14Ziggurat Vertigo (Quake)

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The Ziggurat Vertigo is hidden within the Quake's Dimension of the Doomed. You must find the key and escape through the exit. In this indoor level, you are trapped inside a temple and surrounded by hot lava. This level is true to its name, as not only are you trapped

in a ziggurat, but you will also face vertigo-inducing effects. There are hazards surrounding you with the bonus of the gravity being 1/8th compared to other levels. You will also struggle to stay in control thanks to the gut-wrenching, disorienting special effects. Jumps over obstacles and missed falls are also longer and more challenging. Besides navigating the level, you will also face scrags, ogres, and shamblers. If you overcome the hardships, you'll be rewarded with the rocket launcher.

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