with a few exceptions here and there.

13 Riana Rouge

via theisozone.com

Nothing says sleazy like some late 90s erotica, particularly in the form of a video game. What you often get from PC as opposed to consoles is the freedom not offered by the overly commercial home market. Things can get weird and sometimes weird is good. Weird is innovative. But weird is also an erotic adventure game that has you playing as a onetime Playmate of the month. Aside from the previously mentioned Playboy appearance, Gillian Bonner’s only other claim to fame was Riana Rouge, a point and click erotic PC adventure that even then must’ve looked like an awkward mess of a game. It’s pretty clear why this title never received a console launch – not like it would’ve sold well had it gotten a port anyways.

12 Custom Maid 3D 2

via youtube.com

Ah Japan, home of everything weird, strange and perverse in the world of video games. Aside from giving us some of the greatest games of all-time, the Land of the Rising Sun has also put out some pretty outlandish titles, a good chunk of them falling under the category of erotica. Anything and everything that might pop up in your mind is probably lying in a bargain bin in some used game shop in Tokyo. Custom Maid 3D 2 is one of those strange titles for a very niche market. The whole point of the game is to create your ideal household servant and “train” them. Yeah... Well to its credit, it does reward its fans with a bunch of content, but if you probably won’t ever see this on PlayStation.

11 Tsukihime

via zerochan.net

Anyone reading this list who’s into anime will have heard of a Japanese game company called Type-Moon. They’re the creators of the popular Fate/Stay Night franchise which has received numerous anime, movie, game and all kinds of other spin-offs. While Fate is the developers most critically acclaimed work, their first title was a dōjin called Tsukihime. Dōjin are basically fan made games or comics that are sold at conventions or online. Like most of Type-Moon’s early work, Tsukihime is aimed towards an adult market because, at the time, that was one of the only ways for consumers to notice your product. While not as popular as its successor, Tsukihime is still a cult favourite with a great story and cast that inspired an anime and manga adaption much like the Fate series has. But unlike the Fate games, Tsukihime never received an all-ages port to console. There’s a remake in the works, so there’s still hope left, but it’s highly likely that this stays a PC exclusive for a while.

10 Lula 3D

via blogspot.com

Would you believe that there’s actually an entire series of Lula games out there? The first entry in the series was released back in 1998 and, at a time, saw a somewhat regular stream of releases in a period of a couple of years. Ranging from strategy to adventure and simulation, the Lula series often follows the titular character throughout her adult oriented exploits. Lula 3D follows Lula as she tries to save her kidnapped co-workers in time for them all to shoot their next skin flick. At least it tries to have some kind of plot, right? But all adult content aside, the game just doesn’t perform that well and apparently crashes a lot. You could obviously never expect something like this to make its way to consoles but you’d hope that it could at least perform properly.

9 Bikini Karate Babes

via loadion.com

The title says it all. Aside from being one of the most straightforward games on our list, Bikini Karate Babes is also one of the few to have been reviewed by an actual publication. It wasn’t a great review, but hey, a 1.5 from IGN is better than a 0 from some kid on Metacritic, right? The game features 19 scantily clad fighters all played by real life actresses. Though none you’ve probably ever heard of. You have to give the developers credit for trying, as they did include 10 different game modes for payers to choose from. While it’s not the most sexually explicit game out there, BKB just wasn’t much of a game to begin with. Had it focused more on improving its performance and game mechanics and less time on fan service, then it might’ve been half decent. Or it might’ve just been a crappy 2D fighter lacking in its one saving grace.

8 Virtually Jenna

via radikal.ru

As we get further and further into VR, the “adult entertainment as games” conversation is going to become more and more prevalent with those intrigued by the idea. You’ll probably see a few things pop up in the coming years. Whether they intrigue or disturb you is another conversation altogether. Around a decade ago, a game focusing of adult film actress Jenna Jameson came out on PC. Much to the surprise of the developers, Virtually Jenna wasn’t all that successful. At one point, it even adopted an MMO-like monthly fee of $29.99. The game allowed you to dress, strip, pose and do God knows what else with a virtual figure of Jameson. Safe to say we all know why this kept on computer.

7 Succulent

Is this even a game? It’s tough to say. Actually it’s pretty hard to figure out exactly what Succulent is other than a test of courage for anyone misfortunate enough to experience it on a dare. Robert Yang, the creator, described it as "a short interactive music video game thing where you watch a hunk suck a _____ for a few minutes." So that should give you a fairly good idea as to what this “game” is about. There have been plenty of debates as to what makes a game in the past, with all the visual novels and simulators that have been gaining popularity over the years. But this right here is just confounding. Seriously, it messes with your head.

6 Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015

via dbolical.com

It’s pretty tough to describe why Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 is so intriguing, but it just grabs your attention off the bat. The game is just as absurd as the title suggests it is, but that’s precisely why it’s so fun. The set up is pretty simple. You’re a lost kid in a communal shower and you have to find your dad and shower with him to score points. It’s kind of like a mix and match type thing. Choose the wrong dad and it's game over. But aside from being a ludicrous concept, the game actually proves to be a challenge the more you play it. The awkward and downright creepy premise might be keeping this off consoles, but it is a pretty solid game.

5 Singles

via gamespot.com

Out of all the games on this list, Singles is the only one that blatantly rips off another series. You could think of this as a somewhat more risqué version of The Sims. But while The Sims actually manages to entertain you and evoke some creativity through its gameplay, Singles just kind of haphazardly spits out nearly identical gameplay with the promise of a more adult experience. If by adult experience they meant crushing disappointment then, sure – it’s a more “adult” experience. To be honest, the game just isn’t worth the payoff. You still have to invest some of your time into it if you wanted some sort of closure. But it just isn’t worth investing in in the first place.

4 Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!

via gog.com

The Leisure Suit Larry series might not be that well known among today’s gaming community, but it’s not too hard to guess what it is upon first glance. Surprisingly enough, the series totals nine games in all with some unreleased titles that never saw the light of day. Love for Sail! is one of the more popular ones among the fan base, but never got a console port. It’s not really the kind of game that would suit anything but a computer to be honest, as it’s basically a point and click adventure that throws in a bunch of mini games. Still, it does have some pretty humorous dialogue for those who prefer this kind of raunchy comedy.

3 X-Change

via vndb.org

Aaaaand, we’re back with the weird Japanese stuff. We’re looking at another visual novel with X-Change on our list. These kinds of games can kind of be a shock for those who aren’t quite used to certain aspects of Japanese pop culture. It focuses on one of Japan’s weirdest pop culture obsessions; gender bending. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The game plays like most visual novels, as you get a load of text, progress through the story and make choices at certain junctures that affect which ending you’ll get. The explicit nature of the game, along with the way in which it’s presented, makes it pretty clear as to why the game never got a console release. If they wanted to, developers are usually able to rewrite certain parts of the story and tone these games down for a larger audience. The fact that it never happened with X-Change tells you all you need to know.

2 Adult Industry VR

via wp.com

The VR industry has really been taking off in the last few years. We’ve gone from this kind of technology being a pipe dream to an increasingly interesting way to view the future of gaming. One thing you’ve probably noticed about VR at this time is that you can pretty much try anything on it. Games, YouTube videos and everything in-between. Of course, the adult film industry is no exception to this. Virtual adult content may very well be the next big thing, as these VR headsets become more and more popular in the years to come. Actually feeling like you’re in the middle of the “action” kind of seems weird when all you have to do is pop on a Samsung Gear VR or whatever and it looks as though you’re actually in the room. Of course, PlayStation VR will never allow you to access this, so if any of you out there were getting curious, best to invest in another headset instead.

1 HuniePop

via kickstarter.com

For an indie title, HuniePop got a ton of coverage when it first came out. Everyone was talking about it after a number of popular YouTubers including Markiplier and PewDiePie played the game on their channels. The part dating sim, part Bejewled clone received a censored Steam release and an official uncensored version – with the only difference being how much you did or didn’t see during certain scenes. Aside from the CGs, the game was pretty innocent, save for the provocative dialogue. But what do you expect, it’s a dating sim after all. While it might just be a little bit too hot for PlayStation – even with the censored version – it’s found a nice home and following on PC.

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