15 Savage Assassin's Creed Memes Only True Fans Will Relate To

There are no secrets as to why the Assassin's Creed series has been so successful for Ubisoft. The franchise has a lot going for it, including a great narrative, brilliant visuals. and addicting (if repetitive by this point) gameplay. The narrative pretty much speaks for itself, as each game brings us to a different era in human history, and we get to play through certain key events of that period.

We also mentioned the visuals, and while nobody is going to argue that the facial detail and close-up graphics are the best out there, but the landscapes and massive views of famous cities are unmatched. Synchronizing viewpoints is the best way to see the brilliant graphics that we're talking about. Even the weaker overall games in the series have brought phenomenal views of entire historical cities. Complain all you want about Unity, but Paris looked beautiful.

While the games are all very similar and with some exceptions, every game is more or less a re-skinned version of what came before with new characters and different scenery, the formula for making these titles works and the franchise is successful because of this. Of course, as with any amazing series like this one, there are plenty of aspects of the games that are ludicrous and perfect for ridicule. That is where the internet comes in. Here are fifteen Assassin's Creed memes that only true fans will understand.

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15 Seems Like A Bit Of A Gamble

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This is a classic example of video game logic. Actually, to possibly put it more accurately, this could be generalized to something along the lines of "fictional story logic." Star Wars fans may be able to relate to this. How is Rey, with no lightsaber training whatsoever, able to essentially defeat Kylo Ren, a guy who has been training with the weapon for the better part of his life? Obviously "The Force" is the answer, but really, how is Conor so brilliant at the helm of a ship, that he is trusted to go up against a massive naval force? Even an off-handed line about captaining a ship for a week would have gone a long long way. Good ol' video game logic.

14 What Witnesses?

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We should clarify that the following statement is very much dependent on what installment or era of Assassin's Creed one is playing. While playing as Ezio, it is sometimes easier to just keep killing enemies until there are no more than to actually outrun them. This is an accurate meme, as having witnesses to your crimes can cause plenty of massive headaches throughout any AC game. If you're spotted, there are only two choices: run like the wind, or stand your ground. This kind of body heap was much easier back around AC2 when virtually every enemy could be defeated by the absurdly simple counter-move. Remember those days? Of course, after the Ezio trilogy, we had to deal with a new combat system in AC III that was a problem.

13 It Gives You A Different Outlook

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If you play these games for long enough, you might just start to look at the world a bit differently. Even if you, like most people, have absolutely no experience climbing buildings or in parkour, you may find yourself looking at buildings wondering, "how in the heck would I ever get up that darn thing?" The same thing can be said of trees and other obstacles. Other people...normal people, who don't immerse themselves in this kind of awesome fantasy ( a bunch of losers, right?), can look at a building or tree and think "oh wow, architecture" or "isn't nature beautiful," but not us. We're way too busy thinking of how to get up that tree and get the drop on some redcoats.

12 Yeah, I've Traveled

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Like we mentioned earlier, one of the most impressive aspects of the series is the detail that goes into some of the major landmarks in the game. The graphics are amazing, and in each game some of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces the world has ever seen make appearances. Numerous early American landmarks were present in AC III, Big Ben was superbly done in Syndicate, and as we touched on earlier, Paris looked beautiful in Unity, with Notre Dame Cathedral being one of the key buildings.

The example here is a throwback to Ezio's adventures in Florence (Firenze), and yes, any true fans that ever reach any of these cities will likely look around and think of the awesome times they had scaling buildings and leaping onto victims. Taking pictures and doing informational tours sucks anyway, compared to participating in a battle against forces of evil lurking in the shadows.

11 We've All Had This Happen

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One of the coolest parts of these games is the free-running experience and the climbing. It can get tedious, but given the nature of the game, vertical navigation of buildings is necessary and not going anywhere anytime soon. We can't wait to see how this aspect of the game plays out in the upcoming rumored ancient Egypt story.

Unfortunately, the mechanics are imperfect. Every now and again, rather than performing the necessary move, whether vertical or lateral, your character will just hop off the wall, cheerfully falling to taking serious damage, dying (desynchronization, whatever) or just encountering a group of furious Templars from whom you were chasing to begin with.

10 The Wanted Posters Are Highly Ineffective

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This is about as simple as can be, the wanted posters that have been featured in so many AC games are atrociously placed. Don't get us wrong, many of them are in reasonable areas, like public squares or on buildings at street level. These seem reasonable, right? Well, how about the ones that are up so high only Assassins can get to them, along with highly trained Templars. In either case, those people know which Assassins to look for, and have no need for the announcement.

Then again, the guards in this series have laughable AI that almost makes stormtroopers look roughly competent. Okay, maybe that's a step too far. But our point stands, the computer-generated enemies in these franchise are likely dopey enough to climb atop buildings onto which their NPC townspeople will never climb in order to hang wanted posters.

9 ...Mother Of God

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This is simple but funny, and if you noticed the similarity between these two logos, you may have an Assassin's Creed problem. Abstergo is, for those who need a refresher (though if you clicked this article, you shouldn't), a massive corporation that acts as a front for the work done by the Templar Order. As you can see, their logo looks somewhat similar to that of Google Drive. If there is a Templar Order/Abstergo in the world, it may well be Google; they do track our movements, they do have a ton of information on all of us, and many of us are completely oblivious to their other motives.

Like we said, if you have started to ponder who in the world is secretly a member of the Templars or Assassins and have theories about large corporate CEO's holding Pieces of Eden, you're a very devoted fan. Yeah, let's say devoted.

8 That Drunk Has Impressive Dexterity

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It is hilarious that in these games, NPCs seem to love to point out the player while they are climbing or running around. More often than not, they question your sanity or sobriety. The thing is, what drunk have you ever seen who is capable of such acts of brave athleticism? Sure, after a pint or two (or a joint, whatever you're into) many people experience some extra confidence and even a bit more overall physical ability, but not freerunning. This kind of athletic undertaking requires flawless balance, amazing muscular control, and of course, endurance and determination that only sobriety and absolute focus. Seriously, even the most athletic gymnast wouldn't be able to stay on a balance beam after a few pints, let alone jump around, climb buildings, and so on.

7 Sometimes You Just Have To Mangle Everyone In Sight

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Sure, there are some of us who may just slaughter their way through these games, but for the most part, we want to be able to sneak around and behave like an actual assassin, quietly killing our targets and getting away from the scene before his lackeys even know what is going on. That is part of the challenge of the game; being elusive, getting in, doing the deed, and then getting out with nobody the wiser.

But even for those of us who try to be quiet and undetected, we have our limits, and many of the missions in all of the games are just easier if you blast, hack, and pierce your way through them. You know how the saying goes, "if at first you don't succeed, just massacre the guards and then go after the main target." That's how the old saying goes, right?

6 Hmmm...Good Point

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We have to take another shot at ship battling here because there are some funny aspects of this admittedly awesome part of a few of the games. This defensive tactic makes absolutely no sense. When you are being fired upon, the best thing to do is to take cover. Sure, this should keep more of your crew alive, but having the foe's volley miss the ship altogether is ludicrous. At the same time, getting hit with every single cannonball volley would likely have made ship battles much more simple, and while we like to point out ridiculous aspects of gameplay, this one kind of prevented combat on the high seas from being a catastrophic headache. Again though, the video game logic is strong with this meme and we couldn't agree more.

5 Don't Try This At Home

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We get it, the high-flying gameplay is awesome. It's fun and a brilliant fantasy, but between the leap of faith and grabbing ledges while plummeting to the ground are examples of things that would put a person on life support in the best case scenario.

The fact that there is some hay on the ground would do very little to actually stop one from dying upon impact after jumping off the top of a tall building. Similarly, we've all had the experience of messing up a jump, sticking out an arm and miraculously grabbing onto whatever we can reach to keep from taking fall damage. This kind of action would dislocate a shoulder at best. Again, we get it, and don't expect a ton of realism from games, but pointing out the asinine nature of this hilarious mechanic makes for a good meme.

4 Conspiracy Theories

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Much like the meme we used with the Abstergo logo looking like Google Drive, applying the Assassin's Creed historical narrative to real life can produce some interesting theories. In the case of Lincoln, maybe the South was actually just trying to preserve freedom from the North, and John Wilkes Booth was an Assassin carrying out a mission for the Brotherhood.

We'd speculate about the possibility of Kennedy having been a Templar, but there are already enough conspiracy theories about that event that we don't need to throw more on that heap, and heading down the JFK conspiracy theory rabbit hole requires a book, not an article. Adding the "Me Gusta" face to the idea of assassinated Presidents having been Templars is just icing on the cake.

3 They Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb

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How the hell do these Assassin heroes not get spotted everywhere they go. You can only blend in if you look like those with whom you are supposed to blend. Most of the NPC's in these games look like peasants, while the guards look like guards, and of course, the Assassins all look like they are trying to be sneaky and secretive.

Imagine the guards' thought processes: "Hey, we need to catch that murderer dressed in the extravagant robes with the weapons sticking out everywhere"..."oh where did he go? How is he hidden among all these laborers and merchants? Wow, these guys in the flowing white robes sure are elusive."

Then again, if the guards were too smart, perhaps the game would be unnecessarily difficult.

2 Sorry, Teachers

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If you are a history teacher, reading this may be painful. Don't panic or get upset, as we know Assassin's Creed does have its share of inaccuracies, many of the major characters who are killed in quests were killed in the same place and on the same date as real life. The events are all skewed to match up with the game's particular narrative. For the most part, if you're looking for an accurate overview of the history of The Crusades, The Renaissance, the French Revolutions or the Industrial Revolution in England, picking up these games and having a marathon may be a better idea than sitting down with a professor.

1 Incredibly Annoying

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One of the most difficult parts of any game in this series is the necessity of staying unseen while carrying out your missions. In most missions, it is important and advisable to remain unseen, so that that you can complete objectives the way the creators intended. In others, it may be an optional objective, but at the same time, many missions require completion with no guards noticing whatsoever. While this is frustrating, it is also entertaining and challenging. At the same time, however, when you've made it most of the way through the mission with no guards alerted, and then mistime a jump and fail, it can be awful. Desynchronization is enough to make you want to chuck a controller at the wall.

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