15Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

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We all know Ubisoft is a big company, which is why they can get out many games quickly. It’s not like they’re an indie developer that takes years to make a fuller fledged game. Plus, due to their financial strength, they have 29 development teams all over the world.

Well, Assassin’s Creed is such a huge franchise, and with their promise to put out a game annually, they have 10 of those teams working on Assassin’s Creed at all times. That’s close to 30% of their company! Plus, most of the games are made during overlapping times, which is why things can get jumbled from game to game. Not to mention there are hundreds of people in each of those teams. Ubisoft says they have a solid ending in mind for the franchise, but we’ll see it when it happens.

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