15Personal Nightmare

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Released in 1989, Personal Nightmare is a classic point-and-click adventure set in a small town that has been invaded by the devil. The player must eliminate all the possessed villagers and defeat the devil in four days or the game is over. There are also many, ghastly ways to die

while exploring the town and trying to eradicate the demonic presence that has overtaken it.

Although the game’s interface is a bit cumbersome by today’s standards—requiring use of a compass to move, text based commands, and item manipulation—it still does manage to have a creepy vibe and some true jump scares, made all the creepier by the limited graphical capabilities of the day. Plus, the game features a priest being struck down by a lightning bolt through a stained glass window that sets the church on fire, while the devil rises, laughing, from the flames. If not a horror game intro, it would have made some gnarly heavy metal band cover art.

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