15 Secrets In Persona 5 You Probably Didn't Know About

After almost 10 years of waiting, Persona 5 has finally arrived as a new edition of Shin Megami Tensei’s very popular game series. It is the sixth installment in the Persona franchise and was just released in 2016. As expected, the new Persona game is still all about socializing, battling monsters, working, passing the tests in school and, of course, dating. There are a total of 16 confidants to meet in the game and players are allowed to date any or all of the ladies.

The story starts when the main protagonist transfers to a different school, Shujin Academy, located in Tokyo. He is currently on probation for being wrongly accused of assault, so he can’t be involved in any kind of trouble. However, he and his new friends find out about their Persona powers and decide to live the life of vigilantes as the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts.” Together, they explore the extraordinary world of the supernatural realm.

Ever since the launch of the first Persona game, it's been considered to be one of the most popular RPG around. Why wouldn't it be, as its unique gameplay and storyline make it incomparable to any other video game on the market. Players have total control over how they want to live the life of their characters and each decision may result in a different ending. So this article is all about revealing 15 of the game’s secrets that most players probably will never know. With these secrets, players will be more equipped to survive the game and get the game's true ending.

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15 The Secret To Winning Every Fight

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The secret to winning every battle in the game is to defeat the enemy before it gets a chance to strike back. This is because Persona 5 has a “1 More” system that allows the attacker to continually hit the opponent after finding its weak point. This is a huge advantage for the player, as they can throw continuous hits until the enemy is dead. However, the enemy can also use this advantage to knock out the player.

When that happens, this could lead to a devastating loss. Particularly when in Kamoshida Palace, where some enemies can easily find the player’s weak point and continuously deliver high damage hits.

14 Dealing With Mementos

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As the player progress through the game, they will encounter Mementos every once in a while. It can be a bit tedious to complete each request, but it is strongly recommended to do so, as the rewards are worth it. Fortunately, there is an easier way to deal with them that not many players know about.

Rather than taking each request as they arrive, players can stack up Mementos before taking them on. And if players take them while it's raining in the alternate world, it will increase the appearance of loot drops, treasure chests, EXP, money and even treasure demons. Just don’t stockpile more than 10 Mementos, as players may end up with not enough supplies while in the quest.

13 Using the Calendar And Map

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With 16 love interests to look out for and four part-time jobs to juggle, it wouldn’t be surprising if a player sometimes forgets or misses important tasks in the game. Each confidant hangs out in a different location while part-time jobs have different requirements. However, what players may have overlooked is that the calendars can be used to easily see which part time job is available on that day and that you can use the map to see the location of each love interest.

The calendar also makes it easy for players to remember if there are any events happening that day, while the map can be used to fast-travel around the unlocked areas. Taking advantage of these features is a quick way for players to plan ahead so they never miss anything.

12 The Importance Of Books

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Every player knows it’s a must to have a new book with them wherever they go in the game. Once in a while, they will find an unoccupied seat on the train and reading is a great way to make use of that time. Players can get books either by picking them up from the bookstore or borrowing them from the library. The good thing is there are always new books to discover.

However, what many players may not know is that reading books doesn’t just improve their social stats, but they could also unlock new places to explore in the game. These new locations are usually unlocked when players read magazines, so make sure to get them too when possible.

11 Expelled Vs. Fired

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Just like a regular student, players need to make sure they do well in school or they can get expelled. There will be classes, quizzes and, of course, exams, so studying is a must. On their free days, players can get a part-time job where they can earn money and improve their stats. Unlike school, they don’t need to report for work consistently to keep it.

You can choose to go to work or skip it for weeks and still not get fired. In addition, players can have as many jobs as they want and it won't affect their work level in their previous jobs. There are four different jobs a player can choose from in the game and it includes a job at the convenience store, flower shop, Crossroads bar, and beef bowl shop.

10 Earning Lots Of Money

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One of the easiest way to earn lots of money in the game is to collect and sell rare gear items. The good news is that finding these items is not that hard. Players should first find some when they take on the quest for Ann’s palace. There should be a big chest found in that quest and, more often than not, it contains Soma. If it doesn’t have the Soma item, players can just reload the quest to get another chance. Each Soma item sells for 50,000 cash from the Shibuya Central Street pawn shop, so it’s really valuable.

After that, players can get Soma items by looting enemies, exploring the deeper paths of the first dungeon, acquire it from a Shadow and from the Healing Item Set DLC. For players who can’t find the pawnshop, they can find it when they follow Ryuji in Shibuya Central Street after saving Ann Takamaki from the palace.

9 Morgana Always Gives The Best Advice

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Persona 5 is a game where players can freely do what they want in the game, whenever they want to. However, if the players want to complete the game, they will need to unlock hidden game content. Because of that, the developers created Morgana to give advice to the player. Most gamers choose not to follow his tips, but some of them are clearly useful hints that are too good to be ignored.

When the player is confused on what to do, it’s likely that Morgana has something to say and it will totally make sense at the end of the game. He knows where you should be going next, the best way to fight the enemies and even when players need to heal their teammates.

8 Ryuji Can Back You Up In Battles

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Having Ryuji to back you up in your battles will allow you to deal great amounts of damage. The only way to do that is to get his bond up to level three by spending a lot of time with him. There will be a number of opportunities where you can bond with Ryuji after school and you'd be wise not to miss them.

If players maximize the times they can hang out with Ryuji, they should be able to increase their bond before they enter the palace. In this scenario, players will have the chance to get second attacks from Ryuji, which is a rare yet powerful skill. One hit from him will almost always save the team from a losing battle.

7 Bonding with Takemi And Sojiro Can Get You New Items

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Aside from spending time with the player’s team members, it is also necessary that they take the time to talk and bond with Sojiro and Takemi. The only difference in bonding with them is that there is a timer that players need to deal with, but it is very worth it. Unbeknownst to many, Takemi and Sojiro can give players access to different medicines and teach them how to brew their own coffee in the alternate universe. As we all know, coffee is one of the easiest ways to restore SP when in the palace, which is useful in battles.

The easiest way to spend time with Takemi is by visiting him at the clinic, while bonding with Sojiro usually happens at the café.

6 The Value Of Cleaning Your Room

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Cleaning your room is never a fun activity, even in a video game. However, Persona 5's developers have made this task important, as it will unlock a number of new activities in the game. When players dust the book shelf, it will allow them to take care of their plant and earn stat bonus. It will also give them new books to read and a chair where they can do exercise. Doing pull-ups with the chair will maximize the player’s health.

There are more reasons why cleaning up the room in the game is important, so do it every once in a while, particularly at night where there is nothing else to do.

5 You Only Get To Visit Each Dungeon Once

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In the previous installment of the game, players needed to beat dungeons twice to get powerful weapons. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the same in the latest installment of Persona. In this game, players will only have once chance to explore each dungeon and they will never be able to revisit it after defeating its boss. Because of that, it is crucial to clean out the dungeon for any loot or treasure chests before heading to its end.

One way to do this is to fast travel in every save room. This doesn’t just make sure no areas are left unexplored, but also that every progress is saved. If the player has raised the level of Morgana, he will also be able to create lockpicks, so they can leave the dungeon fast and anytime they want to.

4 Although You Can Fast Travel, It’s Good To Walk In The Game

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Just like the last two installments, Persona 5 allows players to fast travel to any accessible area. Unlocking this feature is quite easy, as all the player need to do is progress through the game. Once an area is unlocked, players just need to press R1 and a menu will open up that shows the locations where they can quickly teleport to.

However, players must remember that it's also good to walk every once in a while. There are plenty of NPCs to meet in the game and the only way to do so is to walk around. In addition, meeting new NPCs increases the chances of the player getting useful information for their quests, possibly meeting confidants and improving their stats, so it's really worth it.

3 You Can Repair Broken Computers

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As the player progresses through the game, they will find a shop in Leblanc that sells second-hand items. One of the things they sell is a broken laptop. Although it is broken, players must buy it because they can repair it later in the game. This will happen when they reach Akihabara where they can purchase a repair kit. This kit is the key to fixing the broken computer and it only takes one day or night.

Once the laptop is fixed, players can use their new computer to unlock a secret shop and order unique items online. The shop offers a variety of items and the more the player spends money, the more items that will be made available for them.

2 Dating Multiple Girls Will Unlock Bonus Scenes

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In Persona 5, players can technically date all the female love interests in the game. And if they’re successful in dating more than one girl, they can unlock a bonus scene on February 15th. The scene will start on Valentine’s Day, where the player’s girls will invite him on a date and give him a special chocolate. The next day, the girls will catch the player cheating on them and they will eat him alive.

This will be followed by a scene with Sojiro trying to cheer the player up with another chocolate. And although this scene is absolutely hilarious, it’s not really worth hurting all those girl’s feelings. If the player only dated one girl, he will have a drama-free Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

1 Getting The True Ending Is Very Easy

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Unexpectedly, getting the true ending of the game is very easy. Just finish the Prison of Regression dungeon, so that the Velvet room will reveal its true nature. This will also reveal that Igor is not really who player's thought he was. He is actually the God of Control, known as Yaldabaoth. He will then offer the player two options and that is to give up or rebel.

If the player choose the option “Very well…,” it will surely get them the bad ending, regardless of how they played the whole game. However, if they choose the “I refuse” option, it will get them the game’s true ending and they will battle the last boss of the game. He is not easy to beat, so players must be ready for a big fight.

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