15A Mission Featuring Michael And Trevor As A Couple Was Voiced But Eventually Cut

Via: Deviantart (Wurzh)

Players of GTA V may have been somewhat confused as to why Wei Chang, a minor character in the game, believes that Michael and Trevor are lovers. His assumption seems to come out of nowhere and isn’t mentioned by any other characters in-game. However, it’s possible that his

confusion may stem from a mission that was unfinished and unreleased in the final build of the game.

In the heist ‘The Sharmoota Job,’ Michael and Trevor would have played a heterosexual couple, with Trevor (of course) cross-dressing as a woman. The pair would have contacted a real estate agent and been shown around a house in a fancy neighbourhood, attempting to steal a safe, a horse, and —naturally— someone’s wife. News of the cut heist was found in audio files hidden in the game's code, which can be heard on YouTube. While you’re there, keep an ear out for Trevor’s reference to Michael as “Albert,” the character’s original name in early versions of the game.

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