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Two tiny bars, one large line, and a dot. That was the formula for one of the most influential games of all time. Not only did Pong allow Atari to dominate the arcades, but it was successful as a standalone home system, as well as a cartridge game for the

Atari 2600. People went to Andy Capp’s Tavern just to play on the Pong cabinet. Home Pong was even Sears’ best-selling product in 1975. Atari was successful in pioneering the home console boom in the 1980s because of Pong. Not only that, but copycat versions of the game helped companies like Nintendo net enough profit to enter the console market, as well. Just based on those reasons, no list is complete without the inclusion of this amazing game. Those who wonder what’s the big deal about a ping pong game obviously takes the technology around them for granted.

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