14Bomberman 64

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Like Yoshi’s Story, Bomberman 64 proved to be a step in the wrong direction for an existing IP. This franchise’s 3D upgrade was a success, but the restructuring of its multiplayer mode was a problem for many fans of the Super NES installments. Bomberman 64 sacrificed the strategic bomb placement

of earlier multiplayer modes in favor of assault-friendly gameplay, and the crassness of the new, more brutal play-tactics soured the experience for many.

As terrible games go, Nintendo could do worse than Bomberman 64 for the N64 Classic. Both Bomberman Hero and Bomberman 64: The Second Attack were more poorly received than this 1997 title, but Bomberman 64 will be the explosive adventure that makes its way onto Nintendo’s next mini-emulator, if any of them do.

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