15Yunalesca (Final Fantasy X)


Final Fantasy X was originally released for the PS2 and has been called their comeback game. This installment, which has inspired a couple sequels and HD remake, centers around Tidus and a summoner named Yuna, whose destiny is to die fighting the evil Sin that plagues

the planet. Upon your adventures, you encounter another summoner, the first summoner, Yunalesca who is not pleased that you do not wish to die for the greater good.

Yunalesca, upon hearing of your ideals, decides that you should die one way or another. You wouldn’t expect a seemingly “good guy” to challenge you to a fight to the death, but she does and what follows can be absolutely terrible. Not only does the daughter of Yu Yevon zombify you, negating all healing spells, but she then turns into a giant Medusa-like head. She is incredibly powerful at this point because you have yet to discover Yuna’s true potential; just terrible.

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