15 Scary Video Game Glitches That Will Freak You Out

On the list, you’ll see flying bodies, heads, floating flesh, demon-like babies and other mysteries and oddities

We’ve all had moments where we played scary video games in the dark, as it made them way scarier. The scares in video game industry aren't new, but there have been some odd glitches that give goosebumps to many gamers. This isn’t about the Super Mario World swastika.

Video games have had their fair share of glitches; no one game is perfect. From hardware glitches like the Red Ring of Death—Xbox 360’s excuse for poorly created hardware—to random issues in the code, they’re bound to happen. The chances are less likely with video game testing, but it doesn’t mean they’re impossible.

Although companies hire or outsource game testers, there are still kinks that get missed. But the ones that made this list are outrageous to the point where you may close your eyes and see satanic imagery after your head hits the pillow. We wanted you to see some of the scariest glitches. This article highlights not only awkward ones, but ones that are most frightening. These 15 scary video game glitches will freak you out. Not just that, they may give you nightmares.

On the list, you’ll see flying bodies, heads, floating flesh, demon-like babies and other mysteries and oddities. Let us know which one would freak you out the most!

15 Double Donkey Kong Rambi Ride

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Donkey Kong Country debuted for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1994 to fantastic reviews. It’s frequented many top SNES games list and has lasted the test of time. The game was a hallmark and officially separated Donkey Kong from the simple arcade style.

But gamers who were curious enough discovered the disturbing glitch early. Anyone who’s looked up videos or pictures knows how horrifying this glitch is. Although it sounded like a cool idea, it's a disaster.

When you get Rambi the Rhino and take him to the hidden silver barrel, you can activate a glitch to exchange Rambi for a Donkey Kong clone by jumping off of the silver barrel and on Rambi. Rambi moves forward and destroys the barrel to morph into a silver Donkey Kong Clone, which Donkey Kong rides in the most awkward way possible.

14 Demon Babies in The Sims

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The Sims franchise has been popular since 2000. The life simulation series has sold over 175 million copies, dominating most of the competition. But it’s got an abundance of glitches. Awkward horse heads and elongated dog necks are only the beginning.

Perhaps the freakiest glitch is the continual stream of baby glitches. The scariest is The Sims 3 stretched out babies. This one activates depending on many factors, the most common on what you put on the baby. There isn’t a consistent glitch, but discovered glitches like stretched limbs, missing eyes, and demonic faces are all creepy.

The worst thing about this glitch is it can spring up at any point. There isn’t a consistent way to “activate” the hell-spawned appearing infants. One moment you could be hanging with your virtual family and then the baby looks like it belongs to Lucifer.

13 Pokémon Suicide Myth

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A “glitch” common among Pokémon Red & Blue players is the Pokémon suicide myth. Although not a glitch, the myth is terribly strange and has to make the list. Inspired from a CreepyPasta and said to be a “tale,” the Lavender town story is one of the eeriest around.

Lavender Town is a city in the games where Pokémon get buried after they die. There was a supposed rise in suicides for children in Japan after the release of the games in 1996. The horrifying tune supposedly triggered the children. Creators “programmed” the music to evoke children, causing them to take their lives in tear shedding methods.

Although only a legend, it’s still chilling to think about and while the tune doesn’t make one commit suicide, it certainly creates goosebumps.

12 Floating Bodies in Fallout: New Vegas

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Open worlds are known to have glitches; the land is too vast for an error free code. Open-worlds like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls are glitch-laden. Fallout: New Vegas doesn’t have the most peachy settings. Any post-apocalyptic story is a reason to feel a slight chill. But this game comes with glitches, including ones with floating body parts.

Nothing is more frightening than the series of floating body glitches you see. Unlike zombies getting their bodies blasted to bits, there are various glitches in Fallout: New Vegas where body parts are floating in the air.

Random floating heads are NPCs, glitched, minding their business and shifting along casually. Sometimes when you save and re-enter, the game loads incorrectly and NPCs have their body parts scattered. You also get to see their loose flesh floating around too if you’re unlucky enough.

11 DayZ’s Undying Characters

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DayZ is a Zombie Hunter’s dream. Multiplayer, open-world and zombie apocalypse harmonize in a survival style setting. The online crowd can become vicious, however, and you can easily get dominated. Annoying is an understatement when you’re counting kills one moment and then losing the next.

The game isn’t known for being glitch free, either. Regular glitches occur like Zombies phasing through walls and character’s bodies remaining frozen and stuck. The creepiest thing about the frozen character is the fact that no matter what you do, it sits there, casually. The character could be “walking,” but the moment you try to attack it, it stays in place.

The glitch occurs when someone abruptly signs out. It will take the user’s name off the list, but it won’t eject the user’s avatar, leaving an awkward lifeless body.

10 MacBook Demons

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Typically people don’t use MacBooks to play games. Most gamers use a gaming computer or build one. However, some games are compatible with Apple’s operating system. Mafia II is one of those games. Mafia II does a solid job of blending The Godfather with Scarface but for those looking to game on Mafia II with their Apple Device, think again.

This awkward glitch occurs when you’re talking to your mom in the game. You’re casually playing and then suddenly it's nightmare city. The conversation begins normally, but a possible programming error causes the mother to go from ordinary to a demonic-looking mannequin head.

This glitch only occurs on the Mac version of Mafia II. Maybe the developers had a thing against Apple or wanted to scare players.

9 Living Mannequins in Skyrim

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The Elder Scroll: Skyrim is one of the best open world games out there. Continuing the trend of the open world Elder Scrolls series of games, Skyrim is a little more than being Dragonborn—having the heart and soul of a dragon— or screaming “Fus Roh Dah” at the top of your lungs. Players can live a virtual life in medieval times.

One of the features of the artificial lifestyle is owning a home, along with wives and clothes. The weird part of the house is the mannequins. Each player gets a set of mannequins to hang unworn clothing; this is convenient for the character to quick swap.

The mannequins look disturbing, with frightening faces and strange stances. Not only that, sometimes when you’re in the house they’ll mysteriously pop up behind you. As if they didn’t already look chilling enough.

8 Ghost Players in Halo Games

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This Halo glitch is just as annoying as it is frightening. The glitch, unlike some of these, happens in most if not all the games in the Halo franchise. It also takes multiple forms and occurs on multiple maps.

Most players experience the glitch on multiplayer maps; an awkward ghostly player who appears out of thin air. You could be on a 20 kill spree, and it’s gone, not because of your lack of being insightful but because of some jerk ghost that popped out of thin air.

The “ghost” players don’t have Gamertags nor are they on the scoreboard which makes things even more out of the ordinary. The hypothesis is the traffic on the server may cause a player’s “clone” to spawn. While not nightmare inducing, it’s still enough to freak anyone out.

7 Flying Skyrim Characters

Via: youtube.com

With every Elder Scrolls game comes a series of glitches. Along with the mannequins are more obscure glitches here and there. It’s hard to believe these glitches appeared in the game by accident or if a programmer was looking to make a prank or scare the skin off of someone.

Another awkward Skyrim glitch is the weird people swimming around in the air. As if the unsettling settings weren’t enough, some of the NPCs are found moving their arms around in the air as if they were in a swimming pool.

The characters still look and act the same. You can talk to them, get quests from them, or even slice their head like a cabbage. It’s not only awkward, but it’s freaky on many levels.

6 Abnormally Large Goalie

FIFA has become a huge international title on consoles. Soccer is a popular sport among many internationally, so it’s only natural that a simulated version of the game would be a hit. However, what’s probably not a hit is some of the glitches that come with the games.

No game is perfect, but nobody wants a titan sized goalie coming for them. And it’s not only a titan sized goalie that makes it freakishly insane, but the goalie loses his arms. So the usual goalie becomes a giant monster, flailing around like one of Satan's fresh summons.

Giant goalies in FIFA games aren’t abnormal, but this is the first we see giant goalie lose his arms and dance around in a demonic way. FIFA isn’t serious enough to sacrifice others to the underworld.

5 Fallout Rotating Heads

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Another Fallout glitch that induces just as many nightmares. This time, in New Vegas, Doc Mitchell, a character you meet early in the game, haunts your mind with disturbances and a spinning head that look like a spawn from hell.

The oddest thing about this glitch is it’s only in several early builds of the game. You’d drop into the game early to have a demonic Doc Mitchell, looking at you with his head rotating like the exorcist. What’s worst is the glitch can spread to corrupt your game, causing all NPCs to appear with turning heads.

Luckily, there was an easy fix to the bug by reconfiguring settings or re-downloading the game. Current versions of Fallout: New Vegas won’t frighten players into thinking they went to Hell and back.

4 Call of Duty’s Dead Raising Bodies

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Because Call of Duty is a famous franchise, they’re likely to have kinks here and there. Glitches appear in most of the games, but there’s nothing like a glitch that raises the dead. Zombies are an option in most of the games but this glitch does something even more frightening: it animates already dead bodies.

When traveling through the game, it’s possible that you’ll be in a world without zombies and run into a still corpse. The creepiest thing is the fact that it’s standing arms spread like it never died.

Other times you’ll kill someone but their lips are still moving as if nothing happened. The errors are likely due to a mix up in lines of code, making it hard for the computer to recognize whether the NPC is dead or not. Seriously, Call of Duty, if one isn’t playing zombies, the characters don’t need to stay alive.

3 Creepy Watson from Sherlock Holmes

Like consoles, PC games have their share of glitches. The PC game Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis enticed players with the feature of playing both Holmes and Watson. Although you spend most of your times as Holmes, you get to play scenes as Watson, making it feel like you’re the playing the duo on one controller.

However, there’s an odd glitch that makes it feel as though Watson is not only your best friend, but a ghostly stalker. Due to an error in Watson’s walk code, everywhere you turn, Watson appears suddenly. You don’t even see him walking! Just turn somewhere and he’s in front of you, which is super creepy.

Imagine being on the pot and turning to see Watson suddenly appear from thin air? Give it a break, Watson.

2 Rocky

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It’s easy to imagine what a Rocky PlayStation 2 game would look like: Sylvester Stallone, boxing, and fighting a variety of opponents. That’s what a lot of Rocky for the PS2 is. However, it’s also got some extremely unsettling glitches to get the goosebumps rising.

The game has some insanely odd and nightmare inducing glitches. These disturbing oddities occur at random points in the game, where a particular boxer suddenly sinks through the floor or gets replaced by a bundle of body parts. Not to mention some of the characters who look like bags of floating body parts.

There's also a glitch that makes it look as if a bomb went off in Rocky’s mouth. His eyes seem popped out of his head and his mouth looks blow off.

1 The “Manimals” in Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption is an epic cowboy style game where you get to ride horses and rob trains to your heart's content. You also sport a nifty cowboy hat and bandana while doing it.

There are some strange humans you come across in the game, however. Known for their fan term, manimals, these “creatures” are either human NPCs with awkward animal instincts or human NPCs replaced by animal bodies.

This glitch is so widespread that the “manimals” have code names. Cougar Man, for example, is a bearded man who charges around on his knees and claws at the player like a four-legged beast. There’s also gunslinger dog, a floating coyote with a rifle who speaks with a Mexican accent.

And let’s not forget the bird people, random NPCS who are flying in the air while flapping their wings like a bird. The desert hallucinations are real in this game. 

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