15Super Castlevania IV


For over thirty years Castlevania has been whipping its way into the homes of gamers everywhere from Nintendo to Xbox 360. It follows a generally simplistic story usually involving a member of the Belmont family (or Alucard) trying to kill the king of all vampires,

Dracula. It has evolved over the last three decades in phenomenal ways and has become a classic in the eyes of all types of fans.

There were two Castlevania games released for the Super Nintendo, and one of them was entitled Super Castlevania IV. The game itself was gorgeous and new, but that’s where the happiness ends I’m afraid. The game itself played less like a dark adventure and more like Indiana Jones thanks to the constant swinging by your whip and traversing teeter-totter-like platforms. The hope is that Nintendo skips this one and instead graces us with the far superior Dracula X.

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