15Their Horrible Factory Conditions Caused Workers To Commit Suicide

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Like many other companies including Sony and Apple, Nintendo manufactures many of its products including the Wii and Wii U at the Foxconn City industrial park in China. The park made headlines back in 2010 when it was confirmed that

an astounding 18 suicide attempts had been made there that year, with international media speculating that the horrible working conditions at the factory were what led to the suicides.

Critics of this theory pointed out that suicide rates in the workplace, which at that point accommodated 930 000 people, were actually low compared to the rest of China, which has a suicide rate of 22 deaths per 100 000 people. Nintendo also raised salaries by 20% and offered to counsel to its 350 000 employees at the park. But the idea of someone killing themselves over something so banal as a Wii U is shocking nonetheless.

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