15 Star Wars Characters Who Were Stronger Than Darth Revan

Darth Revan is one of the most popular Star Wars characters to come out of the many video games based on the franchise. First introduced in the critically acclaimed Knights of the Old Republic, Revan instantly made an impression on Star Wars fans everywhere. Silent protagonists don’t usually pick up as much steam as Revan did, but he was strong enough of a character with an interesting backstory and supporting cast to elevate him to the point that he became a fan favorite for many. A powerful Sith and Jedi, Revan was a great warrior who was incredibly influential in his time. Sadly, his status as a non-canon character has him stuck in Legends continuity.

One popular debate among Star Wars fans is the eternal who would win versus who question? They’ve featured seemingly every Sith and Jedi out there and the more popular the character, the more heated the debates. He’s got a very strong following so this is probably going to rub some shoulders, but, just for fun, let’s look at who could potentially be more powerful that Darth Revan. Since Revan now belongs to the Legends continuity we’re going to be mixing in both canon and non-canon characters to broaden our scope. Here are 15 Star Wars characters stronger than Darth Revan.

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15 Galen Marek

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We start this list off with something of a controversial character. The Force Awakens series is kind of hit and miss depending on who you’re talking to. The whole point of the games is that you control an incredibly powerful force sensitive who can do incredible things in the blink of an eye. When we were first introduced to Galen Marek, it was evident that he would be an interesting character, seeing as he starts the game off as Darth Vader’s apprentice. Through years of training Marek – or Starkiller – becomes an incredibly adept swordsman, cutting down Jedi and Jedi Masters all the same. His mastery of the force allowed him to rip a Star Destroyer out of the sky and put him on par with both Vader and Sidious in terms of skill.

14 Mace Windu

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Mace Windu is one of the shining lights in the prequel trilogy. Though often underused, Windu was one of the most exciting members of the Jedi Order and we got to see his character develop further in the Clone Wars TV series. Obviously, what sticks out most about Mace will always be his heartbreaking death at the end of Episode III. But let’s not forget how powerful Windu was. Windu was on the Jedi Council and was thought to be second to only Yoda as a Jedi Master. His strong connection to the force allowed him to easily outwit his enemies in battle and he was a master of Vaapad – a highly aggressive form of lightsaber combat that was prominent among dark side users and allowed Windu to call upon the powers of both the dark and light side in battle.

13 Darth Malgus

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We now look at our first pure Sith Lord on this list. As Revan himself was both a Jedi and Sith Lord at different periods in time, it’s important to examine his contemporaries in both orders and see just where he stood among them. Darth Malgus was a prominent Sith Lord during the fall of the Old Republic. Aside from his terrifying appearance, Malgus was able to intimidate his foes with his incredible and ferocious light saber combat. His abilities allowed him to storm the entire Jedi Temple, taking on multiple Jedi and living through it, along with many of his Sith brethren. Malgus used his anger and other raw emotions in battle which amplified his force abilities, making him a formidable threat to any soldier and Jedi who stood in his way.

12 Marka Ragnos

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Apart from being a formidable duelist during his time, Marka Ragnos was also one of the strongest force users of his era. He led the Sith into a golden age and stood as the symbol of Sith supremacy for both Sith and Jedi. While most Jedi and Sith took on lightsabers, Ragnos also used a Sith Sword and Scepter that was capable of siphoning the force as his weapon of choice. His power was unrivaled in his time and his strength and influence were so long lasting that he’d inspired disciples thousands of years after his death. His strength was so vast that his spirit was able to linger long after he’d died and though unsuccessful, he was almost resurrected.

11 Satele Shan

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Our next entry on the list has a closer relation to Revan than most. Satele Shan was a great Jedi Master who served during the Old Republic era. She was also a distant descendant of Revan himself. Like most of the women in her liniage, Shan was incredibly adept in the ways of the force, but her skills with a lightsaber could not be overlooked, as she was considered to be one of the Republic’s greatest warriors at the time. Her immense strength when using the force coupled with her battle meditation made foes as strong as Darth Malgus look as though they were much less capable than they actually were. She was able to move great obstacles with her mastery of the force while her capability as a close ranged warrior made her incredibly difficult to defend from any angle or vantage point.

10 Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader

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The chosen one. When Anakin Skywalker was allowed into the Jedi Order, he was expected to bring balance to the force and destroy the Sith forever. While that kind of did play out eventually, Anakin strayed from his path and became a feared Sith Lord, Darth Vader, for a large period of his life before his redemption and eventual death. As a Jedi, Anakin’s power was seemingly limitless. He was a fantastic warrior and was destined to develop into the most powerful Jedi ever. But his turn to the dark side greatly derailed this, making him less adept in combat and stunting his full potential. Despite this, as Vader, he was a terrifying enforcer who used both brute strength and terrifying dark side abilities to cut down any and all who stood in the way of the Empire.

9 Darth Plagueis

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Darth Plagueis the Wise was rarely mentioned in the prequel trilogy, but serves a greater role in Star Wars lore. Not that much is known about Plagueis as he was killed before his role in the Sith’s plan to take over was fulfilled. But though much about him is a mystery, we do know that he was once a great Sith Master who trained and groomed Sidious – so it’s safe to assume that he was incredibly powerful. What stands out about Plagueis is his ability to manipulate and distort things from the shadows while being able to control midi-chlorians to the point that he could prolong death itself. The great irony here being that he could not do the same for himself when he was inevitably betrayed by his apprentice.

8 The Son

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First introduced in the Clone Wars series, the Son was the embodiment of the dark side itself. Though the majority of those on this list are skilled in the ways of close combat and therefore show mastery over multiple forms of lightsaber combat, the Son had no use for such means of fighting. His primary strength was his control over the force, most notably his connection to the dark side as he showed great strength in using the force and could greatly overpower most who opposed him – force user or not. His only one weakness was the Dagger of Mortis, which made him mortal and thus easier to dispose of.

7 Exar Kun

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It’s a very common story in the Star Wars mythos. A Jedi, tired of the teachings of the order, seeking more knowledge ventures out and eventually turns to the dark side. Of all the examples you can find of this, perhaps none are as powerful as Exar Kun was. After awaking the spirit of Freedon Nadd, Kin learned everything he could from the ancient Sith Lord before destroying him and waging war upon the Republic. Kun was incredibly deadly with a lightsaber and could take on Jedi Masters on his own without much difficulty. He was so powerful that upon his defeat on Yavin IV, the Jedi who killed him had to seal his spirit to his temple, so it could not escape and cause more damage in the galaxy.

6 Darth Bane

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Darth Bane is most famous among Star Wars fans for being the creator of the Rule of Two. Before Bane’s creed was put into place, the Sith much resembled the Jedi Order in size and volume, with Sith Masters and Apprentices being the Jedi’s counterparts in the dark side of the force. Apart from his theoretical contributions to the Sith, Bane was an incredibly powerful warrior able to defeat enemies with both a saber and his mastery of the dark side of the force. His thirst for knowledge is what separated him from his peers, as it was seemingly abnormal and led him to great insights on the ways of the force which he applied to battle – eventually becoming one of the greatest Sith of all time.

5 Darth Nihilus

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A man who was intimidating in both appearance and reputation, Darth Nihilus was one of the most powerful Sith of all time. Though he kept calm and mostly composed himself in most situations, Nihilus’ strength was feared among those around him. His incredibly aggressive way of fighting made combat all the more dangerous as one mistake could prove costly and allow the Sith Lord to cut down whoever stood opposite him. His mastery of the force became so proficient that eventually he was able to feel out multiple force users at a time. He could feed on them, wiping out planets worth of force users all the while being consumed by his appetite that slowly killed those around him.

4 Yoda

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Yoda was certainly a powerful Jedi and was able to live longer than most could dream to, but his one greatest failure in life allowed for not only the entire Jedi Order to fall, but the Republic along with it. Yoda and the Jedi’s lack of foresight set in motion what would lead to the Galactic Empires tyranny and suppression. But it would have been a different story had Yoda been fully aware of the dark dealings going on in the shadows. While small, Yoda was incredibly acrobatic and used his size and agility to barrage his opponents with a flurry of strikes. Serving as Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Yoda was the Order’s most powerful force user – as Anakin had yet to realize his full potential at the time, Yoda served as the most prominent figure in the Jedi Order.

3 Luke Skywalker

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As the son of The Chosen One, Luke Skywalker bore the vast potential his father had prior to his turn to the dark side. Despite being older than Anakin was at the time of his acceptance into the Jedi Order, Luke managed to become a skilled Jedi Knight in his time and eventually helped his father restore peace to the galaxy. Though he had little training, Luke eventually became an adept fighter and showed great skill when using a lightsaber. His battles with his father proved that he could match a skilled – though deteriorating – veteran and hold his own. As Anakin’s son, Luke showed great potential in understanding the force and was able to do a great deal with a good amount less training than his father received. Due to his commitment to the light side of the force, Luke eventually surpassed his father.

2 Darth Sidious

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Like his master before him, Darth Sidious was incredibly manipulative and was able to do a good deal of damage from the shadows as well as on the battlefield. Instead of attacking the Jedi head on, Sidious infiltrated the republic as a senator, eventually reaching the rank of Supreme Chancellor which put in motion the rise of the Empire. Devious and always able to consider his enemy's tactics, Sidious excelled in the dark side of the force and proved himself to be one of the most powerful Sith of all time. His incredible skill and speed when using a lightsaber ensured that he could stand his own in a one on one fight – he could even take down multiple Jedi Masters as though it was nothing. While he was skilled with a saber, his true power lay within the dark side of the force as he could easily use whatever methods and abilities possible to completely overpower his opponents.

1 Darth Vitiate

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Hands down the greatest Sith of all time, Darth Vitiate was one of the galaxies most feared and dangerous threats. His power was so great that he himself was a danger to every living thing that surrounded him. Known as the Sith Emperor, Vitiate was not known for his proficiency with a lightsaber – though as a Sith he was very well versed in combat and could hold his own against the most skilled warrior – but instead for his absolute mastery and control of the force itself. Being a practitioner of the dark side, Vitiate constantly thirsted for more power. He completed one of the most complex rituals in Sith history by simultaneously controlling the minds of 8,000 Sith Lords and used them to forcefully strip the force from an entire planet, absorbing the life force of everything on there essentially killing it. Thus he was granted the ability to move his consciousness making him immortal.

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