15Combat Movement

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There are actually two ways to play Titanfall 2 while in combat: as a pilot (a nimble foot-soldier of the battlefield), and as a lumbering Titan. As a pilot, Wall-running, jump boosts, and slides contribute the fast-paced and frenetic combat a way that Infinite Warfare can't hold a candle to.

Imagine maneuvering around enemies to gain a better vantage point, grappling atop a building, and then using a slight boost to land on an enemy Titan and steal their battery. In the blink of an eye, you'll have neutralized the threat, while gaining an advantage for your team. There is even the option to enable auto-sprint, which greatly enhances general player mobility – a welcome feature that soon becomes second nature as you quickly boost to a nearby wall to get the drop on your foes. As a large Titan, the movement needs to be more calculated, but a welcome omnidirectional boost can quickly move your titan to safety while against overwhelming odds.

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